The TVweek: Saturday 4th – Friday 11th November 2017

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9.00pm I Know Who You Are BBC4 – Return of the Spanish thriller which aired 10 of its original 16 episodes earlier this year. The second series, comprised of six episodes will air as double bills for the next three weeks. Alicia has survived the murderous attack on her life, but is badly wounded and unconscious. Juan Elias, convinced that Santi Mur is the culprit, tells Inspector Giralt that the security cameras at the house will prove it. Santi is arrested at the university. Sylvia sees the news of the attack on TV and rushes to the hospital, but not before she finds blood on Marc’s clothing. Eva Duran arrives to give evidence to Giralt, but discovers that he has been removed from the case.


Notable Continuing Series:  Blue Planet ll, 8.00pm, BBC1

9.00pm Sheridan ITV – This one-off special sees award-winning actress and singer Sheridan Smith headline her very own show for the first time. In a celebration of her love of music and performing, the star of ITV shows such as Mrs Biggs and Cilla – for which she won a Bafta – showcases exclusive performances of songs from her new album as well as other favourite musical numbers, all accompanied by a live orchestra. Sheridan also talks with host Alexander Armstrong about her life and career.

9.00pm Unspeakable Channel 4 – Starring Indira Varma, Luke Treadaway and Neil Maskell, this one-off drama is written and directed by the BAFTA award-wining David Nath. After dropping her kids at school one morning, Jo receives a disturbing text message from an unknown sender. It alleges an inappropriate relationship between her new boyfriend Danny, who’s recently moved in, and her 11-year-old daughter. The implication is clear: it’s the unspeakable. Over a weekend, Jo’s doubts and suspicions begin to grow, until she’s no longer sure of the man she’s living with and what’s he’s capable of.

9.00pm Babylon Berlin Sky Atlantic – Ambitious, high-end German noir. Inspector Gereon Rath uncovers a dangerous web of shadows when investigating 1929 Berlin’s seedy underbelly.


9.00pm Truly, Madly, Deeply ITV – Amid rumours of an imminent engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this documentary charts the history of their romance and focuses on the woman whom the fifth in line to the throne wants to marry. The documentary tells Meghan’s story, from childhood to her career as an actress, model, successful businesswoman and human rights ambassador. It explores how Meghan may fit in with the world’s most public family and what her arrival will do to the monarchy.

9.00pm Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys Five – Travelogue in which Chris Tarrant rides some of the world’s wildest trains.

9.00pm The Secrets in my Family W – Genealogy series presented by Alex Jones. Using DNA technology and genealogists, Alex helps two people on a desperate search for their fathers.


8.00pm The Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards ITV – The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge join more than 100 stars to salute the nation’s unsung heroes. Hosted by Carol Vorderman and Ashley Banjo.

8.00pm The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds Channel 4 – Channel 4’s much loved and award-winning The Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year Olds returns with an all-new cast of children.

9.00pm The A Word BBC1 – Second series of the drama centering around a family with an autistic son.  Two years on, in the idyllic landscape of the Lake District, seven-year-old Joe is growing up and changing. He has started to notice he is different from other kids, and when he says the word ‘autistic’ out loud, seeing it as something bad, Alison and Paul know they must talk to their son. But how do they broach the subject with a child for whom language is already a struggle? Also growing up is Joe’s sister, Rebecca. Now 19, she has been travelling round Africa on a gap year and crashes back into the family home with a backpack, a tattoo and a boyfriend. Two years after splitting from Nicola, Eddie is the one that got away. He has a new life in Manchester, but he can’t quite shake the old Eddie off, not least because Nicola keeps dragging him back to the Lakes.

9.00pm Grand Designs: House of the Year Channel 4 – Kevin McCloud embarks on a nationwide journey to visit some of the most contemporary and cutting-edge homes, all of them in the running for the 2017 Royal Institute of British Architects House of the Year. In each episode, Kevin exclusively reveals which houses the Riba judges have put through to the shortlist, and, in the final programme, he will announce the winner of this prestigious prize

10.00pm Motherland BBC2 – Full series of the comedy about navigating the trials and traumas of middle-class motherhood following a successful pilot last year. Julia moves out of her comfort zone when she reluctantly invites the entire class to her daughter’s birthday party. With her mum still refusing to help out she relies on Liz’s party hacks and Kevin’s entertaining skills, and anyway, she organises events for a living, so this will be a breeze.

10.00pm The Fight for Mosul Channel 4 – In October 2016, an elite team of Iraqi Special Forces was tasked with leading the fight to defeat Isis in Mosul. It was the beginning of a brutal battle of attrition that was to last almost nine months. Filmed over the course of the whole campaign, this documentary follows the experiences of five young soldiers: Anmar, a college graduate seeking revenge after his father was the victim of a suicide attack; Hussein, a ruthless sniper and aspiring football player; Jamal, a wise-cracking sergeant; Naif, a sergeant juggling family life with the front line; and Amjad, a young recruit excited to be on the forefront in the basis against Isis. Full of hope and good intentions at the beginning of the campaign, the soldiers are forced to confront the reality of fighting an elusive and vicious enemy in a city of trapped civilians who are themselves fearful and suspicious of the army.

10.00pm Sick Note Sky1 – A lie spirals way out of control for down-on-his-luck Daniel in this brilliantly dark comedy starring Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson.

10.00pm Walk of Shame Shuttle E4 – Reality show which sees some of the UK’s biggest party animals offered a free taxi ride. In the true confessional style of all good cab rides, the passengers share the details of their wildest night out. From Tinder dates gone wrong and dance floor shame, to awkward sexual encounters, bringing home unwanted furry friends and waking up with your one-night stand’s mum, this rigged cab will capture it all. Not only will this service discreetly transport you to where you need to go for free, but also every ride comes complete with a confidant.

10.45pm Hotel for Refugees BBC1 – Documentary following the stories of some of 80 Muslim Syrian refugees as they arrive in a small town in Ireland, discovering the role that faith has played in their journey and in the reception they receive from the town.


8.00pm DIY SOS: Veteran Street BBC1 – DIY SOS is back on veteran street in Manchester to build the final home on the road for a decorated former soldier and his young family.

Notable Continuing Series: The Apprentice, 9.00pm, BBC1

9.00pm Big Life Fix: Children in Need Special BBC2 – Some of the UK’s leading designers and engineers create ingenious new solutions as they attempt to help three children with disabilities. Eight-year-old Josh from London, has a rare condition called norrie disease. As a result, he was born blind. Can the team of designers and engineers find a way for Josh to play with the other kids in the playground?

9.00pm The Truth About Slim People Channel 4 – There are some people who never seem to worry about what they eat, never diet or do any special exercise, and yet somehow manage to stay slim. Who are these people and how do they do it? This experiment follows 37-year-old Yemi and 41-year-old Anne Marie who appear to eat what they like and have no set exercise routines, yet never put on weight. Over a course of five days covert cameras follow them everywhere: at work, home and play. They are the envy of their friends. Is there something in their behaviour that’s determining their size? Experts unpick every element of their lifestyle – from what they eat, to how much they fidget, to the amount of sleep they get. At a time when one in four people in Britain are obese, and billions of pounds are spent on fad diets, this fascinating documentary uncovers the simple secrets to being slim.

10.00pm Detectorists BBC4 – Third series of the brilliant comedy starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones. Lance’s flat isn’t his own any more and Andy’s staying with the mother-in-law. But at least they have their old faithful permission to escape. Or do they? The dark cloud of a solar farm threatens the tranquillity.

10.35pm Acquitted Channel 4 – Walter Presents – which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world – continues with this complex Norwegian drama. When successful businessman Aksel was a teenager, he was accused of the murder of his high school sweetheart Karine. Despite being acquitted, everyone still assumed he was guilty, and he was forced to leave his hometown, Lifjord. He returns 20 years later, this time as the town’s saviour, as the area’s ailing cornerstone company, Solar Tech, is on the verge of bankruptcy and Aksel is the only one able to save it. But his return reminds people about the murder, which was never solved, and Aksel realises that he is not welcome in Lifjord.


8.00pm Sam Smith at the BBC – Sam Smith performs tracks from his latest album alongside some of his biggest hits, including Stay With Me and the Oscar-winning Writing’s on the Wall, accompanied by his band and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

9.00pm The Week the Landlords Moved In BBC1 – Series challenging some of Britain’s most successful landlords to spend a week living in one of their own rentals.

Notable Continuing Series: Exodus: Our Journey Continues, 9.00pm, BBC2

9.00pm The Murder of Becky Watts: Police Tapes ITV –  ITV has unprecedented access to never-before-seen footage recorded by the police at the heart of the investigation, which reveals for the first time how the detectives used strategy and skill to catch Becky’s killers. Featuring incredible video footage and new first-person testimony from the police, the documentary lifts the lid on the tactics that drove every step of this complex and tragic investigation and the ‘cat and mouse’ between the police and the suspects that played out in the interview room, and that caught the killers who thought they could get away with murder.

9.00pm Trump: An American Dream Channel 4 – Four-part series telling of one of modern America’s most extraordinary lives. It goes back to the beginning of the Trump phenomenon, charting The Donald’s long rise to power across four decades through the eye-witness testimony of 50 friends and enemies, and via a treasure trove of rare and revelatory archive. It’s a story of audacious deals, enormous gambles, and catastrophic misjudgements – of wives and mistresses, of ego and dynastic ambitions, and of politics and celebrity. And as it plays out against 40 years of US history, it reveals how one man rode the undercurrents of his nation’s history until they carried him all the way to the White House.

9.00pm Angry, White and American Channel 4 – This summer, the world was shocked as white nationalists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan took to the streets in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest against the removal of a statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee. Just weeks before the violence erupts, journalist Gary Younge meets one of the speakers from the Charlottesville rallies, the self-styled leader of the ‘alt right’ Richard Spencer, and in an explosive exchange attempts to get under the skin of his controversial views. It’s one of a series of telling encounters in Gary Younge’s journey across the United States a year after Donald Trump was elected. He explores how falling living standards, decreasing life expectancy and a demographic time-bomb that could see them become a minority within a generation, has sent some white Americans into angry retreat. Younge, an award-winning journalist, who spent 12 years living in and reporting on America, has a love-hate relationship with the country.

Notable Continuing Series: Travel Man 8.30pm Channel 4 

                                        Gogglebox, 9.00pm, Channel 4

                                        The Last Leg, 10.00pm, Channel 4

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