The TVWeek: Sunday 21st – Friday 26th October 2012

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7.00pm Surprise, Surprise ITV – Holly Willoughby presents a brand new series of the iconic show. A soldier faces his biggest fear, a friend gives his best mate the gift of life, The Saturdays surprise a deserving fan and after over 40 years a couple are reunited with something very special.

8.00pm Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell BBC2 – Exploring the inner world of the human cellular structure through the battleground of a viral infection. This film follows the front line of a battle that began billions of years ago, told from within the three-dimensional, photo-realistic world of a single cell. Revealing the machinery that makes up the cellular world and showing how a virus sets out to commandeer this system, it also explores the very latest ideas about the evolution of life on Earth and the bio-chemical processes at the heart of every one of us.

8.00pm How Britain Worked Channel 4 – Series in which third generation lorry mechanic, motorcycle racer and engineering enthusiast Guy Martin celebrates the workers of the Industrial Revolution by getting stuck into six of the country’s biggest restoration projects, bringing some of the 19th Century’s most impressive engineering achievements back to life. Each episode focuses on the jobs of the Industrial Revolution’s unsung heroes – the ordinary men, women and children who worked 14 hour days for little pay to create extraordinary things that changed the country forever. Guy will find out about their way of life, the dangers they faced and the skills they possessed which were the envy of the world.


8.00pm Little England ITV – Documentary series that follows some of the thousands of Brits who have upped sticks and moved to the Dordogne region in the south west of France. 

8.00pm Arrow Sky1 – Take aim with a slick superhero drama from the makers of Smallville and Game of Thrones. Playboy Oliver Queen sets out to right wrongs and save his city.

9.00pm Prehistoric Autopsy BBC2 – Anatomist Professor Alice Roberts and biologist Dr George McGavin go on an extraordinary evolutionary journey to meet our ancient ancestors. At the Prehistoric Autopsy HQ in Glasgow, with the help of a team of international experts, each episode follows the rebuilding of one of our most iconic ancient ancestors from the bones up. They start with our closest prehistoric relative – a Neanderthal. To make the reconstructions as accurate as possible Alice and George have travelled the globe, gathering evidence from the world’s leading scientists. In the lab, scientists put the latest theories to the test to see how similar or different we really are to our ancient ancestors, while experimental archeologists look for clues as to how they lived. All the research has been fed to a team of model makers who have spent months painstakingly reconstructing skeletons, muscles, skin and hair.

9.00pm Stacey Dooley in the USA: Girls Behind Bars BBC3 – Stacey Dooley meets the girls doing ‘Shock’ and also spends time in a medium-security prison to see what they will be facing if they fail.


8.00pm George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Channel 4 – In this new series, architect George Clarke shows how such big dreams can be achieved in small and affordable places. George delves into the extraordinary world of small builds to meet the highly creative people who are taking tiny, unpromising spaces and creating the most incredible places to live and work and play. There are homes made out of shipping containers, horseboxes, and old buses. Others are building tiny huts or incredible treehouses in the middle of the woods. George has a small-build property project of his own, buying a dilapidated caravan for just three hundred pounds with the aim of transforming it into a stunning second home for his growing family.

8.00pm Rolf’s Animal Clinic Five – Documentary series presented by Rolf Harris. At Leahurst’s equine hospital, surgeon Debbie Archer is coming to the end of her shift when an emergency is rushed in. Millie, a family’s pet horse, is suffering from the potentially life-threatening condition of colic. Farm practice vet Lorien Waterer also has a difficult case on her hands, dealing with two very over-excitable alpacas who are suffering from a mysterious case of flaky skin.

9.00pm Elementary SkyLiving – Classic detective series Sherlock Holmes gets a US twist as Jonny Lee Miller plays the iconic sleuth in modern-day New York. Lucy Liu is Dr Joan Watson.

10.35pm Golden Oldies BBC1 – This affectionate insight into being old sees three ‘golden oldies’ pass on their astute and humorous insights on becoming old and poor, and the stark choices they now face in their twilight years. The interviewees are 84-year-old Doris, who refuses to let a living soul inside her Clacton home, for fear that social services will take it away from her; feisty Kitty in Exeter, also 84, who shows off her Kate Moss-inspired underwear collection, and dreams of a miracle cure to an illness like most dream of winning the lottery; and relatively youthful and charismatic Frank who, at 72, has lost his family to emigration, and with no-one left has lost the will to carry on – but not his intelligence or tragic humour.


8.00pm The Removal Men Five – Observational documentary series following the Pickfords removal teams at work. The removal men tackle a self-confessed hoarder who cannot let go and there is trouble when a young family’s epic move to Scotland goes pear-shaped. Elsewhere, a thrash metal enthusiast’s guitar is all at sea when he and his young family move to the Big Apple.

9.00pm Brazil with Michael Palin BBC1 –  Michael Palin has travelled across most of the globe over the years, but never to Brazil. In this four-part series he crosses the country as big as a continent to find out what makes it tick. He begins his journey in the north east, where modern Brazil was born. It was here the Portuguese explorers first landed and encountered the native Brazilians. It was here that hundreds of thousands of African slaves were brought to work on sugar and tobacco plantations, and it was here where this mix of races and cultures produced what we now think of as Brazil. Music, food, dance, religion – all of these bear the imprint of this heady mix.

9.00pm Unsafe Sex in the City BBC3 – Four-part documentary series about life at a Manchester STI clinic, following the ups and downs of the sex lives of the residents of one of Britain’s biggest party cities in a frank and revealing look at the consequences of unsafe sex. 

9.00pm Chicago Fire SkyLiving – New US drama from the creators of The Wire and Law and Order joins the gutsy crew of Chicago Firehouse 51. Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney star.


9.00pm The Town That Caught Tourette’s Channel 4 – In October 2011 in the tiny town of Le Roy, New York, a handful of teenage girls from the same high school suddenly developed symptoms that looked like Tourette’s syndrome: facial twitching, violent limb gestures and uncontrollable verbal outbursts. The epidemic strangely seemed to affect only teenage girls, resulting in panicked parents and theories coming in thick and fast. Some doctors believed they were victims of conversion disorder, where real physical symptoms – in this case tics – are triggered not by a physical cause, but by psychological trauma.

9.00pm Hatfields & McCoys Five – Award-winning US drama series about two feuding families in post civil-war America. When a Hatfield from Kentucky murders a McCoy from West Virginia over a land dispute, increasing tensions, resentments and misunderstandings threaten to explode into all-out warfare. Meanwhile, Randall McCoy’s daughter and ‘Devil’ Anse Hatfield’s son begin a tempestuous, forbidden love affair.

9.00pm Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets Sky Atlantic – Richard E Grant explores the world’s most glamorous and notorious hotels in this luxury travel series. On the itinerary tonight: Caesars Palace.

9.00pm Scandal More4 – The UK premiere of season one of the hit US drama set in a crisis management firm.

10.00pm Freaky Sleepers Channel 4 – The rise of freaky sleep disorders are leading people to behave in bizarre, entertaining and sometimes dangerous ways while they’re technically out cold. Some of the sleep conditions are so extreme they can have an effect on relationships and even be life threatening. Freaky Sleepers looks at the new wave of extraordinary stress related sleep disorders, following sufferers as they attempt to find a solution to their sleeping problems.


Derren Brown: Apocalypse Channel 4 –  The first two shows in the series shown across two weeks, Derren unleashes his most audacious plan yet: to convince one person that the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike; that zombies now roam the land and he is one of a mere handful of survivors. Our ‘survivor’ is someone who takes life for granted, and has yet to truly value what he has. The adventure that awaits him is meticulously crafted to give him the ultimate wake-up call, and teach him valuable life-lessons. Will he rise to the challenge?

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