The Smoke reaches its conclusion.

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Hold the front page people, Trish is alive!

As is Asbo, for those of you who didn’t spot him in the next bed to Kev (to be fair, it was a very quick shot). I have spent much of this week consoling Asbo fans on twitter, so I hope you are all ok now.

As Julie considered suing the hospital for making her view a corpse unnecessarily, I thought about suing Kudos for producing a near heart attack inducing show. They’ll be relieved to hear that I have decided against it, on the grounds that they go ahead and make #TheSmokeSeries2

And I do think a second series is possible, even if this one did have a near perfect ending with all loose ends pretty much tied up. The ensemble cast is strong enough to hold up a second series, even without Mal and possibly without Kev. Although I can’t see Mal staying in Onca. To be honest, I don’t even know where Onca is.

I’m not feeling terribly smug that my prediction that not everyone would survive till the end of the series came true. Having Gog burn to death may be a peculiarly logical punishment in drama terms, but it was still shocking to see Kev give up and shut the door, barring Gog’s escape. The look of horror in Asbo’s eyes fully redeemed him for his own actions, especially after his intense bravery at the tree planting.

I think it’s fair to say that Asbo, masterfully played by Taron Egerton, has been taken to viewer’s hearts. Having him ‘break the fourth wall’ by looking at the camera in his final scene seemed fitting. Advance publicity may have put Kev at the centre of The Smoke, but I think it was Asbo’s story we were really supposed to tune in for.

 Of course, regular readers will know that I formed a peculiar attachment to the rotund Station Manager. I now have to right a terrible wrong, he is not ‘Biggles’ as I thought. I misheard, he is in fact ‘Big Al’. In the trauma of last week I failed to report on this vital error, but I hope I am forgiven now. Big Al, may you continue in your quest to bring yoga and Spanish lessons to the good people of White Watch.

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I also adored Ziggy, played beautifully by Pippa Bennett-Warner. I was concerned that Ziggy wouldn’t be able to keep her emotions in check, but after a silly mistake with Rob, she wised up and became the Ziggy we all admire. And she managed to fit into her family. Bliss. Happy times too for Little Al, reunited with his girlfriend.

Everything seems to have worked out for our friends. It was great to leave the series on a high note, but I really want to find out what happens next. I care about these characters, and the consistently high quality of this series means it deserves a second series. I’ll leave you with some final thoughts:

  •  RIP Harry Styles. May you have plentiful carrots up in bunny heaven.
  • Modesty prevents me from suggesting exactly where Commander Nick can shove his muffins and milkshake, but I’d imagine White Watch could get creative…
  • What am I going to do next Thursday?!

As this was the last episode, this is also my last review. So, a huge thank you to Jamie Bamber, Pippa Bennett-Warner and Taron Egerton who tirelessly promoted The Smoke on social media and still found time to publicise these reviews. An extra special thank you to Jamie Bamber News for all their support, Jamie’s lucky to have you as fans!

Remember, if you want a second series as much as I do #TheSmokeSeries2 on twitter.

Vicky Prior

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