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9.00pm Tut Five – First of a two-part drama series set in Ancient Egypt and focusing on the life and reign of King Tutankhamun. Escaping the city walls to learn more about his people, the young pharaoh comes to the rescue of a village girl, who has no idea who he is, and discovers more about the threat of the Mitanni kingdom. Upon returning home, he informs general Horemheb that he will lead his army into battle against the enemy, but is seriously wounded on the battlefield. Led to believe that he has died, his wife seeks a new pharaoh, prompting unrest within the ruler’s inner circle.


7.00pm Nature Nuts with Julian Clary ITV – Series in which Julian Clary travels all over the UK, discovering an extraordinary range of nature lovers who are fascinated by the creatures in their backyards and beyond. In Walsall he visits Joan Lockley, who has released over 5,000 hedgehogs back into the wild. With the help of expert Dr Richard Yarnell and his technology, Julian and the team are able to track the progress of one them.


8.00pm Flying to the Ends of the Earth Channel 4 – pilot and former Royal Marine Arthur Williams flies viewers into some of the remotest parts of the planet to find out how people survive and thrive in places only the plane can reach. Arthur was paralysed in an accident seven years ago, and took up flying to rediscover his spirit of adventure. Now he braves tiny airstrips and outrageously dangerous flying conditions to reach the world’s most spectacular remote places. In this first episode, Arthur flies to Nepal to see how small planes are transforming the nation’s way of life. He takes to the air high above remote mountain valleys with local pilot Max.

9.00pm Travel Guides ITV – Johnny Vegas narrates this new travel series which sends five ordinary British households to review some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Each week, the same people sample identical holidays and then describe their experiences, reporting on everything from accommodation to food and activities. The location here is Dubai, one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations. Almost a million Brits flock here each year, lured by year-round sun and the glamorous five-star lifestyle. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Burnley bar owner Linda and her painter husband Pete find the hotel prices steep, bikini-clad model Riah cannot understand why Arab women should have to cover up, and hairdressers Craig and Stuart Chapman Blackwell are uncomfortable about travelling in a country where it is illegal to be gay.

9.00pm Disabled in an Instant BBC3 – Documentary in which actor and wheelchair sportsman Peter Mitchell, who was paralysed in a car crash, discovers what happens to young people who have battled to survive a life-changing illness or injury, only to get out of hospital and find themselves facing an even bigger fight to access the support they need to live the life they want.

10.00pm a Very British Brothel Channel 4 – An estimated one in ten British men regularly pay for sex. In the heart of Sheffield is the so-called golden mile of sex, with the highest concentration of massage parlours in the city. A Very British Brothel reveals the day-to-day workings of the only parlour in the street run by a mother and daughter duo. Operating in a converted pub, their premises specialises in the services of more mature women. The documentary reveals the struggle to fill the daily rota, how the management deal with problem clients, and the lives of the working girls who advertise their services and for whom sex is just a job. With unprecedented access to all areas of this unique and unusual family business, and with contributions from the women who work there, and the paying customers who visit them, it provides an extraordinarily frank look inside a rarely seen world.


9.00pm New Tricks – Twelfth and final series of the drama series about a team of retired detectives investigating unsolved crimes. Gerry is spooked by the discovery of UCOS’ latest victim: a cop, whose body has lain untouched under a basement for 30 years. As deep-rooted accusations of police corruption and underhand dealings begin to surface, Gerry has to face up to some skeletons in his own closet, and it is a race against time for the team to help before his murky past catches up with him.

9.00pm Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School BBC2 – In a unique experiment, five teachers from China take over the education of fifty teenagers in a Hampshire school to see whether the high-ranking Chinese education system can teach us a lesson.

9.00pm Abducted ITV – In the UK a child is taken away by a parent or family member every 12 hours. The parent left behind often has to endure years of heartache, with the prospect of litigation through a confusing succession of foreign courts and a debilitating fight with their ex-partner for the right just to see their child again. Some never do. The film follows three parents on emotional journeys as they desperately try to get their children back from countries around the world. It features exclusive access to a team of child recovery experts who bring children home and shows how some parents have resorted to desperate measures in order to see their kids again.

9.00pm Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship Channel 4 – In September 2014 a multi-million-dollar state-of-the-art expedition made the astonishing discovery of the Victorian ship HMS Erebus, intact and upright on the Arctic sea floor. It’s the culmination of a 150-year-old mystery and is being hailed as the find of the century. This Secret History documentary has exclusive access behind the scenes of this momentous expedition. The story unfolds in the freezing Arctic, on the search vessels on the 2014 expedition, from their battle with heavy sea-ice that threatened to stop the search entirely, to the dramatic chain of events that led to their historic discovery.

9.00pm Life Begins Now BBC3 – Documentary about the last few weeks of term at Derwen College in Shropshire with six students as they prepare to graduate and enter the real world. For most of us college life is the best of times, but for people with learning difficulties, moving on from this special period in their lives raises unique challenges. Jon, Aled and Aled have been an inseparable gang for the past three years – united by their Downs Syndrome, but also their love of mischief and girls. Daniel and Lissie are college sweethearts, Derwen’s Posh and Becks, and are rarely seen out of each other’s company. But will their relationship endure living two hundred miles apart when they return to their family homes? Stephen has struggled to create a close friendship at Derwen College because of his autism and challenging behaviour. Now, as he is preparing to leave, there are concerns at the college that he will struggle to integrate back into mainstream society.


8.00pm The Great British Bake Off BBC1 – The baking challenge returns. The 12 new bakers don their aprons and head for the iconic tent. Judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have created 30 new challenges that will test their baking prowess, creativity and skill in a bid to find the country’s best amateur baker. With them every step of the way are Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, ready to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. The bakers’ first signature challenge is to make a madeira cake. It’s a well-loved cake, but which of our bakers will try to impress by reinventing this classic, and who will play safe in a bid to get perfect madeira with its traditional crack?

8.00pm Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free Channel 4 – After challenging the nation to fill their houses for free, and having directly helped 20 families transform dozens of rooms, saving them tens of thousands of pounds, Kirstie Allsopp and her team of free pioneers – Max McMurdo, Lee Baker and Charis Williams – conduct a room by room guide to some of their favourite furniture transformations and upcycles. From the sitting room to the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom, the team offer ideas and simple solutions to inspire people to do it for themselves.

9.00pm Earth’s Natural Wonders BBC1 – Across the planet, there are places that truly astonish, like Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls. These wonders seem to have little in common other than – literally – taking your breath away. But they share one other thing: they pose extraordinary challenges for their inhabitants. This series combines photography and human drama as it reveals twelve remarkable places. And it uncovers.

9.00pm Don’t Tell the Bride BBC3 – Final Series of the BBC3 edition. Brides-to-be give away any say in their big day while their grooms try to organise a wedding with ú12,000 in just three weeks. Wannabe superstar DJ Luke wants a huge rave for his wedding to bride-to-be Ellis, while all Ellis wants is a quiet church ceremony. But with a mother-in-law to impress and laidback Luke leaving everything to the last minute, can he and party animal best man Tom get this party started? Or will they send Ellis and her family raving mad? Will they be reaching for the glow-sticks or will it all end in murder on the dancefloor?

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Jane The Virgin, E4
                                              10.10pm Veep, Sky Atlantic


8.00pm Location, Location, Location Channel 4 – In this new episode Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are in glorious Cambridgeshire, helping Chris and Louise find their dream home in a rural setting, while also trying to find a suitable property in Cambridge for a pair of doctors who are first time buyers.

9.00pm The Wonder of Britain ITV – Series in which Julia Bradbury uncovers some of the wonders that make Britain great – from the country’s industrial and royal heritage to its rolling countryside, dramatic coastline and beautiful buildings.

9.00pm Sex in Class Channel 4 – When it comes to sex, British teens have more to deal with than ever before. Our teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are among the highest in Western Europe, and for the first time ever, a whole generation is, in part, learning about sex from porn: 83% of kids will have seen pornography by the time they’re 13. To tackle the issue, one Lancashire school has called in Belgian sexologist and UN Goodwill Ambassador for sexual health Goedele Liekens.


9.00pm The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice BBC2 – Sister series to The Great British Bake Off, in which Jo Brand is joined by three celebrity fans to take a look at the most recent episode, with interviews and unseen footage. Kicking off the series, Jo and her panel of Bake Off fans give their take on the 12 brand new bakers and their attempts in cake week. Will they go mad for the bakers’ madeira cake? How do they think the dozen coped with their first ever technical bake – Mary’s frosted walnut cake? Whose black forest gateau showstopper stopped the show?

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