The TVweek: Saturday 4th – Friday 10th April 2020

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8.15pm Gavin & Stacey BBC1 – Starting a new trend of re-running popular Britcoms, the BBC are showing the first series of Gavin & Stacey which was first shown in 2007.

8.45pm Outnumbered BBC1 – Continuing the popular Britcoms, the BBC are re-running the fourth series of the family comedy.

9.00pm Twin BBC4 – Start of a new Norweigan crime drama playing in double bills. Erik lives alone in a run-down campervan on a desolate beach, while his twin Adam is the complete opposite – a successful man with money, a thriving family business, a loving wife and two children. When Erik’s irresponsible lifestyle finally catches up with him, he contacts his brother for help, but Adam brutally rejects him – with fatal consequences.


Notable Continuing Series: Race Across the World, 8.00pm, BBC2
                                                  The Nest, 9.00pm, BBC1
                                                Dragons’ Den, 9.00pm, BBC2

9.00pm The McMartin Family Trials Sky Crime – Documentary taking a close look at the infamous McMartin family case, in which accusations of child abuse against a prestigious school in 1983 resulted in the longest and most expensive trial in American history – yet no convictions. Was it all a hoax?


9.00pm This World: Terror in Paradise BBC2 – Last Easter eight men triggered huge bombs in churches and tourist hotels across Sri Lanka, killing more than 270 people in one of the worst Islamist terror attacks since 9/11. Jane Corbin talks to survivors and those who came face to face with the killers. Drawing on hours of CCTV footage that track the bombers every move, the film pieces together how the attacks were carried out.

9.00pm A Day in the Life of the Coronavirus Channel 4 – Documentary filmed on Friday 3 April, offering a look at lockdown in the UK over the course of 24 hours. It captures life for people at home and at work, revealing how those who are ill or long-term self-isolating are being cared for, and the daily activity of police, nurses, doctors, binmen and supermarket shelf-stackers.


8.00pm Your Home Made Perfect BBC2 – A couple living in a Bungalow near Brighton are treated to two virtual reality visions for what their home could become by architects Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison.

9.00pm Return to Beslan ITV – One-off Documentary fronted by journalist Jonathan Dimbleby which focuses on the horrors of Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, marking 75 years since it was liberated by Allied troops.

9.00pm A Country Life for Half the Price Five – Kate Humble meets people who have started self-sufficient new lives in the country. The first episode features the Cook family from Exeter, who plan to move to the other end of the country and make a fresh start in the Shetland Islands. They plan to fund their new lifestyle through AirBnB and an isolated space for authors, but their move is complicated by a serious illness in the family.

10.00pm Alma’s Not Normal BBC2 – Pilot episode for a sitcom, written by and starring Sophie WIllan. Rebellious unemployed woman Alma returns home after a break-up, only to discover that her heroin-addicted mother has been sectioned for arson – while her grandmother is not inclined to do anything about it.


9.00pm The Countess and the Russian Billionaire BBC2 – An inside look at the secret world of Sergei Pugachev and his British partner Countess Alexandra Tolstoy. A hugely rich and powerful couple, with three beautiful children, homes across the world, and unimaginable wealth, the couple appeared to have it all, but their fairy tale life is about to come crashing down around them.

9.00pm Dispatches Channel 4 – As coronavirus takes hold of Britain, Dispatches investigates the long-term effects of the outbreak and asks how the deadly Covid-19 is changing Britain in the long term. As the death toll rises, the programme looks at everything from seismic changes in economic policy to shifts in the way we view and treat other people, and from a drop in pollution to the widening of the gaps between rich and poor, young and old. The programme asks what a post-Covid 19 Britain, torn apart by the disease, might look like, and the potential changes to the way people live their lives for years to come.

Notable Continuing Series: Save Me 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic
                                                Feel Good,10.00pm, Channel 4


8.00pm Coronavirus: How Clean Is Your House? Channel 4 – With the bulk of the UK population staying in their homes for fear of getting infected by the coronavirus, this documentary looks at just how safe it is behind closed doors. Two families have their houses forensically swept for fingerprints to find evidence of what they may be unwittingly spreading around. There is also a look at how Covid-19 uses people’s behaviour to get inside in the first place and a round-up of the best products to stop the virus in its tracks – and which ones will do no good.

9.00pm Horizon BBC2 – Special edition looking at the coronavirus pandemic.

9.00pm The Mum Who Got Tourettes Channel 4 – Elizabeth is a typical suburban housewife and mother of three with one big difference – without warning, shortly after her 40th birthday, she developed Tourette’s syndrome – a neurological condition that causes involuntary tics, some of them offensive. This one-off documentary follows Elizabeth and her family over the course of a busy summer, including a holiday in Cornwall, GCSE results and meeting her son’s new girlfriend – experiences amplified by the unexpected impact of Elizabeth’s condition.

9.00pm Red Dwarf: Promised Land Dave – New series of the sci-fi comedy. The posse meet three cat clerics who worship Lister. Lister vows to help them as they’re being hunted by a feral cat leader who wants to wipe out cats who worship anyone but him.

9.00pm Dynamo: Beyond Belief Sky1 – Documentary following the magician on tour around the globe as well as charting his road to recovery from a career-threatening illness brought on by Crohn’s disease.

9.00pm The Great British Dig: History in Your Back Garden More4 – Hugh Dennis and a team of archaeologists and historians descend on a suburban road in Kent where they believe a Roman settlement is hidden beneath the back gardens

10.00pm Celebrity Juice ITV2 – Keith Lemon returns with a brand-new series alongside team captains Holly Willoughby and Spice Girl Mel B.


8.00pm Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back Channel 4 – Alongside sidekick Mark Silcox, the comedian scores victories for consumers everywhere as he takes on such issues as `rubbish” council bin collections, devious scammers, dodgy delivery companies and thoughtless corporate giants. Aided by celebrity guest Katherine Ryan, this first edition sees Joe reveal the facts behind his infamous name change to Hugo Boss – as part of his crusade for consumer justice. Plus, fast fashion’s filthiest secrets are unwrapped.

9.00pm The Graham Norton Show BBC1 – The Bafta-award-winning host is back to review trending news stories before welcoming another group of Hollywood A-listers and British TV big shots to chat about what they’ve been up to recently – or whatever else takes their fancy. Plus, the notorious Red Chair, now relocated to the comfort of a viewer’s own armchair at home.

Notable Continuing Series: Gogglebox, 9.00pm, Channel 4

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