The TVweek: Saturday 20th – Thursday 25th May 2016

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10.10pm Clique BBC1 – Terrestrial showing of the BBC Three drama series following two childhood best friends who go to university and find themselves drawn into an elite clique. Holly and Georgia have been best friends since they were 11. In their first term at university they are as close as ever – living in the same halls, taking the same classes and drinking in the same bars. Then they meet the clique, with enigmatic Professor Jude McDermid at their helm, and everything changes. Holly sees the darkness behind these glamourous girls’ bright smiles, but oblivious Georgia throws herself into the clique’s moneyed, hedonistic lifestyle. Holly is suspicious of these new friends and determined to protect Georgia so follows her into their inner circle.


8.00pm Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge Channel 4 – In this new series, engineer Dick Strawbridge, along with master craftsman Will Hardie, follows an ingenious competition to build a pop-up hotel made up of eight stunning and unique cabins in the wild.

8.30pm Inspector George Gently BBC1 – Final series of the gentle crime drama starring Martin Shaw and Lee Ingelby. In Newcastle in 1970, DCI Gently re-opens Bacchus’s old case of a woman convicted of her husband’s murder. Will he expose a miscarriage of justice or jeopardise his reputation?

Notable Continuing Series: Dara & Ed’s Road to Mandalay,  9.00pm, BBC2

9.00pm The Trial: A Murder in the Family Channel 4 – In a pioneering new series blending documentary and drama, a fictional murder case is tried in a real court, by eminent real-life legal professionals and a jury comprised of 12 randomly selected members of the public. Simon Davis is an academic accused of murdering his estranged wife Carla. His defence team is led by renowned QC John Ryder, whose CV includes the Damilola Taylor murder trial; the prosecution is steered by the government’s new independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, Max Hill QC. Revealing the inner workings of the justice system as never seen before, the format provides unique insights into how both sides conduct their cases, from strategic debates to conferences with clients. Presiding is Brian Barker, recently retired but formerly the most senior judge at the Old Bailey. As the trial begins, police officers and witnesses are called to give evidence and – as Simon and the jury look on – a picture is painted of the day when Carla Davis was killed. Continues till Thursday.


9.00pm The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway BBC2 – This series follows more than ten thousand engineers and construction workers as they race to complete the brand new railway directly underneath the city – Crossrail, London’s new Underground. Costing fifteen billion pounds, it is the biggest engineering project in Europe. Linda Miller, an engineer more at home constructing space launch complexes, must build what will become Britain’s busiest station – Farringdon – an underground structure longer than the Shard is tall. Linda and her team battle ancient fault lines, race to build emergency access tunnels to alleviate congestion and piece together a giant geometric jigsaw that will form a cathedral-sized station entrance. The episode ends with a very special visitor arriving on site to give the railway its new title.

9.00pm Prince Phillip: 70 Years of Service ITV – With the recent news that Prince Philip is stepping down from public duties, Alan Titchmarsh looks back on the duke’s work and life to date. Alan has interviewed the prince on several occasions and was granted one of his last formal interviews, gaining a rare insight into the mind of the man who is known as a moderniser of the royal family and is the longest-serving consort in British history.


8.00pm Secrets of Our Favourite Snacks Channel 4 – Simon Rimmer and Sophie Morgan explore how crisps and popcorn are made, how crisps are marketed to us and the science and psychology of why it seems we can’t resist reaching out for a handful of peanuts or crisps. A specially conducted survey reveals which parts of Britain eat the most snacks, and what time of day we’re most likely to munch. Plus, the show reveals Britain’s favourite flavour of crisp.

9.00pm Broken BBC1 – Sean Bean stars in this new six-part drama from Jimmy McGovern. Catholic priest Father Michael Kerrigan presides over a large parish on the outskirts of a major city in northern England, a well-respected figure throughout the local community. Father Michael reaches out to a troubled parishoner, a single mother-of-three, who is badly struggling for money after a series of unfortunate events – but she rejects his attempts to help. The woman’s mother then dies suddenly. Father Michael has to cope with his own frail mother, living 60 miles away, and as he deals with the effects his own harsh, working-class upbringing and reflects on the conflicts within society at large, he questions how much of an impact he can really have on the ever-evolving spiritual landscape of modern-day Britain.

9.00pm Twin Peaks Sky Atlantic – Highly anticipated return of the cult drama from David Lynch.


9.00pm The Met: Policing London BBC1 – Second series of the documentary series following the work of London’s Metropolitan Police.

10.00pm White Gold BBC2 – Ed Westwick, James Buckley and Joe Thomas star in a brand new comedy series set in mid-80s Essex. Meet Vincent Swan, double-glazing salesman extraordinaire. Smart, handsome and cocksure, Vincent will stop at nothing to get a sale. His team at Cachet Windows include Fitzpatrick, a smarmy reprobate who can charm the life savings out of anyone, and Lavender, a failed musician whose crippling politeness and moral backbone has a habit of getting in the way of a sale. The two take a bet on whether Fitzpatrick can sell ‘ice to the Eskimos’ – in other words, sell new windows to someone he has recently sold new windows to. Meanwhile, Vincent’s attempt to convince an old colleague to join the double-glazing business takes an unexpected turn.

10.00pm Black Widow Channel 4 – Dutch drama series. In the first episode, preparations are under way for the wedding of Amsterdam crime lord Andre de Rue’s youngest daughter Marleen. His eldest daughter, Carmen van Walraven, is angry to discover that the illegal business concerns of her husband Frans, who runs a marina as an ostensibly legal front for a hash-smuggling business, have impacted on the lives of their children. Her son Boris has been expelled from school for taking in a gun that he stole from the glove compartment of his father’s car. When Carmen confronts Frans over the gun, he admits that he has feared for his life since he and his partners, Carmen’s brother Irwan and family friend Steven, stole a large stash of drugs belonging to another dealer, with the whole affair ending in a terrifying shoot-out. On the night of the wedding, a frightened Carmen and Frans agree to leave the country for ever, but the next morning their plans are struck a devastating blow.


9.00pm The Truth about HIV BBC1 – As trials are announced in Britain of a new preventative drug, Dr Chris van Tulleken explores the latest science around HIV, meeting health professionals, scientists, and individuals affected by the virus, in the UK and South Africa, challenging the myths and stigma surrounding it.

Notable Continuing Series: The Good Fight, 9.00pm More4 

9.00pm Paula BBC2 – Denise Gough stars in a new three-part drama.  Paula is trying to end an affair with the handsome but married PE teacher Philip, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the headmaster. If that wasn’t enough, she discovers a rat infestation in her basement. Paula asks handyman James to sort out the problem. There is an instant spark of animal attraction between the two, leading to a passionate one night stand. Everything is not as it seems with James – with too many mouths to feed at home he is desperate for money. The pressure is on him, and since meeting Paula something seems to be haunting James. Having learnt about the affair he tries to blackmail Philip. Things go terrifyingly wrong when he flies into a rage. From this point on, James and Paula are locked in a dance of mutual destruction which only one of them can survive.

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