The TVweek: Sunday 15th – Friday 20th October 2017

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Notable Continuing Series: Dragons’ Den, 8.00pm, BBC2

                                         Electric Dreams, 9.00pm,Channel 4

9.00pm Louis Theroux’s Dark States – Trafficking Sex BBC2 – Series in which Louis Theroux visits three American cities and examines a uniquely devastating human crisis in each – heroin addiction, sex trafficking and murder. In Houston, widely considered to be the number one hub for human trafficking in North America, Louis spends time with American women working in the city’s illegal sex industry and explores the often complex dynamic between prostitute and pimp. He discovers a subculture that plays by rules that are morally challenging to most people and seeks to understand what stops these women breaking free.


8.00pm Supergirl Sky1 – Third season of the comic book drama.

9.00pm Abortion on Trial BBC2 – 50 years after the Abortion Act was passed, Anne Robinson brings together a group of nine people with conflicting views on abortion, to ask if the law is fit for purpose in 2017

Notable Continuing Series: Rellik, 9.00pm, BBC1

                                                Liar, 9.00pm, ITV

                                              W1A, 10.00pm, BBC2

                                           Curb Your Enthusiasm, 10.00pm, Sky Atlantic

9.00pm George Michael: Freedom Channel 4 – An intimate look into the extraordinary life and career of the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter. Narrated by the star, it chronicles his entire career, with a focus on the period around the release of his critically-acclaimed album Listen without Prejudice Vol. 1. The reclusive star opens his heart about his great love, great loss and the well-documented High Court battle with his record label. It features incredible never-seen personal archive and home footage, interviews, and contributions from supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz and Linda Evangelista, who come together for the first time to discuss their experience on the iconic Freedom! ’90 music video.


8.00pm The Flash Sky1 – Fourth Season of the superhero drama.

Notable Continuing Series: The Great British Bake Off 8.00pm, Channel 4

                                             Our Girl, 9.00pm, BBC1

                                                The Deuce, 10.00pm, Sky Atlantic

9.00pm Chris Packham: Asperger’s and Me BBC2 – Chris Packham invites us inside his autistic world to try to show what it is really like being him. For most of his life, broadcaster and naturalist Chris didn’t tell anyone about the one thing that in many ways has defined his entire existence. Chris is autistic – he has Asperger’s Syndrome, which means he struggles in social situations, has difficulty with human relationships and is, by his own admission, ‘a little bit weird’. But what if there was a way of taking away these autistic traits? Would Chris ever choose to be ‘normal’? Chris’s long-term partner Charlotte discusses the problems Asperger’s creates in their relationship, and Chris travels to America to witness radical therapies that appear to offer the possibility of entirely eradicating problematic autistic traits.

9.00pm Ben Fogle New Lives in the Wild: Down Under Five – Documentary series in which Ben Fogle meets people who have given up the rat race for an alternative lifestyle. Ben travels to an island off Australia’s north-western cape to meet two people who were compelled to turn their backs on their former lifestyles after going through similar, tragic experiences.

9.00pm A Plastic Voyage Sky Atlantic – A crew of women embark on an ambitious sailing expedition around Britain, determined to find out more about the damage being done by single-use plastics in the waters close to home.

10.45pm Valley Cops BBC1 – Documentary series following South Wales Police. Drugs cop Rhino, who knows everyone on his patch in Merthyr Tydfil, is dealing with a big case. When three lads rob a post office in a quiet village 15 miles away, it is down to him to identify the culprits using his local knowledge. On the Gurnos Estate, response officer Louise is given the run-around by a 24-year-old who has been arrested almost 50 times and is not being entirely straight with his story.


8.00pm Eat Well for Less BBC1 – Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less.

8.00pm Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke Channel 4 – In stunning rural Gloucestershire, Simon and Lisa recently bought a carbuncle on the landscape. Originally built in the Dutch barn style, this shoddy building was such a nightmare that neighbours compared it to the house in The Amityville Horror. Simon hated it so much that he wanted to bulldoze it and start again. George teams the couple up with creative architect Laura Clark. Her challenge is to come up with a scheme to turn this terrifying building into a warm, welcoming, modern home, while retaining some of its character. But with a limited budget and only nine weeks to play with, Simon and Lisa may have to get their hands dirty if they want to achieve their dream.

Notable Continuing Series: The Apprentice, 9.00pm, BBC1

                                           Grand Designs 9.00pm, Channel 4 

9.00pm Army: Behind the New Frontlines BBC2 – Filmed over 18 months, this series goes into the heart of the British Army. Through the eyes of the rank and file and the leaders, it shows the challenges of fighting wars, when we are not at war. In this episode, the army returns to Iraq, where they have a bloody history. 179 British soldiers were killed here between 2003 and 2011. Now they are helping the Iraqi’s defeat the so-called Islamic State. As the battle for Mosul begins, the series is with the regiments operating behind the frontlines. Can the army face off their enemies, find lasting peace and avoid being drawn into costly new wars?

10.00pm Trump and Russia: Sex, Spies and Scandal Channel 4 – Matt Frei investigates an epic tale of mystery and intrigue. It’s the biggest political scandal of our time and could eclipse the fallout of even Watergate. Did the Trump campaign collude with the Russians? The story reads like an international thriller featuring spies, models and some of the most notorious political players. A year after one of the greatest political upsets of all time, Frei travels to Moscow and Washington to discover more about this alleged conspiracy. Speaking to some of the insiders and examining the evidence, he explores the deep links between Trump confidants and Russia. Did the Kremlin have leverage over a number of these controversial aides who were helping Trump to win the presidency? Were some of them even in the pay of the Russians? Were deals done between these influential figures, including the President’s own family, and agents of the Russian state? And what do both parties stand to gain?


8.30pm Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs ITV – Paul O’Grady returns with a brand new series of the award-winning programme, as he visits more Battersea Dogs and Cats Home residents hoping to find a new owner. This week, Paul meets an abandoned dalmatian cross who gives birth to eleven gorgeous puppies, helps an overweight sharpei cross get back into shape and falls head over heels with a tiny Yorkshire terrier who was found roaming around Battersea Park.

9.00pm The Ganges with Sue Perkins BBC1 – Sue Perkins undertakes an epic, personal journey to the source of India’s Ganges river in the Himalayas, meeting hermits and holy men to understand the sacred nature of this river.

9.00pm Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine ITV – Two-part documentary in which Gordon Ramsay explores the criminal business behind the global cocaine trade. Once the exclusive drug of millionaires and celebrities, cocaine is now Britain’s class A drug of choice. The UK consumes 30 tonnes of cocaine a year, more than any other country in Europe, and in the restaurant trade it is rife. In this episode, Gordon joins Dorset police as they arrest motorists driving under the influence of cocaine. He witnesses National Crime Agency officers intercepting drug couriers laden with tens of thousands of pounds on their way to a major deal, and handles 30 kilos of freshly confiscated cocaine as it arrives at a forensics laboratory for testing. Heading to the source, Gordon treks deep into the jungle of Colombia – the world’s biggest producer of cocaine – to meet a coca farmer who risks everything to produce the drug, and witnesses the illegal cooking process by which the plant is transformed.

Notable Continuing Series: Educating Greater Manchester 9.00pm, Channel 4

9.00pm 2 Broke Girls E4 – As the US comedy returns for a sixth series, Max and Caroline – now part owners of the diner – put the finishing touches to their newly converted dessert bar. Max deals with the aftermath of her recent break-up with Randy, while Sophie and Oleg prepare for the birth of their baby.

9.00pm Richard Wilson’s Highland Fling More4 – Richard Wilson is one of Britain’s best-loved actors. Although a proud Scot, he has actually lived in London for almost 60 years, and in this programme he fulfils a lifelong ambition to explore the Highlands and Islands of his native country, but in splendid style. He experiences the golden age of rail on board the Belmond Royal Scotsman, before taking to the water and exploring the islands of Iona, Rum and Skye on the Queen’s favourite cruise ship, the Hebridean Princess. There is a surprise meeting with an old friend, an encounter with the ‘fairy flag’, beautiful sunsets and striking scenery. It’s a trip of a lifetime, and one he almost didn’t get to make, as Richard suffered a serious heart attack in 2016. As he says, ‘I quite literally had one foot in the grave’ and ‘I think from time to time, if the heart attack had been worse I wouldn’t be here.’.


8.30pm Travel Man Channel 4 – Richard Ayoade and Matt Lucas spend a frantic 48 Hours in Rome.

Notable Continuing Series: Cold Feet, ITV, BBC1

                                        Gogglebox, 9.00pm, Channel 4

                                        The Last Leg, 10.00pm, Channel 4

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