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Let’s deal with poor Lena and her horrific scar first. To all of you about to google ‘keloid’, please don’t. I just did and they’re not pretty. But yes, it could be a keloid rather than some freaky psychic wound. Although we did have another example of one twin being able to feel what the other is feeling when Frederic touched Camille’s arm. Lena, having been hospitalized by the scar, drags herself to the pub and tries to out Camille, but everyone thinks she is crazy. Lena leaves and walks home through the underpass, which has no police patrol, despite the fact that a murder took place a few nights ago that looks to be the work of a serial killer. Seriously, what are the police doing? Well spying as it turns out but I’ll get to that in a minute. Lena collapses in the underpass just in time for Stab-Happy Serge to find her. I have a hunch he will rescue her rather than kill her, it’s just to neat for him to be the killer. But that’s for next week.

Meanwhile we find out Victor’s history. 35 years ago to gunmen broke into his house and shot his mother and (I assume) brother dead. Victor hid in the cupboard and one of the gunmen found him but told him to keep quiet by singing a song in his head. Sadly, the other gunmen overheard this conversation and took a shot at the cupboard, killing Victor. Before this, Victor’s brother was telling him about Damien the devil. Now, I think pretty much everyone watching The Returned has compared Victor to Damien from the Omen so has undead Victor got it into his dead that he is the devil child and is acting accordingly? Also, we don’t know where exactly Victor was shot but if it was the throat that would make his not speaking plausible.

When the police arrive at Julie’s flat to investigate the death of nosy neighbour Ms Payet, they discover Victor and he is taken to Pierre’s refuge. To stop Victor from crying, Pierre tells him to sing a song in his head, and Victor realises he is the nice gunman. From the look in Victor’s eyes I think we can safely say he didn’t remember that fondly. Is Pierre now in danger?

Ms Payet’s post-mortem states she stabbed herself 12 times. Did she or did Victor do it or summon a hallucination to make her do it. Likewise, after Thomas finds out about Simon being very much back in Adele’s life, he confesses that on the advice of the priest, the police lied about Simon dying in an accident. It appears he shot himself in the head, but did he or is this another Victor special? Although, Victor hallucinated being in the same room as his killer and Simon morphed into Thomas at one point so frankly, I’m beginning to not believe my eyes.

That’s not all for the revelations though; oh so goody two shoes Thomas has covered his house in CCTV, the better to spy on Adele. So really it serves him right when he sees Adele and Simon in bed together. Their daughter Chloe conveniently spots the camera, I say convenient because they have apparently been up, unnoticed, in every room of the house for two years. Does Adele never clean? Looks like Adele can’t trust anyone. On a lighter note, I loved Simon’s description of heaven ‘god is busy, we don’t see much of him’. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the remaining four episodes, but I hope Simon and Lena come out of it ok.

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Vicky Prior

Vicky Prior



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