The TVweek: Saturday 14th – Friday 20th March 2015

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8.20pm You’re Back in the Room ITV – Phillip Schofield is joined by hypnotist Keith Barry in a brand new game show where five strangers team up to win a potential 25,000 pounds by completing simple challenges. The only thing standing between them and the cash is their own minds – because the contestants have all been hypnotised.

9.00pm Hockney BBC2 – Hockney is the definitive exploration of one of the most significant artists of his generation. For the first time, David Hockney has given access to his personal archive of photographs and film, resulting in an unparalleled visual diary. His is a long-term one-man campaign against the pessimism of the world, mastering new media – whether acrylic paint or iPad digits – that depicts his sense of what it is to be alive.


7.00pm Wild Things Sky1 – Kate Humble and Jason Byrne present a sublimely silly entertainment series in which contestants dressed as cuddly critters tackle a fiendish obstacle course.

8.00pm Great Canal Journeys Channel 4 – Timothy West and Prunella Scales return for a brand new series of the popular show. They begin their first canal journey of the second series in the romantic city of Oxford. It’s here that Tim and Pru began their courtship many years ago and where they went on their first ever canal trip together. They follow the gentle contours of the Oxford canal through the Cherwell Valley, where they meet author Philip Pullman and are joined by their son Samuel West.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Dragons’ Den, BBC2

                                                9.00pm  Mr Selfridge, ITV

                                               9.00pm  Indian Summers, Channel 4

10.00pm Britain’s Racist Election Channel 4 – Documentary that reveals what happened when a racially charged election campaign turned immigration into a battleground. When a maverick Conservative won the West Midlands seat of Smethwick in the 1964 General Election following an anti-immigration campaign, it triggered one of the worst chapters in the history of British race relations. Violence, assassination attempts and even the creation of a British Ku Klux Klan tore a community apart, and took a West Midlands street to the brink of official racial segregation.


9.00pm Britain’s Benefit Tenants Channel 4 – As council housing numbers shrink, Britain’s two million private landlords have been buying up houses. Now, more benefit tenants than ever before are renting privately, and between the landlords and tenants is a new breed of letting agent, expert in the benefit system and skilled at keeping the rent flowing. Andrew Dyke manages nearly 1000 tenants in Goldthorpe, Yorkshire. The secret of his success is dealing with problems in person. One tenant has a rat infestation while another texts to apologise for leaving in a hurry. Kicking in the front door, Andrew finds a hastily abandoned cannabis factory. In Leeds, lettings agent Katie Wiggins tries to evict a troublesome pensioner and her boyfriend.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Moone Boy, Sky1
                                               9.00pm Arthur & George, ITV

                                               10.00pm Bluestone 42, BBC3

10.00pm Raised by Wolves Channel 4 – Six-part comedy written by Caitlin and Caroline Moran. It’s a modern-day reimagining of the brilliant chaos of the Morans’ own childhood. Loads of kids, no money, home-schooled, and educating themselves on a bounty of books, films, TV and pop music. In the first episode, family of six, the Garrys, are taken out into nature by their survivalist mother Della to forage for free food and ‘skill up’. Eldest child Germaine, in the grip of adolescent hormones, comes up with a psychologically unhealthy way to get closer to the boy of her very delusional dreams, local yob Lee. Younger sister Yoko reaches a female milestone in the bushes, prompting emergency intervention from Della and threatening Germaine’s love scheme.


8.00pm Back in Time For Dinner BBC2 – One British family embark on an extraordinary time-travelling adventure to discover how a post-war revolution in the food we eat has transformed the way we live. In this first episode, they travel back to 1950 – so it’s goodbye open-plan living, hello formal dining room and basic kitchen. Guided by presenter Giles Coren, food historian Polly Russell and the National Food Survey (a 50-year collection of food diaries), the family can only consume the food of the period – cue a diet of dried eggs, national bread, dripping and liver. And taking on the roles of the period, mum is doing all the cooking, while dad relaxes with a pipe and slippers.

9.00pm Ordinary Lies BBC1 – Six-part drama following the lives of an ordinary group of colleagues and friends as their seemingly small lies spiral out of control. Marty is under huge pressure at work – he has timekeeping issues, he’s not meeting his targets and with the downturn he has seen redundancies all around him. So when he gets called into a disciplinary meeting, he genuinely fears for his job. He’s terrified. He gets a final written warning, last chance. As sole breadwinner, he knows his family will go under if he loses his job, so when he oversleeps again, desperation leads him to tell an incredible lie.

10.45pm Life After Suicide BBC1 – Angela Samata explores why some people take their own lives and how those who love them come to terms with the loss.


7.00pm Britain’s Got the Builders In BBC2 – Documentary series looking at the relationship between builders and their clients. In London’s South Kensington, property enthusiast Galia Grainger wants to create the perfect bedroom in her multimillion-pound flat. A catalogue of hold ups, pressure from nearby residents and a strained relationship with her builder Greg, all begin to affect the schedule. As deadline after deadline is broken, Galia begins to despair that she will ever see either the end of the build or the assembly of her beloved ú50,000 bed. In Royal Leamington Spa, builder Andy Graham takes on the renovation of a Victorian townhouse for client Kristian Goode. But Kristian’s indecisiveness, a worsening financial situation and the proposed addition of a particularly flamboyant towel rail, all make for tense times.

8.00pm Stargazing Live BBC2 – Brian Cox and Dara O Briain are back at Jodrell Bank Observatory building-up to one of biggest astronomical events of the decade – a solar eclipse. They are joined by legendary Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin who tells them why he believes we must look beyond the moon for mankind’s next giant leap. At NASA Brian makes his own attempt to land a lunar module while Dara finds out what happened to the moon rocks brought back from the lunar surface. Liz Bonnin prepares to take to the skies for the perfect view of the eclipse – from above the clouds.

8.00pm Three in a Bed Channel 4 – A new series of the show in which three sets of B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another – and pay what they consider fair for their stay.

9.00pm The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop BBC1 – With unique top-to-bottom access, this series goes inside the fast food giant KFC UK from their boardrooms to their kitchens. In the opening episode, we learn how the huge machine that is ‘fast food chicken’ works on a mass scale. At the top of the tree we meet managing director Martin as he strives to expand his empire of 850 stores nationwide, while keeping his predominantly young workforce motivated. New starter Beth struggles to find her way in her new job. Andrew, with 35 years experience in the business, is in charge of chicken welfare. KFC’s own internal policeman Brian patrols his patch in the Midlands and drops in unannounced at KFC stores to inspect their restaurant and food standards.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm DCI Banks, ITV

                                             9.00pm 24 Hours in A&E, Channel 4

                                             10.00pm First Dates, Channel 4

9.30pm Eat To Live Forever with Giles Coren BBC2 – Food critic Giles Coren tries three extreme diet regimes in a bid push the limits of life expectancy. Giles’s search to find a diet which might extend his life comes after his great-grandfather lived to the grand old age of 93.


8.30pm Double Decker Driving School ITV – Documentary series that follows the progress of some of the many applicants who apply for Arriva’s six week training course to become a London Bus driver.

9.00pm The Truth About Sugar BBC1 – Journalist Fiona Phillips is on a mission to find out the truth behind the recent headlines on sugar. She discovers why some people have more of a sweet tooth than others, which sugars you can enjoy guilt-free, why there is so much sugar hidden in food you would think was purely savoury and what effect sugary drinks have on the appetite. Fiona also helps four Brits whose sugar-heavy diets could be putting their health at risk to change their ways. From coming up with low-sugar recipes to finding ways to beat the sweet cravings, they will see whether cutting back to the levels suggested by health authorities is really achievable and what the benefits actually are. As the dieters progress on their journey, it soon becomes clear that the transformations will be dramatic.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm, Banished, BBC2 

                                               9.00pm, Fortitude, Sky Atlantic,                                                                                                              

9.00pm The Triplets Are Coming! ITV – Two-part documentary which follows couples expecting triplets. The difficulties fitting three babies in a single stomach mean these are some of the riskiest and most unpredictable pregnancies imaginable. Filmed over eight months, two couples in London rely on expert medical help to monitor their growing triplets in the womb.

9.00pm Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True Channel 4 – In this strongly-opinionated authored extended documentary, Trevor Phillips, the man at the heart of 30 years of effort to reduce discrimination and improve equality across the UK, makes the controversial argument that while much of the work of those in the ‘equality movement’ has changed Britain for the better, it may also have led to serious and unwanted consequences that could undermine what’s been achieved. In the process, he confronts some uncomfortable truths about racial stereotypes; asks Nigel Farage whether the attempt to embrace a multi-ethnic Britain has led directly to the rise of Ukip; and talks to Tony Blair about how his equality and diversity project could be brought back on track.

9.00pm Muslim Miss World BBC3 – Dina Torkia has a huge following for her vlog about Muslim fashion and now she is heading to Indonesia for the finals of an international Muslim beauty pageant, World Muslimah. But Dina soon discovers it isn’t just a pageant – it’s a two-week boot camp where contestants have to prove their credentials as a good Muslim role model. It’s a testing and often hilarious journey which pushes Dina to the limit.


Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, ITV

                                                9.00pm Gogglebox, Channel 4

                                                9.00pm, Stella. Sky 1

10.00pm Alan Carr: Chatty Man Channel 4 – Alan Carr is joined all four The Voice judges – Rita Ora,, Ricky Wilson and Tom Jones – who chat about the forthcoming live shows. Hollywood star Antonio Banderas drops in to talk about his latest film, The SpongeBob Movie: A Sponge Out of Water, and Danny Dyer talks about EastEnders and his latest film Assassin. Music is from Ella Henderson who performs Mirror Man live in the studio.

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