The TVweek: Saturday 25th – Friday 31st July 2015

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9.00pm The Nation’s Favourite 80s Number One ITV – Featuring interviews with 80s icons including Spandau Ballet, Bonnie Tyler, Madness, Dexys Midnight Runners, The Communards and Jason Donovan, this countdown celebrates 20 of the greatest musical moments from an era when British pop stars ruled the world. Narrated by Zoe Ball, the show tells the stories behind a hit factory of chart classics that have truly stood the test of time – from Don’t You Want Me to Total Eclipse of the Heart, Tainted Love to Billie Jean and Don’t Leave Me This Way to Come On Eileen. We take a look at the way 80s fashions took things to the extreme, and find out how the MTV explosion changed the face of music forever.


7.00pm Meet the Penguins ITV – A one-off special in which Adrian Walls, head of birds at ZSL London Zoo, fulfils a lifelong dream to see an endangered species of penguin in the wilds of Peru.

8.00pm Experimental Channel 4 – The web is bursting with thousands of short videos showing amateur daredevils around the world achieving unbelievable, thrilling, funny or dangerous stunts. These clips show incredible feats of bravery, skill or idiocy, filmed by ordinary people and posted online for our entertainment. Unruly engineer Tim Shaw wants to uncover the truth behind these clips. Tim and his daredevil friend and guinea pig Buddy Munro travel the globe to remake some of the world’s most hair-raising virals and uncover the science behind how they are possible. Tim has seen a video with grand-slam ace Novak Djokovic playing tennis on the wings of a flying plane.

9.00pm Partners in Crime BBC1 – David Walliams and Jessica Raine star in this six-part mystery adventure series based on Agatha Christie’s novels. It’s 1952, and Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, an ordinary married couple, are thrust into a web of international espionage after a chance encounter on a return train from Paris.


4.00pm Hello Campers ITV –  Reality series that sees fve couples head off to a European campsite for the week to compete for a 1,000 pound prize. On arrival in Marbella, the campers take part in daily challenges and duties around the site, scoring points as they go. Today they are racing around the old town on a treasure hunt before settling in for an evening of dinner and entertainment, courtesy of their fellow campers.

8.00pm Parks and Recreation Dave – One of the USA’s funniest exports comes to Dave! In the sitcom’s season four opener, Leslie has to end her fling with Ben. Ron flees from his first ex-wife.

9.00pm Life in Squares BBC2 – Drama mini-series. Painter Vanessa Stephen and her writer sister Virginia embark on a life of unexpected, post-Victorian freedom in bohemian Bloomsbury. But when they are introduced to flamboyant male admirers, their idyll is rocked and the sisters’ relationship is threatened.

9.00pm 24 Hours in Police Custody Channel 4 –  Over 60 cameras follow the work of Bedfordshire Police round the clock. A small town near Luton has been plagued with an outbreak of teen criminality. Detective Sergeant Emma James and Detective Constable Cathie Layton pull a 22-hour shift to find the evidence against a young man accused of robbery and assault. He denies everything and paints himself as the victim. Will they uncover enough evidence to charge, or will he be released, before time runs out?

9.00pm The Boy Who Wants His Leg Cut Off BBC3 – Documentary about Dillon, an eleven-year-old boy who suffers from an aggressive form of neurofibromatosis, a disease that causes tumours to form in his nervous system. His leg has grown out of proportion to his tiny frame and he’s found it hard to get around, never mind joining in with other kids. In his mind there’s only one way to cure the problem – amputation. But can a young boy persuade the medical establishment to cut his leg off, and is it even in his best interests?

9.00pm BBC: The Secret Files BBC4 – Penelope Keith uncovers the secrets behind some of the BBC’s greatest artists and programmes as she delves into the corporation’s written archives.


8.00pm The Three Day Nanny Channel 4 – In the first show of the new series, nanny Kathryn Mewes visits Newbury to meet the Morrisen family: mum Laura, dad Luke, three-year-old son Frankie, and 18-month-old daughter Willow. For Luke and Laura life has been anything but sweet recently. Mother and son are constantly at odds with each other. Frankie hits and swears at his mum nearly every day and it’s tearing his parents apart. Kathryn moves in with the family, implementing her very own three-day action plan that she’s developed over her 20-year career. However, her focus quickly shifts onto mum and dad and their approach to parenting.

9.00pm Brits Behind Bars ITV – Thousands of UK citizens are currently held in jails around the world. Those who are charged with breaking the law overseas face potentially lethal consequences – nightmare conditions, disease, abuse, terror and sometimes even death. This documentary examines some moving and shocking cases. Meeting the lawyers and families who battle to get fair treatment for their loved ones, the programme reports on trials that have gone catastrophically wrong, the dubious evidence presented, and the case of one man who has been struggling to prove his innocence for almost three decades

9.00pm The World’s Worst Place to Be Disabled BBC3 – Disabled journalist Sophie Morgan travels from London to Ghana to uncover the horrifying reality of many disabled people who live there. Chained up at prayer camps, exiled from villages for being cursed, forced on the streets and in some cases even killed, this is the reality for many disabled people in Ghana. Sophie goes on an immersive journey to discover if Ghana is the world’s worst place to be disabled.

10.00pm Taskmaster Dave – Schoolmasterly Greg Davies sets five fellow comics – including Tim Key and Frank Skinner – a series of devious tasks in this offbeat challenge show. First up: melon-eating!

10.45pm Transplant Tales BBC1 – Two-part documentary series charting how the transplant system is in crisis, with 10,000 people currently awaiting a transplant of some kind. With exclusive access to Scotland’s transplant service, this episode explores how medics are finding new ways to get around the shortage of organs – by using marginal organs, innovative organ ‘chains’ and hugely expensive new drugs.


9.00pm Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Inside the Post Office BBC2 – Documentary series taking an eye-opening look inside an iconic national institution – the Post Office. For nearly 400 years, the Post Office has been at the heart of our high streets, the centre of village life. But in recent years, keeping the doors of Britain’s more than 11 thousand Post Offices open has been costing the taxpayer millions, money the government has said it is no longer prepared to spend. Chief executive Paula Vennells wants to reinvent the business for the 21st century and make it stand on its own two feet. But our feelings about our local Post Offices run deep – does progress come at too high a price?

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Jane The Virgin, E4

                                              10.10pm Veep, Sky Atlantic


8.00pm Traffic Cops BBC1

8.30pm Flockstars ITV – Gabby Logan hosts this new series which hopes to find Britain’s best celebrity sheep herder. Eight famous faces compete for the Flockstars Shield in a series of sheepdog trials which test skill, technique and discipline in front of a studio audience. In this first round, professional border collie Hoggy and Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole are up against Midge and TV presenter Amanda Lamb.

9.00pm Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth BBC2 – Three-part documentary about the Atlantic ocean. In the wild North Atlantic, massive whale pods, giant turtles and monstrous jellyfish ride the Gulf Stream – a huge ocean current that becomes a migration super-highway and helps warm northern Europe. Meanwhile, fishermen battle for survival in mountainous seas as they try to reap the current’s natural fertility.

9.00pm Prince Phillip: The Plot to Make a King Channel 4 – For the first time, this Secret History documentary tells the inside story of the fierce dynastic tensions that were unleashed when the Queen fell in love with Prince Philip: tensions that would place huge strain on the royal marriage, and would shape the future of Elizabeth’s reign. Young Philip, it was felt, was ‘rough, ill-mannered, uneducated and would probably not be faithful,’ according to one courtier. The royal and political elite disliked his German roots and disliked his larger-than-life, ferociously ambitious uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten. Unpublished memoirs reveal how Philip and Mountbatten were manoeuvring for a royal marriage as early as 1939, when the Queen was 13. But when Lord Louis was heard to declare ‘The House of Mountbatten now reigns’, following the death of King George VI in 1952, the establishment fought back against what they feared was a dynastic coup.

9.00pm The Unbreakables: Love and Life on Disability Campus BBC3 – Two-part documentary about life at National Star College in Gloucestershire, a further education college for people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries and associated learning difficulties. Roommates Xenon and Bradley Nash banter effortlessly about which of them is more handsome, but as they are leaving college soon their friendship will come to an end.


8.30pm Would I Lie To You? BBC1 – Rob Brydon hosts the award-winning comedy panel show with David Mitchell and Lee Mack as the lightning-quick team captains. Over the course of the show, celebrity guests reveal amazing stories about themselves, some of which are true and some of which are not. The aim of the game is to fool the opposition into mistaking fact for fiction and fiction for fact. This time, the guests are Danny Dyer, Jon Richardson, Joe Lycett and Moira Stuart.

9.00pm Ripper Street BBC1 – Third series of the crime drama set in Victorian Whitechapel. Four years have passed. Time that has seen Reid, Drake and Jackson split and isolated from one another. But when the robbery of a goods train leads to a cataclysmic locomotive disaster on Leman Street itself, the men and their resentments are reunited to seek its cause. Meanwhile, Long Susan has made good on her promise to take control of Obsidian Estates, and has turned it into a legitimate business of huge philanthropic ambition. But such aspirations have a price – one which is paid by all those to lose their lives in the Leman Street Disaster.

9.00pm BBQ Champ ITV – Myleene Klass hosts a competition to find the UK’s best amateur BBQer, with judges Adam Richman from ‘Man v Food’ and top BBQ chef Mark Blatchford. Eight of the UK’s best amateur BBQers face a series of fiery barbecue challenges, with contestants being gradually eliminated, leaving just one to win the title BBQ Champ 2015 and a cash prize of 25,000 pounds.

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