The TVweek: Saturday 20th – Friday 26th August 2016

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7.15pm Spotless ITV – Physical game show that is all about keeping clean and pristine to take home the cash. Set against a backdrop of immaculate white rooms, two couples compete in fiendishly messy games where their only mission is to stay absolutely spotless. After every game the iconic spotless scanner determines how clean the players are by using never-before-seen 3D scanning technology.


7.00pm Posh Pawn Channel 4 – The documentary that goes behind the scenes of the hidden world of high-end pawnbroking returns for a new series.


7.00pm Britain’s Hardest Workers: Inside the Low Wage Economy BBC2 – 20 volunteers take part in an experiment to test their skills against some of the fastest growing jobs in Britain’s low-wage sector. In this episode, they are doing our dirty work – cleaning hotel rooms after a busy party weekend and then sorting through our recycling. While the workers battle to meet performance targets, Anita Rani looks at the bigger picture – can businesses cope with a rise in minimum wage, are we Brits afraid of hard graft and is worker representation a thing of the past? Continues All Week

8.00pm Make My Body Better Channel 4 – Davina McCall presents an audacious and informative new health series following extraordinary personal stories of determination, transformation and triumph alongside revelatory, experimental group challenges. Each episode features an individual whose life is overshadowed by a severe and disabling health issue – enter some of Britain’s leading medical specialists to prescribe and oversee a series of life-changing treatments, from ground-breaking surgery to radical lifestyle regimes. 25-year-old Kirsty has had to live with horrifying night terrors for the last seven years. Every attempt to address her condition so far has failed.

9.00pm Ripper Street BBC2 – Terrestrial airing of Ripper Street’s fourth series which was first shown on Amazon Prime. The series moves channels to BBC2. Three years have passed. Reid is drawn back to Whitechapel to investigate a case made by Jackson and Drake that has condemned his old associate Isaac Bloom to the hangman’s noose. And Bloom is not the only one set for the rope: Long Susan awaits her fate in Newgate Prison, punishment for her part in the Leman Street locomotive disaster. But does Jackson have a plan to save her, before it’s too late? Drake, meanwhile, looks into the case of an Indian man found murdered at the docks, as the forces of Britain’s colonial empire descend upon London to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

9.00pm 500 Questions ITV – Giles Coren hosts the new quiz show with one all-important rule – get three questions in a row wrong and you are out of the game. Will players have the stamina and the knowledge to hang in until question 50 to take the cash and the glory? With a challenger waiting to take their place, and traps hidden all over the questions board, it will not be easy.

9.00pm Sarah Beeney’s Four Rooms More4 – Four Rooms returns with a new presenter, Sarah Beeny. High-profile dealers each cast their expert eye over enticing objects, from art and antiques to memorabilia and taxidermy, to decide whether they’re worth buying with some of their own personal fortunes.

10.00pm Tattoo Disasters UK Five – Documentary series about people with excessive or now-regretted tattoos.


9.00pm One Of Us BBC1 – Four-part drama from Harry and Jack Williams, the writers of 2014’s The Missing. A horrific double murder shocks two families living in isolated rural Scotland. In the aftermath of the tragedy, they are faced with a terrible dilemma when the murderer arrives on their doorstep one stormy night. His fate lies in their hands – will they show mercy or get their revenge?

9.00pm Rookies ITV – Second series of the documentary revealing what it is like to be dropped into the front line of law enforcement, as seven ordinary people train to be police officers in Surrey.

9.00pm President Trump: Can He Really Win? Channel 4 –  In this new documentary, Matt Frei looks at how this US presidential contest is shaping up to be one of the most brutal in living memory. Clinton says Trump isn’t fit for President, while Trump has called for Clinton to be locked up and has even been accused of hinting that she should be assassinated. Frei asks if Trump can really make it all the way to the White House or if he’ll be crushed by the Clinton machine. He meets Trump supporters and conflicted Republicans. Considering his derogatory remarks on women, he also asks whether Trump can really win over the all-significant female vote. The experts continue to predict the Trump insurgency is doomed to crash and burn, but they said the same about Brexit. A Trump America could well be a reality.

10.00pm Beauty and the Baker Channel 4 – New Israeli drama about Amos, a baker, and Noa, a megastar, who are galaxies apart but find that sparks fly when their worlds collide. Aspiring illustrator Amos Dahari, who works in his family’s bakery near Tel Aviv, and his girlfriend Vanessa are celebrating their nine years together by having a meal in a restaurant. When he visits the bathroom, Amos bumps into one of the wealthiest and most beautiful women in Israel, megastar Noa Hollander, who has just split up with her equally famous boyfriend, Hollywood TV host Pete Evans..

10.45pm Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets BBC1 – Vlogger and body-positive internet queen Grace Victory tries clean eating on for size. Is it the lifestyle change we all need, or is this another fad diet in disguise – a fad diet with potentially dangerous consequences?


8.00pm The Great British Bake Off BBC1 – The Great British Bake Off returns for another year as amateur bakers compete to be crowned champion.

8.00pm Can Britain have a Payrise? BBC2 – One hundred workers representing all levels of pay face each other in a studio to try and work out whether Britain can have a pay rise. Presented by James O’Brien and Steph McGovern, this programme examines the roots of Britain’s low-pay economy and pits Brits against Germans in a productivity challenge as well as visiting the Swedes who work for just six hours a day.

9.00pm The Chronicles of Nadiya BBC1 – Two-part series in which Nadiya Hussain visits Bangladesh to explore the recipes that have shaped her love of cooking. In this edition, she travels to her family village near Sylhet, where she uses local produce and techniques to prepare her favourite recipes, including baked fish with green mango chutney and thoosha shinni. And at the wedding of a relative, she bakes a three-tiered pumpkin celebration cake for the bride, using an oven in an industrial bakery.

9.00pm The Watchman Channel 4 – Acclaimed actor Stephen Graham takes centre stage in a brand new Channel 4 drama written and directed by multi-award-winning director Dave Nath. Nath, who has previously won acclaim for his direction of major documentaries tackling challenging subjects through unprecedented access, such as Bedlam and The Murder Detectives, turns his hand to fiction in this new project. Graham, whose extensive acting credits include This Is England, Pirates of the Caribbean and Boardwalk Empire, plays father-of-two Carl, a CCTV operator who views the world through a series of screens. Working alone, he has gradually become intoxicated by the power of being the ‘all-seeing eye.’ Carl’s growing frustration with the local police comes to a head when they refuse to tackle a group of local drug dealers. Carl decides to intervene in the world that he’s supposed to be just watching. What follows is a terrifying chain of events that plays across one night shift.

10.00pm People Just Do Nothing BBC2 – Terrestrial airing of BBC Three’s comedy. The Kurupt FM boys decide it is time to make a new track. They hire a studio and get to work, but will an hour be enough time? Meanwhile, Miche looks for a wedding venue, keen to book something as soon as possible, and Chabuddy G makes preparations for his date.


9.00pm Class of ’92: Still out of their League BBC1 – After last year’s roller coaster ride, ex-Manchester United stars and co-owners of Salford FC Ryan Giggs, Phil and Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt have set their sights on winning the league again. But an amazing FA Cup run could be the best and worst thing that happens to them as the team slide in the league. Salford life, away from the pitch, proves to be just as dramatic. We last saw the owners celebrating on the pitch at Moor Lane as Salford City were crowned champions of First Division North.

9.00pm Horizon: My Amazing Twin BBC2 – The acerbically witty and severely facially disfigured broadcaster Adam Pearson presents a personal film about genetics. He and his twin brother Neil are genetically identical and both share the same genetic disease, Neurofibromatosis 1 (Nf1) – yet they are completely different. Adam’s face is covered with growths, whereas Neil looks completely normal. Neil has short term memory loss, whereas Adam is razor sharp. How can the same genetic disease affect identical twins so differently? Adam is on the cusp of a successful film and television career, but the disease has left tumours on his face that are growing out of control and he could lose his sight. For years, everyone thought Adam’s brother Neil had escaped symptoms, but today his life is governed by epilepsy and a mysterious memory loss that suddenly came on during his teens.

9.00pm CCTV: Neighbourhood Watching ITV – Documentary exploring the rise in British domestic CCTV use through the extraordinary footage captured by home surveillance cameras, and the dramatic, funny and bizarre stories of those behind – and in front of – the lens. From mysterious acts of car vandalism in a picturesque village to a decade-long neighbourhood dispute and an outrageous garden robbery, this film explores the growing impact of domestic CCTV on our lives.

9.00pm Re-educating Joey Essex: GCSE Special ITV2 – The occasional series returns as Joey Essex faces his toughest challenge yet: to get a GCSE in general studies.

10.00pm The Circuit Channel 4 – Written by Dennis Kelly and Sharon Horgan in their first collaboration in 10 years, is a brand new Channel 4 pilot about the horror of social engagement. Having left behind their idyllic life in Strood, Gabe and Nat are invited to a dinner party in their brand new town. Gabe and Nat arrive at Sasha and Helena’s impeccable house with a gift of some very pricey designer coffee beans, only to find their hosts in the midst of an unholy row. Despite the obvious tension, Helena promises a ‘lovely, lovely’ evening, and they are introduced to fellow dinner party hostages Marty, who claims she used to be in Bananarama, and girlfriend Angie, a happy-go-lucky millennial who makes bullets.


8.30pm Summer: Earth’s Seasonal Secrets BBC1 – Every year, spectacular seasons transform our planet. As they sweep across the world, they drive all life on Earth, bringing huge opportunities and great challenges to everything. This programme, narrated by Andrew Scott, celebrates the glorious nature of summer on Earth and the extraordinary ways animals and plants rise to the challenges it brings. With the sun shining and the flowers blooming, this is the season of splendid abundance, and the long hours of daylight make life burst out in a riot of activity. But you have to find clever ways to get your share of the good times while they last, and as temperatures soar, everything has to deal with sweltering heat. For a whole range of animals, from sneaky ringtailed lemurs to battling ibex, and from overheated penguins to astonishing colour-changing lizards, summer is a time when the living is not always easy.

9.00pm The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice BBC2 – Host Jo Brand chats to a panel of celebrity Bake Off fans, looking at all the shenanigans in the tent. Kicking off the series, Jo and her panel of Bake Off fans give us their take on the 12 brand new bakers and their attempts in cake week.

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