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9.00pm Richard III: Princes in the Tower Channel 4 –  On the eve of Richard’s reburial at Leicester Cathedral – which will be covered exclusively by Channel 4, starting tomorrow – this drama documentary assembles a stellar cast of experts, including David Starkey and Philippa Gregory, to examine all the available evidence. As it plays out the possibilities and tests the competing theories, it endeavours to get to the bottom, once and for all, of what really happened to the princes in the Tower. Is this a tale of naked ambition, cold pragmatism and bloody murder?


Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Poldark, BBC1

                                                9.00pm  Mr Selfridge, ITV

                                               9.00pm  Indian Summers, Channel 4

9.00pm Louis Theroux: By Reason of Insanity BBC2 – Louis immerses himself in the world of Ohio’s state psychiatric hospitals, meeting patients who have committed crimes – at times horrifically violent – while in the grip of severe mental illness. They have been found not guilty by reason of insanity and ordered by the courts to secure psychiatric facilities to receive the treatment that it is hoped will, one day, lead to their reintegration back into society. Exploring the nature of mental illness, Louis spends time with the small subsection of sufferers who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in an attempt to understand how society cares for some of its most vulnerable and most dangerous members. In this first episode, Louis spends time with patients attempting to come to terms with their crimes and the clinicians entrusted with helping to make them safe. And he investigates the difficult question – when is a patient with a serious crime in their past ready to be returned to the outside world?


9.00pm The Mafia with Trevor MacDonald ITV – First of a two-part programme in which Trevor McDonald takes viewers on a journey into the machinations of the American mafia, gaining unprecedented access to some of the people with first-hand experience of the money, glamour and violence associated with the country’s infamous organised crime network. Trevor arrives in New York to meet John Alite, a former millionaire drug dealer who was also one of the most ruthless mafia killers of modern times.

9.00pm Tom Felton Meets the Superfans BBC3 – Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, meets the world’s most committed fans in a bid to understand what drives them. For Tom, being involved in such a global phenomenon has meant being followed by many millions of dedicated fans all over the world. And over the past seven years he has become increasingly aware of one fan in particular – she follows him to almost every event he attends – and it has got him thinking about exactly what it takes to become this devoted.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Moone Boy, Sky1
                                               10.00pm Raised by Wolves, Channel 4

                                               10.00pm Bluestone 42, BBC3


8.00pm Burger Bar to Gourmet Star Channel 4 – In this new series, a selection of fast food cooks with no formal training are given the opportunity of a lifetime: to be taught by some of the country’s most refined chefs, and fast-tracked through years of tough training in just weeks. If that’s not enough, the chefs must then pose as seasoned professionals, cooking in world class kitchens.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Ordinary Lies, BBC1

9.00pm Dara and Ed’s Big Adventure BBC2 – Dara O Briain and Ed Byrne undertake a 4,000-mile journey on the Pan-American Highway, emulating the 1940 road trip made by Sullivan Richardson, Arnold Whitaker and Kenneth Van Hee from Detroit. Dara and Ed set off from Arizona and head towards the US/Mexico border. They go through the seaside resort of Mazatlan and on to Mexico City. After watching Mexico’s famous lucha libre wrestlers, they visit the ancient Zapotec civilisation of Monte Alban, before heading on to Oaxaca. Just like the original expedition, Dara and Ed stop off in Juchitßn to sample the local delicacy, iguana, and visit an iguana sanctuary, before reaching a state-of-the-art coffee farm set high in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountains. This first leg of their journey takes them ten days, compared to the two months it took in the 1940s. Along the way, Dara and Ed discover how the Pan-American Highway has helped transform Mexico into one of the most powerful and dynamic countries in the Americas.

9.00pm Breaking the Law Five – One-off documentary that tells some unbelievable stories about members of UK police forces who have been jailed for breaking the law.

10.00pm Teens Channel 4 – Documentary series that follows a group of friends over the year they turn 17, exploring the highs and lows of life on the cusp of adulthood. With smartphones and round-the-clock social networking, teenage life is now more complicated than ever. These teenagers are brave enough to open up their phones, giving viewers an insight into how they live and relate to each other, in the ‘real’ world and online. This first episode meets Jess and Harry D, who have both have just joined school for sixth form. They share a sense of humour but their approach to life turns out to be quite different, and their friendship is tested when Jess invites the No More Page 3 campaign to host a debate at school.

10.00pm Killer Magic BBC3 – Five young magicians score each other’s toy-based tricks. The loser will have to take on the Killer Trick – a trick that has previously killed or injured a magician. Whoever finishes bottom this time will have to stay submerged in ice for as long as possible.

10.45pm Call Security BBC1 – Cuts to public spending mean there are fewer police on the streets than before, and the public’s obsession with security is on the rise. Over 7000 private security firms in the UK are stepping in to fill the gap – and business is booming. People are terrified by threats – some real, some imagined – and are willing to pay for everything from bodyguards to cutting-edge security equipment. Using a mix of CCTV footage, point-of-view narratives from security personnel and testimonies from victims, this programme gets to grips with one of modern society’s fastest-growing industries.


8.00pm The Ladykillers: Pest Detectives BBC2 – Series following four female pest controllers as they do battle with Britain’s most common household pests. Infestations of bed bugs, rats, clothes moths and more are making life a misery in homes across the UK. The ladykillers use specialist cameras to provide a scary close-up of the pests for the homeowners and to help find the best way to get rid of these unwelcome intruders.

8.30pm The Quizeum BBC4 – Quiz show in which Griff Rhys Jones visits museums around the UK with two teams of expert panellists made up of historians, scientists and cultural scholars.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm, The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop, BBC1

                                                 9.00pm DCI Banks, ITV

                                             9.00pm 24 Hours in A&E, Channel 4

                                             10.00pm First Dates, Channel 4

9.00pm Hillary Clinton: The Power of Women BBC2 – In 1995, Hillary Clinton made a groundbreaking speech in Beijing, setting down a challenge to the world: to treat women’s rights as human rights. Now twenty years on, with Hillary Clinton poised on the brink of announcing a second attempt at the US presidency, this film asks: has anything really changed for the world’s women? With candid interviews with three of the most powerful women in recent history, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright, this film investigates the struggles they experienced to make a difference to the rights of half the world’s population.

9.00pm Beaten by My Boyfriend BBC3 – Many people believe it only happens to older, married women, but girls aged 16 to 24 are as, if not more, likely to experience violence from their boyfriends than their adult counterparts. Stacey Dooley goes behind the closed doors and speaks to the now younger anonymous face of domestic violence.

9.00pm The Wonderful World of Blood with Michael Mosely BBC4 – Six experiments are performed on Michael Mosley’s blood to reveal its properties and push it to the limits of its abilities. From starving it of oxygen to see how it instantly responds to boost our performance, to injecting it with snake venom to witness how it can clot within seconds, human blood is revealed as never before. Using specialist photography, Michael looks at blood anew, revealing the beauty in a single drop. He even discovers how blood tastes when a black pudding with his own blood is prepared. The grisly history of blood-letting and transfusion is examined and we meet one of the scientists whose pioneering work is revealing that young blood may indeed be able to turn back the biological clock and reverse the ageing process.


8.00pm Richard III: The King Laid to Rest Channel 4 – This final programme in Channel 4’s exclusive coverage of Richard III’s reburial shows highlights of his burial service from earlier today and – live – a last moment of intimate ceremonial, in which his descendants, and those who led the campaign to find Richard, gather to bid the king a final farewell. The Bosworth beacon, lit when Richard’s remains arrived back at the site of his death on Sunday morning, will be extinguished as the massive tombstone is revealed for the first time.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm, Banished, BBC2 

                                               9.00pm, Fortitude, Sky Atlantic,

9.00pm Coalition Channel 4 –  Feature-length political drama by acclaimed writer James Graham. Informed by extensive research, Coalition charts the emotionally wrought, politically-charged and frenzied days in 2010 that led to Nick Clegg’s astonishing rise from rank outsider to the man who would decide the fate of the country.

10.00pm Inside No.9 BBC2 – Series 2 of of dark comedies by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith. On board the sleeper from Paris to Bourg St Maurice, a motley collection of passengers try to get a quiet night’s sleep as the train makes its way across France. But as the sleeping compartment fills up, the chances of that begin to look highly unlikely. In deuxieme classe, everyone can hear you scream…


Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Gogglebox, Channel 4

                                                9.00pm, Stella. Sky 1

                                                10:00pm, Alan Carr Chatty Man, Channel 4

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