The TVweek: Sunday 24th – Friday 29th March 2013

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8.00pm Foyle’s War ITV – Three-part series set in the Cold War era. As Foyle returns from a stay in the USA, MI5 agents persuade him to go to their London HQ immediately. Foyle is told that a Soviet spy network called the Eternity Ring is at large in the capital and could involve the distinguished nuclear physicist Professor Michael Fraser. Foyle isn’t sure why he has been involved until the deputy head of MI5 explains that his former assistant Samantha is working as Fraser’s secretary and could be acting as a go-between with the Russians. Foyle is shocked that MI5 are suggesting that Sam could be a traitor to her country.

9.00pm Our Girl BBC1 – One-off drama written by Tony Grounds and starring Lacey Turner. On the evening of her 18th birthday, Molly Dawes finds herself drunk and is sick in the doorway of an army recruitment office. She looks into the window of the office and sees a life-sized photograph of an army girl, everything that Molly isn’t but wants to be – respected. The following morning, Molly finds herself back in the locale and steels herself sufficiently to go into the recruitment office. Truculent and full of self doubt, she takes the leaflets and is eventually persuaded to complete an aptitude test. No-one thinks she can stick it out, including herself. But slowly and surely, Molly is maturing and learning to believe in herself. She digs in and finds a strength that she never thought she had.


9.00pm Motorway Cops BBC1

9.00pm Boris Johnson: The Irresistible Rise BBC2 – Boris Johnson is the biggest star in British politics. Nobody connects to the public like Boris, some even see him as a future Prime Minister. So what really makes him tick and is he a serious contender for the top job? With unprecedented access to Johnson himself, candid interviews and previously unseen archive, Michael Cockerell unlocks the secrets of the real Boris Johnson.

9.00pm Woodhouse in Exile BBC4 – An intimate film featuring an all-star cast about how the author PG Wodehouse came to face a charge of treason during the Second World War and how this quintessential Englishman, creator of Jeeves and Wooster, became an exile from his own country and never set foot on English soil again.

10.00pm Plebs ITV2 – Sitcom following three desperate young men who reside in ancient Rome. Things take an upward turn for the boys when Marcus meets some fit Britons in the courtyard and Stylax finds a flyer to an orgy. With his grocery budget now spent on orgy tickets, Grumio must scrimp and save in order to put food on the table.


8.00pm The Great British Bake Off: Easter Masterclass BBC2 – Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood showcase some of their favourite Easter recipes as they demonstrate how to make the ultimate hot cross buns, a classic simnel cake, delicious chocolate custard tarts and a lemon meringue nest.

9.00pm Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day BBC2 – Documentary series capturing one day in the NHS, filmed by 100 camera crews across the UK, revealing the extraordinary breadth of demands placed on the country’s biggest institution. In the first episode, Matron Liz deals with 130 patients visiting Birmingham’s Clinical Decision Unit. In Chichester, patient Lynn’s weight-loss surgery is interrupted by a devastating disovery. Further north in Leeds, stroke doctors use a revolutionary treatment to save the speech and movement of 64-year old patient, Graham.

9.00pm A Special Kind of Mum BBC3 – What is life like if you are young, disabled and a mum? This film follows the trials and tribulations of two women who struggle to overcome their physical challenges and prejudices they face on a daily basis


8.00pm Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Channel 4 – Phil Spencer returns for a new series as the secret agent helping homeowners unable to sell their properties across the UK. In the first double mission of the new series, Phil visits Shoreham-by-Sea, where Ben and Kate have lived in their Grade II listed cottage for five years. But with two boys and too many toys, they’re desperate to move to a bigger house.

9.00pm Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time BBC1 – One-off drama documentary, presented by Dr Margaret Mountford. The city of Pompeii uniquely captures the public’s imagination; in 79AD a legendary volcanic disaster left its citizens preserved in ashes to this very day. Yet no-one has been able to unravel the full story that is at the heart of our fascination: how did those bodies become frozen in time? For the first time the BBC has been granted unique access to these strange, ghost-like body casts that populate the ruins and, using the latest forensic technology, the chance to peer beneath the surface of the plaster in order to rebuild the faces of two of the people who were killed in this terrible tragedy.

9.00pm Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction BBC2 – Best-selling author Sir Terry Pratchett, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007, has one last adventure he wants to go on. Eighteen years ago Terry had a life-changing experience in the jungles of Borneo, where he encountered orangutans in the wild for the first time. Now he is going back to find out what the future holds for these endangered species, and discover a new threat to their habitat that could push them to the brink of extinction.

9.00pm Prison Dads BBC3 – Glen Parva in Leicester is Britain’s biggest young offenders institution, housing up to 808 prisoners aged 18 to 21 years old. These young men are five times more likely to be fathers than others their age. With privileged access and intimate stories as these young men open up about their experiences, this moving film follows dads on the inside and their partners on the outside, charting the successes and failures of young parents coming to terms with bringing up their babies in extremely challenging circumstances.

9.00pm Mend Me: A Horizon Guide to Transplants BBC4 – Transplant surgery has now reached incredible heights, from achieving full face transplants to growing organs in the lab. This Horizon Guide looks back at the extraordinary odds doctors and patients have had to overcome to achieve these amazing breakthroughs. What we now take for granted has been a hard won struggle, both for the patients who were willing to gamble their lives and the doctors who faced ethical and medical dilemmas in the name of progress. Michael Mosley looks through the Horizon archive, identifying the key turning points for transplant surgery to explore how far science can go in its bid to prolong life.

10.00pm Horsemeat Banquet BBC2 – In this provocative one-off experiment, a chef cooks up a horsemeat banquet designed to challenge the prejudices of a group of diners. Presented by Rick Edwards.

Are you having a Laugh?BBC1 – Ann Widdecombe looks at British comedy favourites to see why Christianity is such ripe material for comedy. From Life of Brian to Rev, Britain holds a strong tradition of Christian based comedy. However, over on the stand-up circuit, comedians from Bill Hicks to Ricky Gervais have helped to establish Christianity as a favourite subject for atheists. Comedians and commentators, including Marcus Brigstocke and Monty Python’s Terry Jones, join Ann to help shed light on what comedy can reveal about how we view the UK’s major religion. Has there has been a shift to more offensive forms of comedy in recent years?


8.00pm James May’s Man Lab BBC2 –  In the opening episode James enlists the help of a memory champion as he prepares to commentate live on one of the toughest sporting events of them all – the Grand National. Back in the Man Lab, rather than order in some takeaway, James builds a one tonne pizza oven from scratch. Meanwhile his helpless sidekick Rory is set the challenge of convincing a group of experts that he is the BBC’s newest wine expert, with James and Oz Clark offering help via an earpiece from a van parked outside.

8.00pm Secret Eaters Channel 4 – Anna Richardson returns to present the second series of Secret Eaters.

9.00pm Horizon: The Truth about Taste BBC2 – Taste is our most indulgent sense but it is only in recent years that we have started to understand why we really love the foods we do – and it is a lot more surprising than you might think. There may a way to make food taste sweeter without adding any extra sugar and it is all down to a trick that happens in your brain. Horizon meets the scientist who has grown the perfect tomato, that is sweeter and juicier than anything you are likely to find on a shelf, as well as the men and women hoping to become elite, professional tasters.

9.00pm Kids with Tourette’s: In Their Own Words ITV – Tourette’s Syndrome affects one in a hundred children, most of them boys. These are the stories, in their own words, of three boys – Connor, Marco and Callum – who are living with the condition. This documentary follows them through six months of treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital as they are taught strategies to suppress their tics, individually and in a group. Along the way they form friendships, get on with family life, and discuss the challenges, as well as the more humorous aspects, of living with the condition.

9.00pm 40 Year Old Virgins Channel 4 – One-off documentary about people who can’t bare intimacy.

9.00pm Love Matters Sky Living – Kicking off a series of six original comedies exploring the pitfalls of modern romance is the tale of three modern men who venture into the world of internet dating.

10.35pm Beyonce: Life is but a Dream BBC1 – Following in the footsteps of Alan Yentob’s 2008 profile of Jay-Z, imagine… presents the much-heralded Beyonce: Life is But a Dream. With Beyonce herself in the director’s chair, this unique and confessional film combines spectacular showpieces and video diary footage, giving a revealing insight into the life of the 16-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother.


9.00pm My Hero: Miranda Hart on Eric Morecambe BBC1 – Miranda Hart explores the life of her comedy idol, Eric Morecambe. She visits the places he performed, meets the people who knew him and shares Morecambe and Wise performances that influenced her own work. Featuring rare footage and much-loved Morecambe and Wise gems, her journey takes her across Britain, from deepest Wales to meets comedy legend Eddie Braben; to the Essex studio of the artist who painted Eric at the height of his fame.

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