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9.00pm Richard III: The New Evidence Channel 4 – In a world exclusive in February last year, Channel 4 broadcast a film that followed the extraordinary hunt for Richard III: the king discovered, against all the odds, under a car park in Leicester. Since then, for the first time, scientists have been able to subject the skeleton of an English king to intense scrutiny and analysis, allowing them to reassemble his life in fascinating detail. Using the latest scientific techniques, experts at the University of Leicester and beyond have been able to work out the extent to which his potentially extreme spinal deformity would have affected his ability to be the warrior king famed for leading the charge at the Battle of Bosworth. They have also pieced together his diet and revealed his lifestyle in his final years, with surprising results. The scientists have been helped in their investigations by a living body double who volunteered to test their theories via practical experiments and reconstructions.


2.20pm Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Channel 4

5.00pm Gift Wrapped ITV – Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford host a new daily quiz. Three engaged couples have the chance to win their wedding gift list – and a dream holiday.

6.00pm Two Tribes BBC2 – Richard Osman presents the fast-paced quiz show where what contestants have in common is just as important as their general knowledge.

9.00pm New Tricks BBC1 – 11th series of the immensely popular crime drama starring Tamzin Outwaite, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Denis Lawson and Dennis Waterman. Family ties affect both Gerry Standing and Sasha Miller. While Sasha is forced to work with ex-husband Ned as he fills in for Strickland, Gerry returns to his roots in Bermondsey to help arrange his daughter’s wedding. As a consequence he is thrown into a case involving the possible murder of an architecture student, the grandson of an old friend. Meanwhile Danny Griffin has been on an FBI course in reading body language.

9.00pm Horizon: Should I Eat Meat? BBC2 – Dr Michael Mosley investigates the truth about eating meat, including barbecue favourites like sausages and burgers. Is processed meat so bad? He looks at the latest science on eating meat and puts it to the test by going on a high meat diet. Will eating beef and bacon every day be bad Michael uncovers the latest science and puts it to the test on a high meat diet. Will eating beef and bacon every day be bad for him? If you want to be a healthy carnivore, what meat should you be buying?

9.05pm  Celebrity Big Brother Five – Live coverage of the launch of the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, as another group of famous faces enter the house.

10.00pm My Online Bride Channel 4 – Documentary that follows British men of all ages as they head abroad in search of a wife. From Thai romance tours to speed-dating in the Ukraine, will they find ‘the one’? And having parted with thousands of pounds, can they really put a price on love? Chris is a 46-year-old divorcee who looks after his two kids. Having almost no time for a love life at home, he has decided to try his luck on one of the increasingly popular Bangkok romance tours.


8.00pm Dogs: Their Secret Lives Channel 4 – Britain faces an epidemic of dog obesity. As many as half of all dogs in the UK may be fat. Using surveillance filming and cutting-edge technology, and working with some of the world’s leading experts, Dogs: Their Secret Lives discovers why our dogs are getting fatter and investigates what can be done to help them. Following in the paw steps of three fat pooches, Chancer the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Molly the bulldog, and Cassie the Labrador, the programme reveals how dogs can manipulate us into feeding them and how weight problems can lead to far more serious health issues. Mark Evans, former chief vet at the RSCPA, explores the challenges facing the 21st-century dog owner and finds out if a scientific approach to food and exercise could help our dogs shed the pounds.

9.00pm Super Senses: The Secret Power of Animals BBC2 – Biologist Patrick Aryee and physicist Helen Czerski go beyond the limits of human perception to explore the world of animal senses. This reveals the extraordinary sense of sight in the animal world, travelling through the colours of the rainbow, across the spectrum of light our eyes can see and beyond. Helen and Patrick reveal how caribou use UV light to avoid wolves, they discover how seeing in slow motion lets dragonflies make a kill in the blink of a human eye, and they show how one animal can see in pitch-dark – without using its eyes. Concludes Tomorrow.

9.00pm Worst Place to be a Pilot Channel 4 – Worst Place to be a Pilot is the visually jaw-dropping new series that follows the highs and lows in the lives of the young British pilots who work for Indonesian airline Susi Air, as they fly and land their planes in some of the most breathtaking, remote and dangerous locations on earth. For pilots facing limited job opportunities, Susi Air offers a lifeline and will take on pilots who have as little as 250 hours flying time under their belts and who want to clock up more hours to land a job with airlines back home.


7.00pm Young Vets BBC2 – Following a group of young vets who have been studying for four years at the Royal Veterinary College and are finally putting their textbooks to one side and getting hands-on with real animals. They have just two weeks to master and pass each essential area of practical veterinary knowledge. Continues Tomorrow.

8.00pm Trawelermen’s Lives ITV – Documentary which follows Ben Fogle as he experiences life as a North Sea fisherman.

8.00pm Extreme Neighbour Nightmares Five – Documentary series about Britain’s feuding neighbours, using CCTV footage and material from victims’ own cameras.

9.00pm Secrets from the Asylum ITV – In the first of two programmes, Ray Winstone, Claire Sweeney and Al Murray go on a personal journey and find out how Victorian asylums shaped the lives of their families – and uncover some long-buried secrets.

10.00pm Suspects Five – New series of the fly-on-the-wall-style crime drama series focusing on the work of three London detectives. In the first of a two-part story, Martha’s barrister neighbour is found at home with serious head injuries, his wrists bound with a belt and a pair of knickers stuffed in his mouth.


8.00pm Britain’s Compulsive Shoppers BBC1 – Jasmine Harman turns her attention to another destructive and often secretive condition – compulsive shopping. Ebony finds the call of a special offer irresistible and has accumulated around a thousand pairs of shoes, even more clothes and a vast array of power tools. Now her house is full to the brim and it’s time to make space for herself and her sons. Former 80s pop star Dene is addicted to the thrill of online auctions, bidding for goods he barely remembers or looks at once acquired. In the excitement of winning an online bidding war he has amassed vast collections of cars, watches, guitars, caravans, clothes and sunglasses. In West London Dipna’s life centres around a passion for high-end fashion brands. She longs for a family but no suitor can compete with the acquisition of expensive shoes, bags, blazers and jewellery.

8.00pm Prom Divas UK Five – Documentary following two sets of teenagers at schools in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire as they prepare for one of the most important nights in the school leavers’ calendar – prom night. This American import is now big business up and down the UK, with hundreds of pounds being spent on making sure that the teen princes and princesses look perfect and preparations being carried out in secret months in advance.

9.00pm Educating Yorkshire: One Year On Channel 4 – This special programme revisits the charismatic teachers and students who made such an impact on the nation in Educating Yorkshire last year. The programme also follows a selection of the students today, on results day, 21 August, as they find out how they did in their GCSEs. A lot can happen in a year, particularly when you’re a teenager. Where are the teachers and students now?

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