The TVweek: Monday 1st – Friday 5th May 2017

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5.00pm Babushka ITV – Game show presented by Rylan Clark-Neal that tempts contestants to push their luck when they open a set of giant Babushka dolls. Some dolls are empty, but others hide smaller dolls worth up to 10,000 pounds. All the contestants have to do is answer a question correctly for the right to open a Babushka – the more dolls they reveal, the more money they will win, but open a dreaded empty doll and they lose everything. Can they choose the right dolls at the right time and walk away with thousands of pounds?

8.00pm Britain’s Biggest Hoarders Channel 4 – Documentary that follows experts in the field of Hoarding Disorder as they spend over three months carefully treating these people and their problems.

Notable Continuing Series: Little Boy Blue, 9.00pm ITV

                                                The Island, 9.00pm, Channel 4 

9.00pm The Miranda Hart Story Five – Documentary about the life and career of the reigning queen of British comedy, from her roots in live stand-up to award-winning sitcom writer, and serious dramatic actor. Miranda reinvented slapstick for the 21st Century – but it’s the warmth within the performances that’s won her millions of fans since she burst onto our screens in the Noughties.


9.00pm Horizon: Why Did I Go Mad? BBC2 – Horizon follows three people living with voices, hallucinations and paranoia, to explore what causes this kind of phenomena. Providing a rare first-hand insight into these experiences, they reveal just what it is like to live with them day-to-day.

Notable Continuing Series: Peter Kay’s Car Share, 9.00pm BBC1 

                                                Veep, 10.10pm Sky Atlantic

10.00pm Searching for Madeline Sky1 – Steve Kingston looks back at the events of the last year since Madeleine McCann disappeared from her holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz. Nobody has been arrested for the crime, but speculation has been rampant over what has happened to the four-year old from Leicestershire, with conflicting claims appearing in the newspapers of Portugal and Britain.

10.35pm British Jews, German Passports BBC1 – After Brexit, thousands of Brits have applied for dual nationality. But for the British Jewish community, many of whom are the descendants of those who fled Nazi Germany, this poses a dilemma. In this film we follow three British Jews as they decide whether to activate a clause in the German Constitution that permits descendants of German refugees to reclaim citizenship. Whilst reclaiming German nationality offers up the possibility of maintaining benefits associated with being a citizen of an EU country, for Britain’s Jews Germany has more commonly been associated with the traumas of the Holocaust.


8.00pm Trust Me, I’m a Vet BBC2 – What is really good for our pets’ health? They can’t tell us, but science can. In this series, Steve Leonard leads a team of vets to seek out the latest research. This time, they investigate which foods are best for your pet, show you what you can do to save an injured animal and witness a pioneering operation that could save thousands of cats across the country.

9.00pm Madeleine McCann: Ten Years On BBC1- Her disappearance ten years ago has been investigated by police forces in two different countries, but they came up with contradictory conclusions. So what really happened to Madeleine in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz? Reporter Richard Bilton, who has covered the story for the BBC since the first days, examines the evidence and tracks down the men British police have questioned about the case.


9.00pm The Truth About Stress BBC1 –  In this programme Fiona Phillips wants to understand why we are experiencing increased amounts of stress in our lives and what actions we can take in order to reduce it. She speaks openly about her own experience of stress and her desire to find better coping mechanisms in the hope of improving her health and happiness. Fiona explores some of the very latest scientific research behind stress and demonstrates a number of techniques and lifestyle changes which are designed to keep our high stress levels in check.

9.00pm Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera ITV Footage of Britain’s most shocking road accidents, jaw-dropping driving and miraculous near misses – caught on camera by the people at the very centre of the action.

Notable Continuing Series: Born to Kill, 9.00pm, Channel 4

                                        The Good Fight, 9.00pm More4 

                                        Guerrilla, 9.00pm Sky Atlantic 

10.30pm Taskmaster Dave


9.00pm Jamestown Sky1 – Three women set sail for the colony of Jamestown in 1619. But drama awaits, along with the men they are duty bound to marry. From the makers of Downton Abbey.

Notable Continuing Series: Gogglebox 9.00pm, Channel 4

10.00pm Britain Today, Tonight Channel 4 – This brand new comedy series sees Kayvan Novak return to doing what he does best – creating and playing extraordinary characters to prank members of the British public. The fictional Channel 9Nine News Network is home to fictional US cable news series Britain Today Tonight, a current affairs magazine show that promises ‘100% real news guaranteed’. Britain Today Tonight’s team of crack reporters and journalists, led by nine-times Pulitzer Prize-winning host Douglas ‘Digger’ Daley, lift the lid on what’s happening on the tiny little island we call Great and the rest of the world just calls Britain. In this first episode, security correspondent Australian Jon Donovan lets his imagination run wild as he goes to an Essex shopping centre to get to grips with exactly how people are guarding against a terrorist attack.

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