The TVWeek: Sunday 25th – Friday 30th November 2012

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9.00pm Return to Forgotten Britain BBC2 – Fergal Keane revisits the people he met in his 2000 documentary Forgotten Britain including Cornwall-based tenant farmers Ben and Jackie Bailey and the Roberts family whose farm had struggled after the BSE crisis.

9.00pm Give Us The Money BBC4 – A documentary looking at Bob Geldof and Bono’s attempt to raise money for Africa which also explores if celebrity names should indeed get this involved in charity work as it isn’t their job to do so.

10.00pm Peep Show Channel 4 – The popular sitcom returns for an eighth series, in this episode Mark tries to pressure Jez into leaving the flat so his girlfriend Dobby can move in.

10.25pm Kookyville Channel 4- An innovative sketch show where the performers are real people rather than actors or comedians.


4.00pm Britain’s Best Bakery ITV1- This new daytime series, which is an obvious attempt to cash-in on the success of the Great British Bake-Off, sees judges Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell travel round the country in a search for the best independent bakery.

9.00pm Dying for Clear Skin BBC3 – Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney investigates how chronic acne can damage self-esteem in young people.

9.00pm The Curious Case of the Clark Brothers Channel 4 – Brothers Matthew and Michael Clark enjoyed a normal life up into their thirties when they were diagnosed with a rare brain condition which gradually meant they lost control of every neurological function. This film follows their parents’ attempts to care for their sons in a cramped one bedroom flat and witnesses their sad transformation into young boys trapped in adult’s bodies.


9.00pm Inside the Body Beautiful BBC3 -Documentary investigating the physiological and psychological effects of some of the most popular cosmetic treatments including breast enhancement, Botox and hair-transplants.

9.00pm The Dark Ages: An Age of Light BBC4 – Waldemar Januszczak travels round the world to discover if the Dark Ages were in fact a time of great Artistic achievement. In this first episode he explores the Roman Empire in the third and fourth century and the reasons behind their drawings of ancient Gods.

10.00pm Park Avenue: Money, Power and The American Dream BBC4 – Alex Gibney’s film looks at the discrepancies between rich and poor Americans using Park Avenue, a district which house both billionaires and some of the poorest people in the country, as an example.


9.00pm Goodnight Britain BBC1 – Sian Williams presents the first of two programmes looking at people with extreme sleeping disorders from those who suffer night terrors to those who simply gave up trying to sleep at all. To investigate this more deeply five volunteers move into a specially designed house where their sleep patterns are monitored by two experts who attempt to devise a treatment plan for each of them.

9.00pm Britain’s Biggest Beauty Queens BBC3 – Documentary looking at Britain’s only beauty pageant for plus size girls which introduces us to four finalists who are all preparing for the big event.

10.00pm More Old Jews Telling Jokes BBC4- A very simple programme in which American senior citizens with Jewish backgrounds tell us their favourite traditional jokes.


9.00pm The Secret Life of Rubbish BBC4 – This documentary uses archive footage to show the evolution of waste collection starting with a look back at post-war Britain a time in which most household rubbish consisted of ash.

10.00pm Captive – The Sex Slave Girl: True Stories Channel 4- A look at the extraordinary story of Tanya Kach who went missing in 1996 aged 14 only to resurface a decade later living in the exact same community in which she had lived. This film has interview with Kach, who is now aged 31, who talks about her ideal while friends and family also offer their experiences of the horrific event.


9.00pm An Idiot Abroad Sky 1 – Ricky Gervais sends Karl Pilkington off on more adventures but this time he has company in actor Warwick Davis who recently starred in Gervais’ sitcom Life’s Too Short. Pilkington and Davis follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo by travelling from Italy to China with the former offering his usual inane commentary on events while the latter reveals what the latter samples the foreign experience from his own unique perspective.

9.00pm The Beach Boys – Doin’ It Again BBC4 – A behind-the-scenes documentary following the Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary tour which also includes the surviving members of the group recalling pivotal moments from their past.

9.30pm John Bishop’s Big Year BBC1 – The stand-up comedian presents the first of two shows in which recalls highlights from the year including the Queen’s Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics.

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