The TVweek: Saturday 1st – Friday July 7th 2017

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9.00pm Melvyn Bragg on TV: The Box That Changed the World BBC2 – Melvyn Bragg is joined by some of TV’s key figures from the last 60 years to look at the extraordinary impact British television has made since its first great unifying moment, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Through a series of archive-based films and studio discussions, Bragg and his guests examine the way TV has brought the world to us and the extent to which our television has both defined us and reflected who we are as a nation.


8.00pm Dunkirk: The New Evidence Channel 4 – It’s known as the Miracle of Dunkirk: in May 1940, approximately 340,000 Allied troops were trapped with their backs to the sea. Sitting ducks, the troops were subjected to an endless barrage of bombs and bullets as the Luftwaffe apparently bombed at will. The situation seemed hopeless. Then a fleet of ships appeared on the horizon, mostly sent by the Royal Navy but joined by smaller craft captained by plucky civilians. The soldiers were rescued from the beaches and taken safely back to Britain.

Notable Continuing Series: The Handmaid’s Tale  9.00pm, Channel 4 

9.00pm George Best All By Himself BBC2 – Feature-length documentary exploring the remarkable life of the footballer George Best, charting how a reserved young prodigy from Northern Ireland became a global superstar.


8.30pm The Betrayed Girls BBC1 – Documentary about the child abuse revelations in Rochdale and other towns. Featuring the harrowing testimony of the victims and the shocking truth from those who spoke out, this film reveals how it wasn’t just the professionals whose job it was to protect the girls who ignored their plight.

Notable Continuing Series: 24 Hours in Police Custody. 9.00pm, Channel 4
                                                The Americans, 10.00pm, ITV Encore 

9.00pm Eamonn and Ruth in Dubai Five – Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford explore the lives of the super-rich. New money transformed Dubai from a small fishing village into the ostentatious capital of excess. They find a bunch of roses that live forever, business cards that cost £1500 each, the tallest building in the world with multi-millionaire residents, and a police force whose cars include Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugattis.

9.00pm Binky and Jp’s Baby: Born in Chelsea E4 – The first of two specials featuring exclusive access to Made in Chelsea’s Binky and JP and their journey into parenthood, following the last nerve-wracking weeks of pregnancy and climaxing with the arrival of their baby girl.

10.00pm 50 Shades of Gay Channel 4 – In this personal documentary, Rupert Everett explores the changes in gay life in the 50 years since the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales in 1967. He meets LGBT people from all walks of life, including former royal butler Paul Burrell, black gay rapper Jai’Rouge, actors from Hollyoaks, and Southend carpenter Steve, and visits the ‘lesbian capital of Britain’, Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. So much has been gained in the long journey towards mainstream acceptance, but has something of the rebellious, outsider spirit of gay culture also been lost? Is Britain finally able to accept the full 50 shades of gay?


9.00pm Life Behind Bars: Visiting Hour Channel 4 – The UK’s Prison population is at an all-time high, with over 86,000 people behind bars. But whatever crime they have committed, prisoners are permitted a visiting hour – 60 minutes with family and friends, to try to reconnect with the life they once had. Life Behind Bars: Visiting Hour gains unprecedented access to the visiting room at HMP Low Moss, one of the largest maximum security prisons in Scotland, offering an intimate insight into the people doing hard time as they meet their loved ones for this special hour. Gary and Charley plan their wedding, even though he doesn’t have a release date. Mike receives a visit from his ageing father, and must come to terms with the fact that his dad may not live to see his son released. Mark gets a visit from his daughter, and the granddaughter he’s never met. As well as inmates and families, the programme also speaks to the warden and staff of Low Moss about the institution of visiting hour.

Notable Continuing Series: Broken  9.00pm, BBC1
                                           Hospital, 9.30pm, BBC2  

9.00pm The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes More4 – This new series explores what it is like to live and work in England’s biggest expanse of protected countryside – in the national parks of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. At Bleak Bank Farm in the Dales, the Dawson family prepare for their most critical week of the year amd the annual sale of their lambs at auction. The episode also follows the hound trail, a little known Cumbrian sport where hounds race around the natural bowl of Buttermere. There’s also ultra running up Helvellyn in the Lakes; while the residents of Barbon in the Dales await the arrival of high-speed broadband.

10.00pm The Leftovers Sky Atlantic – Third and final season of the incredible HBO drama series. As the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure approaches, Kevin does his best to forget that he died. Episode 2 airs immediately following the first.


8.00pm The Highland Midwife Five –  Bridie’s labour fails to progress, necessitating a 4-hour nighttime drive to hospital. Things develop faster for Anastasia, prompting an after-hours dash for midwife Morven. And, local midwives help calm Samantha’s anxieties relating to a previous pregnancy.

9.00pm Joanna Lumley’s India ITV – Joanna Lumley travels back to the country of her birth. A year older than independent India itself, Joanna was born in Srinagar in the last days of the Raj and India was home to both sides of her family for several generations. Joanna travels the length and breadth of the country, beginning her epic journey in Tamil Nadu – on the southern tip of the subcontinent – and works her way up to the north. She travels over 5,000 miles, exploring its diverse landscapes, different cultural traditions, and extraordinary spirit. In this episode, Joanna witnesses religious ceremonies in temples, learns how scientists are enabling people in tea plantations to live alongside wild elephants and with the help of computers is turned into a multi-limbed Indian goddess. In Kolkata, Joanna takes to the streets at night with a local guide and meets members of India’s transgender community. Finally she journeys high into the Himalayas to visit Gangtok in Sikkim, where her mother lived as a child.

Notable Continuing Series: 24 Hours in A&E, 9.00pm,  Channel 4
                                                  Fargo, 10.30pm, Channel 4

10.00pm The Windors Channel 4 – The satirical comedy soap opera about the royal family returns for a second series. Prince Charles refuses to help Theresa May secure a trade deal with the Chinese. But when Camilla withholds his conjugal rights, Charles agrees to host a banquet. Wills wants to be a hands-on Dad. Mixing with ordinary parents, he learns what ‘River Island sale’ means, and comes to realise childcare is a nightmare. Pippa is preparing to marry Johnny: ‘He’s got billions, not millions’. But enraged that Kate has been made patron of Wimbledon, she puts a gypsy curse on her. When Harry introduces girlfriend Meghan Markle to the family, Meghan mistakes Camilla for the Queen: ‘You don’t look anything like 90.’


9.00pm Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1 – Actor Charles Dance has made his name playing aristocrats, including Tywin Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones. But the upstairs world Charles inhabits on screen is nothing like his own background as his mum was an under house parlour maid. Charles wants to know if he comes from a long line of servants or if he can uncover some grander origins. He is also determined to learn about his dad, who died when Charles was four. Charles knows hardly anything about him, not even when he was born. Charles’s search for information takes him to the other side of the world to meet close relatives he never knew he had.

9.00pm Circus Kids Five – Documentary series exploring a secretive world steeped in centuries of tradition. 17-year-old Peter was born into the circus and loves his life. Two-year-old twins Esmeralda and Scarlett have personalities as big as the big top. Edward makes good money throwing knives at his mother.


9.00pm Zoo Sky1 – Third season of the zany US drama. Ten years after the animals were cured, Earth’s dwindling population comes under threat when an army of lab-created hybrids targets mankind.

9.00pm Dicte: Crime Reporter More4 – Walter Presents – which showcases the best foreign language drama from around the world – continues with the second series of the compelling Danish crime drama in which reporter Dicte Svendsen investigates dark and dangerous cases alongside Chief Inspector John Wagner of the Aarhus Police Department

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