The TVweek: Sunday 15th – Friday 20th June 2014

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10:00pm Backchat Father’s Day Special BBC3 – Jack Whitehall and his father Michael return for a special Father’s Day edition of their comedy chat show, joined by Jonathan Ross, Judy Murray, Mo Farah and Nev Wilshire from The Call Centre.

10.05pm The Virgin Killer Channel 4 – On Friday 23 May, British-born Elliot Rodger killed six students and injured 13, causing carnage across nine locations in Santa Barbara before turning the gun on himself. This documentary examines the tragic actions of that day and the events leading up to it.


8.00pm Tigers About the House BBC2 – Three-part documnentary following British tiger expert Giles Clark, as he hand rears Sumatran tiger cubs at home. Spot and Stripe are Sumatran tiger cubs born at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, and are genetically the most important youngsters of their species in the world. To help give them the best start, the first four months of their lives are spent in the home of their keeper and tiger expert, Giles Clark. Growing up in a suburban Australian family home, where they are completely reliant on their foster dad Giles, brings trials, tribulations and real hope for the future of their species. As these cubs struggle through their first crucial weeks, Giles embarks upon a tough parenting job. Continues at 8 all week.

9.00pm The Dentists ITV – One-off documentary which goes behind the scenes at Manchester’s Dental Hospital.

9.00pm Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole Five – Documentary series exploring the reality of life on benefits in Britain. The first episode of the series focuses on the seaside town of Great Yarmouth, where work is largely seasonal and one in six people claim benefits.

10.00pm Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled Dave – Improvised chat and amusing anecdotes with Alan Davies and guests Noel Fielding, Jon Ronson, Andrew Maxwell and Kerry Godliman.


9.00pm Horizon: Where is Flight MH370? BBC2 – Horizon tells the inside story of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, with access to the key players on the frontline in the southern Indian Ocean and the British satellite engineers who tracked the plane’s final hours.

9.00pm The Auction House Channel 4 – Three-part documentary that goes behind the scenes at Lots Road Auction House, in glamorous Chelsea. This unique institution is an Aladdin’s cave bursting with magnificent artefacts showcasing the ever-changing taste of London’s super-rich. Populated by eagle-eyed collectors, opportunistic dealers and wonderfully eccentric staff, the auction house is a backdrop for extraordinary characters buying and selling over 400 items each week.


9.00pm My Violent Child Five – Documentary exploring the hidden world of child-on-parent violence. Helplines in Britain receive over 11,000 calls annually from parents who are suffering physical abuse at the hands of their children. The film follows three families’ journeys as they struggle to cope with their children’s complex behavioural problems.

9.00pm Blood, Smack & Tears: Afghanistan’s Heroin Hell BBC3 – Afghanistan has a drugs problem. A big one. It has some of the highest rates of heroin addiction anywhere – over a million Afghans are now problem drug users. This film follows the fortunes of two young heroin addicts – Jawad and Babrak – as they try to kick their smack habits and get their lives back together. It’s a deeply personal portrait of hope and fear in a country ravaged by war, poverty and hard drugs.

10.40pm The Trouble with Mobility Scooters BBC1 – Documentary following the lives of mobility scooter users in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Wales. With around 330,000 mobility scooters on its roads and pavements, Britain has more mobility scooters than any other country in Europe.


9.00pm Fostering & Me with Lorraine Pascale BBC2 – To the outside world Lorraine Pascale is the successful TV chef, best-selling author and ex-model, but there is another side to her story. Given up at birth, adopted at 18-months-old and then fostered aged eight when her family broke down, she really has been through the system. Lorraine looks back at her childhood in a bid to shine a light on the neglected world of fostering and tracks down the foster carers who looked after her as a child, whom she hasn’t seen for over 30 years.


8.00pm The Girl Raised By Monkeys Five – Documentary film focusing on 62-year-old Bradford woman Marina Chapman, who claims to have lived for seven years with a troop of capuchin monkeys in the jungle of her native Colombia from the age of five. The film follows her journey back to Colombia as she tries to uncover her origins and identity with the help of several experts in the fields of psychology, primatology and genetic research. The programme also seeks to investigate the veracity of her claims.

10.00pm Friday Night Dinner Channel 4 – The award-winning comedy returns for a third series. It’s finally happened: Adam is bringing a girl – or as dad would say, ‘female’ – home for dinner. Mum is so excited, and immediately takes a shine to twentysomething Emma, who is definitely marriage material. Adam and Emma get on brilliantly, but just as things start going smoothly, the evening takes a turn with the arrival of eight-year-old Katie, who has a huge girlie crush on Adam, much to Jonny’s delight.

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