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8.10pm David Starkey Music and the Monarchy BBC2 – Dr David Starkey reveals how the story of British music was shaped by its monarchy. In this first episode he begins with kings who were also composers – Henry V and Henry VIII – and the golden age of English music they presided over. He discovers how the military and religious ambitions of England’s monarchy made its music the envy of Europe – and then brought it to the brink of destruction – and why British music still owes a huge debt to Queen Elizabeth I.


8.00pm The Plane that Saved Britain Channel 4 – Channel 4 Paralympics presenter, former Royal Marines Commando and qualified pilot Arthur Williams presents this love letter to the World War II aeroplane he believes history has unjustly forgotten.

9.00pm The Secret Life of Uri Geller BBC2 – Uri Geller, the controversial mentalist, paranormal expert and spoon bender, has had a life in front of the cameras, a life surrounded by controversy, a life dotted with amazing psychic demonstrations. But most people do not know that, away from the bent cutlery and broken watches, he has been leading a second, covert, life as a ‘psychic spy’, working secretly and without recognition for nearly 30 years. This secret life has included work for military and intelligence agencies on three continents; indeed, the scientists who first did rigorous research on Geller more than 40 years ago (and concluded that he has a phenomenal gift) were funded by the CIA. In this documentary, the intriguing story is explored, with compelling interviews from Uri himself as well as those who knew and worked closely with him.

10.00pm Family Guy BBC3 – New series of US cartoon as the Griffins attempt to climb Mount Everest.


5.00pm Take on the Twisters ITV – Julia Bradbury hosts the brand new quiz where contestants compete against each other to take on the twisters – eight giant sand timers. The more they can keep in play before time runs out, the more money they can win.

9.00pm Long Live Britain BBC1 – Julia Bradbury, Phil Tufnell and Dr Phil Hammond set out to tackle one of the nation’s most pressing health issues. Britain’s ‘secret killers’ – type two diabetes, liver and heart disease – affect more than eight million people in the UK. At the nation’s largest-ever combined health screening at the Rugby Football League’s Magic Weekend in Manchester, 50 NHS nurses, three leading charities and a team of doctors screen hundreds of people to find out if they are at risk of developing one of these three preventable conditions. Continues at 10.35pm

9.00pm Botched up Bodies Five – Documentary series featuring the surgeons whose job it is to correct the catastrophes left by dodgy cosmetic surgeons.

9.00pm Burton & Taylor BBC4 – BBC4’s final drama Biopic starring Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West as the Hollywood couple.

10.00pm Don’t Blame Facebook Channel 4 – A new instalment of Don’t Blame Facebook, the documentary that tells the stories of people who have ended up in hot water when they underestimated the power and reach of social media and forgot to click with caution. What happens when a troll goes too far, when private photos end up where they shouldn’t, or when one young boy finds himself in a truck load of trouble?


8.00pm Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free Channel 4 – Kirstie Allsopp takes over a shop in Glasgow and stocks it with furniture that’s been sourced for free. From beautiful high end items like marble fireplaces and amazing lights, to simple but stunning items such as wardrobes and tables, the new show throws up amazing pieces that have cost nothing. In each episode, two families are helped to transform their homes, and shown that with some savvy sourcing and clever upcycling, things can be obtained for a lot less than they would cost to buy new.

9.00pm Hunting the Doorstep Conmen ITV – In the first of two programmes, Conor Woodman follows trading standards officers to find out how doorstep conmen cheat elderly and vulnerable people. Conor meets 85-year-old widow Kit Gardner and learns how Kit’s dementia made her the target of a pair of crooks who repeatedly demanded payment for work they had not done. In York, Trading Standards Officer Matt Boxall tracked down 23-year-old Donovan Clough who charmed ladies by offering to clear their gutters for a fiver. He then invented a story of a rotting roof that would cost £2,500 to repair. He was convicted and sentenced to four years. In Teesside, father and son Bernard and Barney Collins marched a frail old lady to a bank to withdraw all her money.

9.00pm Why Don’t You Speak English? Channel 4 – This new two-part series follows four first-generation immigrants as they try to learn the language for the first time. Each one is taught by ordinary British people, with each immigrant living for a week with a family, who apply their own unique ways to try and help their guest. The four immigrants entered Britain over a year ago and hail from Poland, Colombia, China and the Democratic Republic of Congo. None of them has managed to learn English in their time living here so far. Now each of them has their own special reason for wanting to learn: for some it means more opportunities for work, and the chance of a fresh future for them and their family; while for others it offers a possible end to loneliness.

9.00pm Rachel Bruno: My Dad & Me BBC3 – Documentary in which Rachel Bruno sets out to discover the truth about her dad Frank’s illness. 26-year-old Rachel lives at home with her brother and sister and works as a waitress in a pizza restaurant, but she is also the daughter of Frank Bruno, ex-heavyweight world boxing champion and much-loved national treasure. Since being sectioned for the first time ten years ago, Frank is now one of Britain’s most famous sufferers of bipolar affective disorder – an illness that’s more commonly known as manic depression.

10.00pm Badults BBC3 – Sitcom that is so awful it has to be seen to be believed about three flatmates.


9.00pm Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1 – The popular family tree series returns with Una Stubbs looking into her family history.

9.00pm The Cafe Sky1 – The feelgood comedy is back for a second series. Richard shares some big news, while an unexpected visitor drops in on Sarah and Carol.

10.00pm Notes from the Inside with James Rhodes Channel 4 – Classical pianist James Rhodes is passionate about taking his music out of the confines of the concert hall and into places it rarely reaches. Convinced that music can change lives for the better, James takes a Steinway grand piano inside one of Britain’s largest psychiatric hospitals.

10.00pm Love/Hate Five – Four-part drama series set in Dublin’s gangland. A year after leaving Dublin in a hurry, Darren Treacy returns to celebrate his brother’s release from prison, but the killing of one of the members of his old gang has far-reaching consequences for Darren’s friends and family as suspicion runs rife and thoughts turn to revenge.

10.00pm Some Boffins with Jokes BBC4 -Some of the nation’s sharpest scientific minds and keenest brains tell their favourite jokes. Do boffins find the same things funny as us regular citizens? Let the nation decide.


8.00pm Dara O Briain’s Science Club BBC2 – Acclaimed science series combining lively studio chat and experiments with cutting-edge film reports to discover the ideas that are changing the world we live in. Dara is joined by his regular team and leading science guests Professor Noel Sharkey and Professor Bruce Hood as he looks inside our heads to explore how much we know about our brains and how much our brains give away about us. Science journalist Alok Jha goes to Pittsburgh to test whether a computer can actually reach into his mind and read his thoughts. In the studio Dara takes control of Professor Mark Miodownik’s brain to demonstrate how illusions and machines can be used to manipulate our minds, and Dr Helen Czerski goes to Texas to investigate a new theory from NASA – that our weather is being influenced by a mysterious force.

10.00pm Catching a Killer: Crocodile Tears Channel 4 – In light of several recent high-profile cases, this documentary examines the phenomenon of ‘crocodile tears’: where people who feign innocence or make public appeals for information – often on camera – in reality have committed the crime themselves. Featuring several exclusive interviews and shedding new light on crimes that shocked the nation, this film looks beyond the fake tears to reveal stories of deception and betrayal. The programme re-examines the Philpott case, in which Mick and his wife Mairead, who took part in a press conference after their house fire killed six children, were finally convicted of their manslaughter in April 2013, along with their best friend Paul Mosley.

10.00pm PhoneShop E4 – Third series of the comedy. Under more pressure than ever to sell, the staff of PhoneShop, Sutton, need to be completely focused and at the top of their game. Unfortunately, the combined distractions of bald patches, moustaches and baked goods mean that, once again, Ashley, Christopher, Janine, Jerwayne and Lance find themselves utterly compromised and hopelessly out of their depth in the most familiar of territory – Sutton High Street.


9.00pm 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Channel 4 – Jimmy Carr hosts some new editions of the famous words and numbers quiz, as 8 Out of 10 Cats team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are joined by celebrity guests. In this first show Jason Manford joins Sean, while Rhod Gilbert teams up with Jon. Countdown regular Susie Dent is in the Dictionary Corner, while the country’s favourite boffin Rachel Riley provides the letters and numbers with a little help from comedian Joe Wilkinson.

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