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8.00pm The Eurovision Song Contest BBC1 – Graham Norton introduces and commentates on live coverage of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, held in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Representing the United Kingdom is 26-year-old musical theatre star Lucie Jones, who performs Never Give Up on You, which was co-written by former Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest.


8.00pm The British Academy Television Awards BBC1 – Sue Perkins hosts the British Academy Television Awards at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The evening kicks off on the red carpet as the stars arrive for the most prestigious TV awards ceremony of the year.

9.00pm OJ: Made in America BBC4 –  Five-part series and winner of the 2017 Academy Award for Best Documentary chronicling the rise and fall of OJ Simpson. To many observers, the story of the crime of the century is a story that began the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered outside her Brentwood condominium.

Notable Continuing Series: Dara & Ed’s Road to Mandalay,  9.00pm, BBC2

                                                The Island, 9.00pm, Channel 4 

10.00pm Surviving the Island with Bear Grylls Channel 4 – Survival expert Bear Grylls looks at how two groups from two different generations lasted five weeks on an uninhabited Pacific island. Marooned with only a handful of basic tools and the clothes on their back, the castaways had to endure extreme weather and stormy relations within the group. Bear returns to meet the castaways to find out first-hand how they did it.


8.30pm The Fake News Show Channel 4 – The myth-busting comedy panel show returns for a new series to peek behind the wobbly façade of fake news – dissecting the spin, the outlandish claims and the alternative facts from the UK election and beyond. With Stephen Mangan at the helm, team captains Katherine Ryan and Richard Osman are joined by a veritable feast of some of the sharpest and funniest minds around. Has Putin really come out in support of one of the UK political parties? Could a fish finger end up in the House of Commons? Is it really time to crush the saboteurs?

9.00pm Doctor in the House BBC1 – Medical documentary series. For the last 15 years mum of two, Gemma, has battled cluster headaches up to ten times a day. Experts often refer to them to as ‘suicide headaches’ because the pain is said to be the worst that any human can experience. This crippling condition is destroying family life and particularly taking its toll on husband, Simon. It’s a major challenge for Dr Chatterjee. So far, no one has been able to help Gemma overcome her condition and the family are desperate for a cure.

9.00pm The Day the Dinosaurs Died BBC2 – Documentary investigating the greatest vanishing act in the history of our planet – the sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Experts suspect that the dinosaurs were wiped out after a city-sized asteroid smashed into the Gulf of Mexico causing a huge crater. But until now, they haven’t had any proof. In a world first, evolutionary biologist Ben Garrod joins a multi-million pound drilling expedition into the exact spot the asteroid hit to get evidence of the link.

Notable Continuing Series: Little Boy Blue, 9.00pm ITV

9.00pm Ivanka Trump: America’s Real First Lady? Channel 4 – It’s now six months since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, and there is one woman he trusts above all others: his oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. While his wife Melania has stayed back in New York, Ivanka has been constantly by her father’s side. Along with her husband, Ivanka has been appointed to an official role within the White House. But what does Ivanka believe in and how much political clout does she actually have? Matt Frei travels to the US to find out why Donald Trump holds so much faith in his daughter, and examines the extent of her influence.

10.00pm Detectorists BBC2 – Another chance to see the first series of the superb comedy about two friends who go in search of their hearts’ desire with a couple of metal detectors. Following a chance encounter with a young history student, Lance and Andy embark on a journey towards the discovery of a lifetime. All they need to do is get permission from the local landowner, who is rumoured to have done away with his wife.

10.00pm Dara O Brain’s Go 8 Bit Dave – Richard Osman and Sara Pascoe reveal themselves to be either gifted gamers or sore losers as Dara O Briain’s hit show returns. The pair dual on Galaga and Micro Machines.


9.00pm Three Girls BBC1 – Maxine Peake, Lesley Sharp, Lisa Riley and Jill Halfpenny star in a three-part drama airing of the next three nights based on the true story. New to the area, Holly is keen to make friends but finds herself drawn into a frightening world she is unable to escape – a world all too familiar to sexual health worker Sara. As her relationship with her family fractures, Holly finds the courage to speak out, but will her nightmare finally end?

Notable Continuing Series: Veep, 10.00pm Sky Atlantic


Notable Continuing Series: Three Girls, 9.00pm BBC1

9.00pm A Time to Live BBC2 – Documentary telling the stories of 12 remarkable people who have found a way to celebrate life and make the most of the time they have left.

9.00pm Isis: The Origins of Violence Channel 4 – In this authored historical investigation, historian Tom Holland traces the origins of Isis’s extreme violence, which it claims is justified by the tenets and scriptures of Islam. Travelling from Paris to Istanbul, and from Sinjar to Cairo, he examines the roots of Isis’s interpretation of notions such as jihad and caliphate; he investigates why Isis have persecuted different religious minorities in different ways; and he asks whether the group’s ideology is in part a reaction to a westernisation of Islam that ultimately dates back to the time of Napoleon. Holland questions the assertion – much repeated by western leaders – that Isis has nothing to do with Islam. He examines the origins of the group’s beliefs, which he traces back to the very origins of Islam.

9.00pm Michael Moseley v the Superbugs BBC4 – Today more and more bacterial infections are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Not just MRSA – also TB, pneumonia, e-coli. In Britain, hundreds are already dying of these infections – mainly the very young or the frail and elderly. But health experts warn that unless we crack the problem, by 2050 we’ll be facing a pathogenic apocalypse with over 10 million people dying of resistant bacterial infection worldwide every year. Michael Mosley goes in search of the causes of this crisis – and possible solutions to overcome it. At the heart of the film is an unprecedented experiment to create a life-size clone of Michael Mosley in agar and then grow on it bacteria taken from all over his body. This is “Microbial Michael” – and through this living bacterial sculpture of Michael we’ll get new insight into what happens when we hit our body – and our bacteria – with a broad spectrum antibiotic.


8.00pm Kat & Alfie: Redwater BBC1 – EastEnders spin-off series. Kathleen and Alfie Moon arrive in the sleepy Irish village of Redwater on a quest to find Kathleen’s long-lost son. They uncover a secret the village wished had stayed buried – the inhabitants are still recovering from a tragic boating accident that happened over 25 years ago.

8.00pm The ITV Leaders’ Debate ITV – Julie Etchingham hosts a live debate between party leaders ahead of the snap General Election on June 8th.

Notable Continuing Series: Three Girls, 9.00pm, BBC1

                                        The Good Fight, 9.00pm More4 

                                        Guerrilla, 9.00pm Sky Atlantic 

9.00pm Shut-Ins: Britain’s Fattest Woman Channel 4 – Weighing 46 stone at just 33 years old, Sharon Hill, Britain’s biggest woman, could hardly move or leave her house. Her husband Andrew, who cared for her, was also imprisoned. Classed as morbidly obese, Sharon chose a risky life-changing operation to give her a future outside the home. Two years after she had bariatric surgery, the cameras return to find that, having shed a massive 14 stone, Sharon has started to put the pounds back on again. Sharon continues to battle her demons around food. With the help of a leading psychologist and a specialist surgical team, she decides to put herself through a second risky surgery. Can she finally live a life beyond the confines of her house? And will her marriage survive?


8.00pm River Monsters ITV – Jeremy Wade goes in search of more vicious water-dwelling creatures. In this edition, he seeks the truth behind the sea serpent legend.

8.30pm Count Arthur Strong BBC1 – Return of the sitcom about an out-of-work former variety star with delusions of grandeur. Arthur – ever the optimist – is always trying out new ideas and drawing Michael and the others into ever madder schemes.

Notable Continuing Series: Gogglebox 9.00pm, Channel 4

10.00pm The Last Leg Channel 4 – The double Bafta-nominated series returns live to Friday nights for the 11th series with its unique brand of irreverent satire and sharp topical comedy. The live, joyous, topical comedy extravaganza hosted by Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe examines the biggest and most entertaining news stories and rounds up the main talking points of the week, including the latest general election news. The team reunites at this crucial time with their upbeat, honest, and award-winning brand of satirical comedy.

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