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If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise.

If you go down to the woods today you’d better be…ready to come across an encampment of potential Returnees.

The smart money is on them being the inhabitants of the drowned village. Mind you, the dam has flooded the power station and caused a town-wide power cut. So maybe our town is next? Is that why the Returned have come back, to warn the residents that the same thing is about to happen, or to make sure it does. Will the Returned reclaim their lives at the expense of the living?

I realised that all of our Returnees have caused their own deaths in some way. Most obvious is Simon, who is supposed to have committed suicide. I’m not entirely buying this revelation. He seemed to have learnt to cope with his depression and the morning you are getting married to the woman who you love and who is pregnant with your child seems an odd time for suicidal thoughts. Plus, when we think we are viewing his death this episode we actually see another couple’s suicide. I smell a red herring.

To return to my theory; Victor wet himself, revealing his hiding place and leading to his shooting. Camille sensed Lena’s amorous liaison and distracted the bus driver, causing the crash. Serge became too dangerous to live. Only Mme Costa remains a mystery. Next week the focus is on Adele, will episode 8 be the Costas? The first images were in Mr Costa’s house, were all the clues there from the beginning?

As I’m sure all viewers worked out, Simon being shot only temporarily killed him. This strongly suggests that the Returned cannot be killed, but Victor is developing a wound similar to Lena’s and keeping it hidden from Julie. Lena’s scar is healing, is this because of Serge’s nettle potion or the fact that it is being applied by a Returnee? As expected they became lovers this episode. Serge has become very protective of Lena and I think she could prove his redemption.

This episode was entitled Lucy and I can’t say I like the insight into her character. To my eternal revulsion, it turns out that the police officer’s famous ‘during’ line wasn’t a mistranslation. Lucy really does think she can communicate with the dead during sex. I’d have liked to have seen more of Jerome’s reaction to receiving a message from his dead daughter, Camille, while a young woman was straddling him.

Back in the present, Lucy, fully healed, creates an e-fit of Serge which Simon is in the clear. She also manages to sense Simon’s second return and appoints herself his guardian angel, repeating her seduction routine previously seen with Serge. Are the Returned linked to her psychic abilities, is this why they have such voracious appetites. She certainly seems to enjoy sexual encounters.

Pierre continues to be the villain of the piece without actually doing anything specifically wrong. He installs Camille at the Helping Hand after Thomas works out what she is. The other crash victims’  parents are told of her return and she begins lying to them. After suggesting she can communicate with the other dead children and that they are waiting to be reunited with their familes, one couple decide to hang themselves. I wasn’t surprised by this tragic development and am wondering if Pierre planned it all along.

With two episodes left the tension and pace is racketing. Previewers have suggested that we don’t get all the answers in the season finale, and we know we have a second series to look forward to. But The Returned shows no sign of ‘jumping the shark’ and I look forward to next week’s twists and turns with relish.

Contributed by Victoria Prior

Vicky Prior

Vicky Prior



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