The TVWeek: Sunday 23rd – Friday 28th September 2012

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7.00pm Jimmy and the Whale Whisperer Channel 4 – Farmer and wildlife enthusiast Jimmy Doherty travels to the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica to meet an amazing man, who calls himself the Whale Whisperer.

8.00pm Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home Channel 4 – Kevin McCloud has always had a dream – to buy himself a beautiful piece of woodland, roll up his sleeves and build himself a cabin in the woods. Kevin’s decided that everything for the cabin has to be made by hand from his woodland, and if it not, then it has to be constructed from somebody else’s rubbish. Together with a hardy band of friends and experts, Kevin is going to reuse, repurpose and recycle almost all his building materials for his bold building in rural Somerset. Importantly for Kevin, the cabin should be a place where he can unhook himself from the madness of modern life and live in a different way. 

9.00pm Andrew Marr’s History of the World BBC1 – Andrew Marr sets off on an epic journey through 70,000 years of human history, showing how great forces of nature and individual genius shaped human destiny. Using dramatic reconstructions, documentary filming around the world and cutting-edge computer graphics, he reveals the decisive moments that shaped the world we live in today. Starting with our earliest beginnings in Africa, Marr traces the story of our nomadic ancestors as they spread out around the world and settled down to become the first farmers and townspeople. He uncovers extraordinary hand-prints left in European caves nearly 30,000 years ago and shows how human ingenuity led to inventions which are still with us today.  

10.00pm William and Kate: The South Seas Tour ITV – Mary Nightingale travelled with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they represented the Queen on the Asia-Pacific leg of the Diamond Jubilee tour. From the cities of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to the beaches of the Solomon Islands and the jungles of Sabah, William and Kate travelled 23,000 miles and crossed 11 time zones. 


8.30pm Nigellissima BBC2 – Nigella Lawson shows how easy it is to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and on to the plate – using ingredients available in any English supermarket. With her passion for Italy and Italian cooking – she lived and worked in Florence before starting a degree in modern languages – Nigella’s mouth-watering dishes have their roots in tradition but take us into fresh territory, knowledge worn light of touch but full on taste. In this first show Nigella introduces us to her love of Italian food through a spectacular yet simple Sicilian pasta with tomatoes, garlic and almonds. 

9.00pm Health before the NHS BBC4 – Robert Winston narrates the shocking story of health in Britain before the National Health Service. In the early 20th century, getting treated if you were ill was a rudimentary, risky and costly business – a luxury few could afford. Using rare archive footage and personal testimony, the programme tells how ordinary people, GPs, midwives and local councils coped with a chaotic and ramshackle system as they struggled to deal with sickness and disease in the homes and communities of pre-World War Two Britain. 

10.00pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks BBC2 – The pop quiz return with guest host Kathy Burke.


9.00pm The Paradise BBC1 – 8-part Drama series set in 1890s Newcastle. Country girl Denise adapts to survive in her new job at The Paradise, a glamorous department store in a booming Victorian city, and catches the eye of Moray, the store’s charismatic owner. Moray has big ambitions to expand the business, but at what cost? 

9.00pm The Boy who Can’t Forget Channel 4 – Can you remember what you were doing on 15 March 2003? Or what the weather was like on 30 May 2007? Twenty-year-old British student Aurelien can. He is one of just a handful of people in the world who are baffling scientists with their ability to recall an incredible amount of their lives. Some claim they can remember every day as if it were yesterday. Now Aurelien is the first Briton to go public with this extraordinary talent. Is it an elaborate trick or some sort of obsessive compulsive behaviour, or perhaps the result of physical differences in their brains? Aurelien is put to the test by eight-time world memory champion Dominic O’Brien, and examined by memory expert Professor Giuliana Mazzoni. 

10.00pm Cuckoo BBC3 – Six-part comedy series. Ken and Lorna are looking forward to seeing daughter Rachel again when she returns from her gap year, but are surprised when she introduces them to her new husband – travelling hippie and huge goon, Cuckoo. Ken struggles to find something to like about his new son-in-law before being pushed into a somewhat radical course of action. Stars Andy Sanberg, Gregg Davies and Helen Baxendale.


9.00pm Room on Top BBC4 – 2-part Adaptation of John Braine’s classic novel about a young man on the make in 1940s Yorkshire. Leaving working-class Dufton behind him, Joe Lampton arrives in the affluent mill town of Warley with two things on his mind – money and sex. He takes lodgings at The Top, where the rich folk live, and starts mixing with a better class of female at the local amateur dramatic society. He is soon dating Susan Brown, the daughter of the richest man in Warley, but his plan to marry into the wealthy middle classes is threatened by his feelings for Alice Aisgill, a married woman who is ten years older than him.  Stars Matthew McNulty and Maxine Peake. Concludes Tomorrow at 9pm.

9.00pm Girlfri3nds ITV2 – Emma Wills hosts a new series following three single women looking for love. They begin with the audition process in which the first 50 men from all over the country cross the threshold of the mansion where the women are living. Each of the women will have to select six men, but they only have a few minutes to make their decision. 

10.00pm Drugs Live Channel 4 – In a UK television first, two live Channel 4 programmes will follow volunteers as they take MDMA, the pure form of ecstasy, as part of a ground-breaking scientific study. Presented by Jon Snow and Dr Christian Jessen, the programmes will include footage of the scientific study alongside a debate exploring issues around the controlled drug. The programmes aim to cut through the emotional debate surrounding the issue and accurately inform the public about the effects and potential risks of MDMA. Concludes Tomorrow at 9pm.


9.00pm Homefront ITV – First in a six-part series about the lives of the wives and a mother of soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Tasha Raveley’s world is torn apart when she gets the news that every soldier’s wife dreads, her husband Matt has been killed in Helmand Province. His parents are with her when she gets the knock on the door, but her mother-in-law Paula is desperate to find someone to blame. And medic’s wife Louise Mancetta gets her own shattering news from the frontline. 


9.00pm Servants: The True Story of Life Below the Stairs BBC2 – 3-part Documentary series about the real history of Britain’s servants. Dr Pamela Cox looks at the grand houses of the Victorian ruling elite – large country estates dependent on an army of staff toiling away below stairs. The Victorians ushered in a new ideal of servitude – where loyal, selfless servants were depersonalised stereotypes with standardised uniforms, hairstyles and even generic names denoting position. In the immaculately preserved rooms of Erddig in North Wales, portraits of servants like loyal housekeeper Mrs Webster hint at an affectionate relationship between family and servants, but the reality for most was quite different. In other stately homes, hidden passages kept servants separate from the family. Anonymity, invisibility and segregation were a crucial part of their gruelling job – and the strict servant hierarchy even kept them segregated from each other.

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