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6.30pm The Magic Show Story ITV – Magician Stephen Mulhern presents this celebration of 60 years of TV magic shows, from the early days when David Nixon and Tommy Cooper brought magic into the homes of millions to the heights scaled by groundbreaking American stars like David Copperfield and the breathtaking feats of a new generation of hip young street magicians such as David Blaine and Dynamo. He recreates some famous tricks that made TV history – including sawing David Nixon’s glamorous assistant Anita Harris in half – and meets some of his heroes, including Paul Daniels and Penn and Teller. There are interviews with Darcy Oake, Dynamo, Paul Daniels, Anita Harris, Penn and Teller, Geoffrey ‘The Great Suprendo’ Durham and Ben Hanlin.

9.45pm The John Bishop Show BBC1 – Comedy entertainment series hosted by award-winning comedian John Bishop, coming each week from the Hackney Empire. Across the eight-part series, John introduces his favourite comics from all over the world, as well as music guests and variety acts. This show features Paul Weller performing his new single Saturn’s Pattern and the classic Peacock Suit. Joining John on stage is Trevor Noah from South Africa, James Acaster, and Felicity Ward from Australia.


7.30pm Britain’s Got Talent: The Final ITV – Ant & Dec host the final of this year’s series.

9.00pm Leave to Remain BBC3 – Drama centering around Omar, a charismatic Afghan teenager who is at the precarious juncture of having his refugee status in the UK decided, when the arrival of a boy from back home threatens to change everything. Forced into a position where the outcome may be the difference between life and death, his only options are to tell the unbelievable truth or to tell a good story.


8.30pm Gadget Man Channel 4 – Richard Ayoade returns for a fourth series in the role of Gadget Man – a bone-idle sociopath who looks to technology to take the hassle out of modern life. In this first episode, Richard launches into a ruthless examination of how to make the most of your weekend by getting technology to help with the chores, the weekend workout, a night out, and the all-important journey home. Joining Richard to assess exercise gadgets from clothing to fitness trackers is TV presenter Steve Jones. The biggest challenge of all at the weekend is how to survive the many and varied dangers of The Great British Night Out. Can gadgets help you overcome the perils of friends constantly using their phones; or help make flat beer fizzy? Richard is joined by comedians Sara Pascoe and Al Murray to see if a little technical help can turn an evening in the pub into a vaguely pleasurable experience.

9.00pm Rome’s Invisible City BBC1 – Alexander Armstrong, with the help of a team of experts using the latest in 3D scanning technology, explores the hidden underground treasures that made Rome the powerhouse of the ancient world. In his favourite city, he uncovers a lost subterranean world that helped build and run the world’s first metropolis and its empire. From the secret underground world of the Colosseum to the aqueducts and sewers that supplied and cleansed it, and from the mysterious cults that sustained it spiritually to the final resting places of Rome’s dead, Xander discovers the underground networks that serviced the remarkable world above.

9.00pm Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola BBC2 – The inside story of how and why the worst Ebola outbreak in history wasn’t stopped before it was too late. Award-winning filmmaker Dan Edge traces the roots of the outbreak back to the jungles of Guinea and tracks down key witnesses and survivors responsible for its spread across West Africa.

9.00pm Vicious ITV – Second series of the sitcom following the ups and downs in the lives of an elderly gay couple.

9.00pm Inside Manchester’s Midland Hotel Five – The Midland Hotel in Manchester is arguably the grandest hotel in the North of England. At its heart are the staff who work tirelessly to keep it running. A loyal brigade of men and women, many have worked at the hotel for years, some even across generations. In this episode, the housekeeping staff faces a meltdown when the boiler breaks, Mark the sous chef has some radical ideas to transform the traditional silver service selection, and manager Mr Magrane has his sights on upgrading the gym.

9.00pm Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? BBC3 – Documentary which challenges our perceptions about who Britain’s young homeless really are. At 16, Martin Read found himself living on the streets. Since then, he’s spent time in prison and suffered from mental health issues. But he has picked himself up and is now a film director. This, his first film, is made in and around Bristol and tells the stories of the young people he meets who are not registered anywhere as homeless, but are forced to sleep on friends’ sofas, in tents, in caves, under bridges and on the streets. Since the introduction of the bedroom tax, benefit sanctions and the privatisation of many hostels, the under-25s have been hit hard. Charities estimate that the real number of ‘hidden homeless’ is three times as high as the official homeless figure, so that almost half a million people are now sleeping rough or being supported by friends.

9.30pm Off Their Rockers: Blue Badge Specials ITV – First of two spin-off specials from the hidden camera comedy show, this time featuring a cast of actors with a disability playing pranks on the general public.

10.00pm – Man Down Channel 4 -Greg Davies returns with a second series of his sitcom. Dan is still trapped in a teaching job he despises and rejected by the girl he thinks will solve everything, Miss Lipsey, so he turns his attentions to self-improvement. In the first show, after a chance meeting, Dan goes on a date; what could possibly go wrong on a simple trip to a restaurant and a local nightclub? Everything…? 


8.00pm Rebuild Our Home ITV – Nicky Campbell sets about rebuilding the home of the Bruce family, in Johnstone, near Glasgow, which was lost in a fire on Christmas Day 2013.

9.00pm The Syndicate BBC1 – Lenny Henry, Melanie Hill and Elizabeth Berrington star in the third series of Kay Mellor’s lottery drama. It’s all hands on deck for the staff of Hazelwood Manor as the Americans arrive for the shoot. But are they there for business rather than pleasure? With their jobs in jeopardy, Godfrey thinks he has the answer – he believes he has cracked the lottery and they are going to win.

9.00pm An Hour To Save Your Life BBC2 – Medical science series exploring the life or death decisions facing doctors in the first critical hour of emergency care. With extraordinary access to specialist clinicians treating major trauma and life-threatening complications during birth, this series gives a unique insight into the dilemmas and innovations of emergency care. In this episode, young cyclist Janina is in cardiac arrest after an accident, doctors fight to stop Tony from bleeding to death and 11-year-old Blake is left with a serious head injury after being hit by a car.

9.00pm The Secret Life of Your House ITV – Natural history documentary in which leading entomologist George McGavin deliberately infests a house with thousands of creatures that we would normally think of as pests. The experiment gives an insight into the ecology that exists right under our noses, living around us – and frequently off us.


8.00pm DIY SOS: The Big Build BBC1 – Scott Russell and Jenny Watts got together when they were 16 years old. 22 years and three boys later, they are now a family of five. Charlie, their third son, was born with severe disabilities – spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. He needs around-the-clock care, which Jenny has given up work to provide. Since he was born 13 years ago, they have struggled in a two-up, two-down end-of-terrace home, and Charlie faces going into care because they simply cannot keep him at home.

8.00pm The Cube ITV – New series of the award-winning gameshow.

8.00pm The Auction House Channel 4 – Lots Road Auction House is where the wealthy of Chelsea go to fill their mansions with the latest must-haves. In the first episode of the new run of the behind-the-scenes series, the Lots Road staff are busy preparing for the biggest auction of the year. With their annual bonus on the line, they’re hoping a special gift sale featuring jewellery and designer handbags will help them hit the £180,000 target set by boss Roger Ross.

8.00pm Fright Club Sky1 – Series following hopefuls as they battle crippling phobias head-on. In this first episode, individuals driven barmy by birds confront their fears.

9.00pm Long Lost Family ITV – Davina MacCall and Nicky Campbell reunite family members.

9.00pm Strike Back Sky1 – New series of the action drama.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm 24 Hours in A&E, Channel 4

                                                 9.00pm The Affair, Sky Atlantic
                                                9.00pm Jane The Virgin, E4

9.30pm Modern Times: Weekend Warriors BBC2 – The world of extreme military-style obstacle courses is taking the country by storm. In total, 205,000 people ran obstacle races in Britain in 2013. This film follows five men over the length of one such course, the Tough Mudder. As they attempt to conquer the 12 mile course they face 12-foot walls, crawling through mud-filled trenches, enduring electrocution, and submerging themselves in giant skips full of ice.

10.00pm Doll And Em Sky Atlantic – Best friends Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer return for series two of their bittersweet self-penned comedy as they try to get their Broadway play off the ground.


8.30pm Big Box, Little Box ITV – A new consumer show in which five households across Britain get a special delivery of the latest gadgets and gizmos and put them through their paces. From the smallest electric car and a home sauna to the latest in spray-tanning equipment, they test the products to find out if they live up to their claims and make life easier – or if they are simply a waste of space and money.

9.00pm The Truth About Your Teeth BBC1 – Health documentary looking into the truth about teeth.

9.00pm Britain’s Busiest Airport ITV – Documentary series going behind the scenes at Britain’s busiest and biggest international airport – London Heathrow. This episode focuses on Arrivals, as staff race against the clock to process thousands of passengers arriving from 84 different countries.

9.00pm Dementiaville Channel 4 – Dementiaville is a three-part series that uses archive footage to illustrate and explore memory. The process also sees new memories being created. The first episode visits Poppy Lodge, a care home that pioneers a controversial approach to dementia. Many of the residents travel back in time to memories and places from long ago, while forgetting the present.

10.00pm No Going Back Five – This programme follows the extraordinary journey of Kellie Maloney and the remarkable transformation she undertook to become the woman she secretly always knew she was. From her emotional and headline-grabbing appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, right through to her final full gender reassignment surgery, this in-depth documentary features intimate video diaries, candid interviews and never-before-seen footage of family life.


9.00pm Kate Humble: Living with Nomads BBC2 – Kate Humble travels to Nepal in search of the country’s last community of nomads, the Raute people. Almost all of the Raute population has already settled in Nepal and India – just one group of 140 people remain living as nomads. These hunter-gatherers move camp every few weeks through the steeply wooded hills and mountains, but they face pressure to settle from Nepal’s government and hostility from the farmers on whose land they camp. The Raute are famously private, and it proves a difficult task for Kate to get to know them.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Have I Got News For You?,BBC1
                                                9.00pm 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Channel 4                                                                      10:00pm, Alan Carr Chatty ManChannel 4

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