The TVweek: Monday 11th – Friday 15th July 2016

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8.00pm Trainspotting Live BBC4 – Live from the historic Didcot Rail Museum, Peter Snow will be asking the audience to join the spotting by recording the most frequent to the most elusive trains on the tracks all over country during the three days of live broadcast. Our team of expert spotters will also be waiting in anticipation to catch the full range of British rail stock on camera – from classic steam, to diesel locomotives, to high-speed electric and our rarest beauties – explaining how they did it and delving into their importance in our British heritage.

9.00pm Exodus: Our Journey to Europe BBC2 – Twelve months ago, the production team started following the journeys of people attempting to reach Europe, escaping war, poverty or persecution. They filmed where regular film crews could not go: on the inflatable dinghies crossing from Turkey to Greece, in the back of lorries entering the Eurotunnel, or on open trucks driven by people smugglers across the Sahara. Episode one begins as hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria arrive in the Turkish port of Izmir. We meet 11 year old Isra’a, selling black-market cigarettes so that her extended family can pay smugglers to take them across the Mediterranean on a dinghy. But as they hear stories of more and more people drowning, her father Tarek is no longer sure if he can risk his children’s lives. Continues Tomorrow, Wednesday.

10.00pm Kinky Britain Channel 4 – From eye-crossing fetishists to balloon and bubblegum poppers, roll neck-shamers and ear-diddling enthusiasts, Britain is in the grip of a secret fetish obsession, with an army of amateur filmmakers ready to cater to our every quirky need. Welcome to the world of porn to order. Exploring the bizarre and highly lucrative business of bespoke online fetish video production, this entertaining documentary follows a growing number of British producers as they make their fortune delivering other people’s fantasies on tape.


8.00pm Trust Me, I’m a Doctor – Summer Special BBC2 – Special edition of the series which goes behind the headlines to answer topical medical and health questions.

8.00pm Child Genius Channel 4 – 16 of the country’s cleverest eight to 12-year-olds – and their extraordinary parents – battle for the title of Britain’s brightest child in the Child Genius competition. Led by quizmaster extraordinaire Richard Osman, this four-part series opens with the demanding Maths and Memory rounds. Among those competing are 12-year-old Mog, who entered himself to prove that you don’t need pushy parents to win. Simon, from Essex, has trained his 11-year-old son Christopher for the show for the past three years. Together they’ve analysed every previous episode to find a way to win. Hayley returns to the competition two years after her eldest, Curtis, took part, hoping her 11-year-old daughter Sophia can win. There’s also Max from west London, whose mum Fanny wants him to embrace his intellect.

9.00pm Wedding Surprises Caught on Camera ITV – Clips showing what happens when weddings don’t go as expected.

9.00pm The Job Interview Channel 4 – This new fixed-rig series follows the interview process for real jobs being offered by genuine employers. It uses multiple cameras to reveal in detail for the first time the terror and triumph of real-life interviews, highlighting every aspect from handshake to potentially life-changing job offer. The series takes viewers into the heart of one of Britain’s last ‘secret spaces’: the interview room. It’s simple and authentic: just real candidates competing against each other for real jobs, filmed in microscopic detail, capturing every nuance. From a teenager looking for their first job to a single mum returning to work and an OAP seeking independence and self-worth, the intense and nail-biting process is the same. In each episode there are two jobs on offer, from a variety of businesses across the UK.

10.00pm My Worst Job Channel 4 – A star-studded cast reminisce about the rite-of-passage that is your first job. With badly paid, monotonous and at times unpleasant first jobs gracing the bottom of their CVs, these celebs are well placed to provide a guide to the perils and pitfalls of the job virgin. School leavers take note, as they regale viewers with tales from their working pasts, including the good, the bad and the bizarre.

10.00pm Embarrassing Parents Five – Documentary exploring Britain’s most bizarre parent-child relationships.


8.00pm 100 Year Old Drivers: Rebooted ITV – This returning two-part documentary for ITV hits the road with some of Britain’s oldest drivers to discover why and how they still get behind the wheel.

8.00pm The Secret Life of Brothers and Sisters Channel 4 – The Bafta Award-nominated series that lifts the lid on the uncensored drama of life in the playground returns. And this time it follows some of our favourite children out of the playroom and into the great outdoors as it explores sibling relationships: the first time an experiment like this has happened in the UK. In a two-part holiday special, The Secret Life of Brothers and Sisters features children from the original series, alongside their brothers and sisters, some of whom are as young as two years old, for a family camping holiday in the woods.

8.00pm My Lion and Me Sky1 – The story of animal trainer Ralph Helfer, who raised a lion called Zamba in his Californian home.

9.00pm Saving Lives at Sea BBC1 – Four-part documentary that tells the story of the ordinary men and women of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) who, across the country, are ready to launch their boats and race to the rescue within minutes of a cry for help – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatever the weather.

9.00pm Long Lost Family ITV – The award-winning documentary series returns to ITV for a brand new series, as presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reunite more family members with their missing loved ones.

9.00pm Shades of Blue Sky Living – Jennifer Lopez stars alongside Ray Liotta in this crime drama as an NYPD detective and single mother goes undercover.

9.00pm Hell’s Kitchen USA ITV2 – Gordon Ramsay returns to the US for a new season.

10.00pm Man Down Channel 4 – In the third series of the critically acclaimed comedy series Dan (Greg Davies) is at a crossroads in his life. He knows he can’t go on – he must do something. The Head Teacher (Elliot Levey) sees right through Dan’s incompetence in the classroom and, as such, he faces a disciplinary and may lose the only thing he has left in life: his teaching job.


8.00pm Inside Out Homes Channel 4 – From garden cinemas to outside kitchens, sliding roofs to external glass walls, the home as we know it is changing as the boundaries between house and garden blur. In this series, architect Zac Monro, engineer Monty Ravenscroft, and gardener Rosie Bines tear down the walls of seven houses across Britain, using cutting edge technology, imagination and ingenuity to create homes and outside spaces that unlock the potential of living inside and out like never before.

9.00pm The Investigator: A British Crime Story ITV – Mark Williams-Thomas returns to ITV for an A new investigative series that shows how real life crime can be far more compelling than fiction.

9.00pm Ross Kemp: The Fight Against ISIS Sky1 – Ross Kemp heads to Iraq and Syria, where he follows Kurdish forces in their fight against Islamic State militants.

9.00pm Love Child More4 –  Australian drama series set in 1969 in the Kings Cross district of Sydney: the time and place Australia came of age and a new generation broke all the rules. It’s the Summer of Love, Mick Jagger’s in town, Australians are fascinated by the moon landing, and US sailors clash on the streets with anti-Vietnam war protesters.

10.45pm The Insider BBC1 – Reggie Yates spends time in a Texan Jail to see what life for the inmates his really like.


9.00pm The Outlaws More4 – Walter Presents – which showcases the best foreign language drama from around the world – continues with the feature-length first episode of this darkly comic Belgian drama series that explores the lives of the Goethals sisters. Tied together by the premature death of their parents, they’ve clung to each other, but since middle sister Goedele’s marriage the bond has frayed, so her four siblings band together to plot the murder of their obnoxious brother-in-law, Jean-Claude. Clever and quick-witted, the sisters devise a host of ingenious schemes. But while planning a murder is easy, committing it is another story and with each failure, the collateral damage grows. Jean-Claude’s eventual demise attracts the attention of Thomas and Mathias Dewitt, two claims adjusters who would rather not pay out on his hefty life insurance policy. With bankruptcy looming, the brothers begin to investigate Jean-Claude’s dubious death, and the deeper they delve, the more obvious it becomes that he didn’t die of natural causes. Can the four sisters outwit the Dewitts and could they really get away with murder?

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