The TVweek: Sunday 4th – Friday 9th February 2018

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8.00pm Endeavour ITV – Shaun Evans and Roger Allam return for a fifth series of the Inspector Morse prequel. The auction of a Faberge egg at an Oxford college coincides with a series of sadistic murders and Endeavour takes charge of a young apprentice.

Notable Continuing Series: Call the Midwife,8.00pm, BBC1
                                                Dragon’s Den, 9.00pm BBC2

10.00pm Maltese: The Mafia Detective Channel 4 – Walter Presents – which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world – continues with this elegant and nostalgic crime drama, written by two of the creatives behind the international hit series Gomorrah and set in Sicily in the 1970s. Inspector Dario Maltese is a talented detective battling to stay moral in an immoral world. He returns from Rome to the city of his birth, Trapani in Sicily, which he has not visited since his father’s death 20 years earlier, to attend the wedding of his best friend Gianni Peralta. However, he swiftly finds himself pulled into a murder investigation and a complex web of widespread crime and corruption when Peralta and his fiance are gunned down in front of him by a complete stranger.


Notable Continuing Series: Silent Witness,9.00pm, BBC1

9.00pm Horizon: My Amazing Brain BBC2 – Horizon follows the story of Richard Gray and his remarkable recovery from a life-changing catastrophic stroke. The film shows the rarely seen journey back to recovery. Recorded by his documentary film-maker wife Fiona over four years, this film shows the hard work of recovery.

9.00pm The Bulger Killers: Was Justice Done? Channel 4 – February 2018 is the 25th anniversary of a unique crime that continues to impact British life: the abduction and murder of James Bulger by two ten-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. With Britain having one of the lowest ages of criminal responsibility in the world, key individuals involved in the trial are brought together for the first time since 1993 to debate whether justice was truly served. The programme includes excerpts from police interview tapes with Venables and Thompson, footage from the time and interviews, to examine the press, public and political influence on the prosecution of the case, and to ask two core questions: did the criminal justice system fail the Bulger family by being too lenient on the murderers, or did it fail two young boys unable to fully understand the consequences of their actions?

9.00pm The X Files Five – Revival of the classic sci-fi drama. Scully wakes from a vision that warns her of the end of the world, and that only one who can stop it is her and Mulder’s long-lost son William.


8.00pm Back in Time for Tea BBC2 – The Ellis family embark on an extraordinary time travelling adventure to discover how a transformation in the food eaten in the north of England can reveal how life has changed for northern working class families over the past 100 years. Their experience begins in 1918. The war is over but life for northern workers is tough. The family’s spacious modern house has been cut in half and they are shocked to be living in a two up, two down with an outside toilet and tin bath. All except the youngest boy Harvey are employed by the local textile mill.

8.00pm What Would Your Kid Do? ITV – Jason Manford hosts a brand-new series which asks how well we really know our kids by challenging parents to guess what their children will do in a variety of entertaining situations. Each show sees children filmed in a school specially rigged with hidden cameras; the kids think that they’re taking part in a variety of classroom activities and games, but they’re unaware that they’re actually being tested on everything from empathy and lateral thinking to risk-taking and rule-breaking.

8.00pm The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds: Here Come The Girls Channel 4 – Channel 4’s award-winning The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds returns for a one-off special with an all-girl cast to coincide with the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Returning favourites Eva, Jet, Miylah and Zaina are joined by a fresh cast of new girls, while child development experts Dr Elizabeth Kilbey and Laverne Antrobus watch the drama unfold and provide insight into the girls’ behaviour. The programme reveals how the girls see themselves – and the role of women – in 2018. How does Jet – a self-proclaimed tomboy who shuns anything ‘girly’ – deal with a classroom full of girls? Darcy discovers that with the power of the vote comes great responsibility. And a visit from a special guest gives the girls a chance to think about their own futures: what do they think women can and can’t do?

8.00pm QEII: The World’s Greatest Cruise Ship Five – Two-part documentary about one of the grandest vessels to ever set sail – the Queen Elizabeth 2. Built at the John Brown shipyard on the Clydebank, she very nearly didn’t come into existence at all as strikes and looting blighted her creation. Then on her naming day, Her Majesty the Queen had a surprise for everyone.

9.00pm Flatpack Empire BBC2 – With unprecedented access to IKEA’s design studios, factories, test labs and stores over the course of a year, this series gets to know the people who work for the famous company, and explores how they are opening up and massively expanding around the world. In this first episode, we see how IKEA are starting to open up their design headquarters to outside influences. Tom Dixon – the ‘enfant terrible’ of British design, has been invited to collaborate on a new bed-sofa – but with deadlines looming and the world’s furniture press watching, neither he nor IKEA fully agree what the product should be.

Notable Continuing Series: 24 Hours in A&E,9.00pm, Channel 4
                                               Inside No.9, 10.00pm. BBC2

9.00pm Elizabeth: Our Queen Five – Documentary series using interviews with those close to her to paint a personal picture of HM the Queen. Elizabeth’s early years are explored, from the day she learned she would eventually be Queen to her studies with the Provost of Eton and the tour of Kenya during which she learned her father George VI had died.

10.00pm Ben Fogle: Return to the Wild Five – Ben Fogle revisits people living off-grid to see how their lives have progressed. Ben catches up with Bill and Bob, cave-dwelling doomsday-prepping twin brothers in an isolated home deep inside some of the world’s wildest terrain.

10.45pm Islam, Women and Me BBC1 – As a 28-year-old British Muslim woman, Mehreen Baig finds that everyone seems to have an opinion about how she should live her life – the clothes she should wear, where she should go out and who she should date. Half the time she is told she’s being held back by her religion, and the other half that she isn’t religious enough. As she faces the prospect of marriage and finally moving out from her parents’ house, she wants to know whether it’s possible to be a strong, independent woman and a good Muslim in modern Britain.


7.30pm Eurovision: You Decide BBC2 – Join Eurovision superfan Mel Giedroyc and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Mans Zelmerlow live from the world-famous Brighton Dome, the site of ABBA’s 1974 Eurovision Song Contest win with Waterloo. This UK Eurovision extravaganza sees six shortlisted acts take to the stage in a bid to impress the viewers at home and a jury of music professionals. An expert panel are on hand to offer their thoughts on how the songs could be made to look and sound on the stage in Lisbon.

9.00pm My Millionaire Migrant Boss Channel 4 – What happens to four unemployed Brits when an immigrant millionaire becomes their boss? . Arriving in Britain in 1976 with just £200 in his pocket, he is now a multi-millionaire with a line of business interests, including a luxury hotel, a rugby club, and a string of prize-winning racehorses. Marwan now wants to give back to local Brits and is offering four unemployed people a unique opportunity – a two week work trial, overseen and mentored by him. Can the British workers prove they have the right ethic and attitude to be offered a job at the end of the placement?

9.00pm Peyton and Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue Five – Hospitality whizz Alex Polizzi rescues floundering eateries. Alex and brother-in-law Oliver visit Bedford restaurant Riobello, which is up against tough competition. Can Alex help owners Giovani and Amanda find a USP to win over the town’s 10,000-strong Italian community?

10.00pm Frozen: From Dusk till Dawn Five – Documentary about 13-year-old Shoaib and his brother Rashid, 12, who are thought to be the only people in the world to have a mysterious condition which sees them, every day at dusk, gradually freeze into a state of paralysis. Then when morning comes the terrifying symptoms disappear.


9.00pm Trouble at the Zoo BBC2 – Documentary following South Lakes Safari Zoo. The zoo hit the headlines when it was revealed that almost five hundred animals had died there in under four years. David Gill, who had been at its helm since it opened in 1994, was denied a new license to run the park, and the remaining staff formed a new company to try and rescue the zoo, headed up by chief executive Karen. This observational film charts the events in the summer that followed, as the staff at the embattled zoo try to rescue their reputation by improving their practises, whilst scrabbling to meet financial targets to survive the rest of the year.

9.00pm James Bulger: A Mother’s Story ITV – In February 1993, an unprecedented crime stunned Britain: two-year-old James Bulger was abducted from a shopping centre in Liverpool and brutally murdered by two ten-year-old boys. Trevor McDonald broke the news to the nation in his role as anchor of ITV’s News at Ten; Sir Trevor now returns to Liverpool to re-examine a crime that continues to raise many troubling questions. James’s mother Denise Fergus also opens up in a deeply personal interview about the day that changed her life forever.

9.00pm Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive Five – Travelogue series with Dale Winton. Dale explores the sunshine state of Florida, his favourite place in America. He first came to Florida as a young man in the 1970s and it was Walt Disney World that was the attraction. Now he returns all these years later to see if the magic is still there.

Notable Continuing Series: Derry Girls, 10.00pm, Channel 4
                                               The Mash Report 10.00pm BBC2


9.00pm Cruising with Jane McDonald Five – Ocean-bound travelogue with ex cruise-ship singer Jane McDonald. Jane heads to the Golden State, boarding a 3,000 berth cruise liner in Los Angeles which plots a course for San Francisco. On board, Jane meets former Dallas star Linda Gray, attends a wedding and has an all-over massage in which her body is coated with chocolate.

Jamestown Sky1 – Second series of the western drama.

Notable Continuing Series: The Last Leg,10.00pm, Channel 4

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