The TVweek: Sunday 5th – Friday 10th April 2015

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8.00pm Michael Mcintyre’s Easter Night at the Coliseum BBC1 – Variety show from the Coliseum headed up by Michael McIntyre.

8.00pm Vera ITV – Fifth series of the crime drama. DCI Vera Stanhope investigates the death of a young woman in a suspicious fire that rips through a coastal holiday park. Three cabins are destroyed and the body of a woman is found inside. Park owner Jim Viner returns with his daughter Claire from a weekend away and suspects that the body is his sister Deena but cannot explain why she was there and not at the family home.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Poldark, BBC1
                                    9.00pm  Indian Summers, Channel 4

9.00pm Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids BBC2 – Louis Theroux travels to San Francisco, where a group of pioneering medical professionals are helping children who say they were born in the wrong body to transition from boy to girl or girl to boy at ever-younger ages. At the Child And Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Hospital Louis meets children who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Louis is told that children as young as three can show signs of rejecting the gender they were assigned at birth, leaving parents with a difficult dilemma – do they start transitioning a child who is still developing their own identity, or do they wait and risk making the change once their body has gone through the transformations of puberty?


9.00pm Code a of a Killer ITV – 2-part drama based on real events starring David Threlfall and John Simm. n 1983, in a small village outside Leicester, 15-year-old Lynda Mann is found by a footpath, raped and strangled to death. A year on, after an exhaustive but fruitless search for the killer, Detective Chief Superintendent David Baker is forced to scale down the investigation.

Meanwhile, just a few miles up the road at the University of Leicester, scientist Dr Alec Jeffreys invents a remarkable technique to read DNA – the unique genetic fingerprint of every individual – something never previously achieved despite decades of research across the globe. His discovery is first put to use in an immigration case, proving the parentage of a young Ghanaian boy and preventing his deportation. The acceptance of Jeffreys’ findings in a court of law opens the door to DNA testing and he and his university laboratory are swamped by paternity and immigration cases.

Summer 1986, and 15-year-old Dawn Ashworth goes missing – last seen just a hundred yards from where Lynda’s body was discovered. Dawn’s body is found two days later, she has been strangled and hidden in undergrowth near a footpath shortcut. DCS Baker is back on the case – convinced the same culprit has struck again. This time the investigation bears fruit when a young man from the area is seen acting suspiciously at the time of Dawn’s murder, confesses to her killing. However, he refuses to admit he had anything to do with the death of Lynda Mann.

 Reading about Jeffreys’ work in a local paper, Baker approaches him at the university – perhaps the DNA test can prove the teenagers involvement in Lynda’s death? Jeffreys is hesitant – the DNA sample from the murder scene is nearly three years old, and the technique was not intended or designed for criminal investigation. Furthermore, having only been used in paternity and immigration cases, would the findings be accepted in a criminal court?

9.00pm My Big Fat Gypsy Grand National Channel 4 – To celebrate this year’s Grand National Festival, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding returns with a one-off special following Gypsies and Travellers as they descend on the biggest event in the horse-racing calendar. From the local Traveller bride staging an outrageous Aintree hen do; to Gypsies visiting for the first time; and seasoned race-goers, like Irish Traveller Paddy Doherty, who is determined to make the most of the occasion, the show is a blend of fun, surprises, weddings and truly specular outfits.

Notable Continuing Series: 8.30pm Travel Man, Channel 4

                                                9.00pm Moone Boy, Sky1
                                               10.00pm Raised by Wolves, Channel 4
                                               10.00pm Bluestone 42, BBC3

10.30pm How to be a Young Billionaire Channel 4 – This documentary meets three young British entrepreneurs seeking their fortunes in San Francisco’s multi-billion-dollar technology gold rush. San Francisco is home to the hottest new tech companies in the world. Youth and brains count for everything, with some investors considering anyone over 30 past it. How to Be a Young Billionaire follows three young British entrepreneurs who want to change the world and make a fortune with their smartphone apps. Josh, who’s 22, has already made one app and was named one of Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 by the time he was 20. After learning programming in primary school and selling his first company for a six-figure sum, aged 15, he skipped university and bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco. However, he now risks losing everything he’s worked for as he ploughs all into a new game that needs a $5 million investment to launch.


8.00pm Britain’s Horror Homes Five – Documentary series about people whose lives have been turned upside down when their home became a living nightmare. Phil and Helen from Staffordshire run a bed and breakfast which is being dragged down by a massive landslide. Theodosia from East London thought that she had moved into the flat of her dreams – until a tsunami of sewage erupted from her bathroom and toilet.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Ordinary Lies, BBC1
                                                 9.00pm Dara & Ed’s Big Adventure, BBC2

10.45pm Hole in the Road Inspectors BBC1


7.00pm Collectaholics BBC2 – Series exploring the weird and wonderful world of some Britain’s passionate, avid and sometimes downright obsessive collectors.

9.00pm Secret Britain BBC1 – Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury embark on an epic adventure to unlock the astonishing beauty of Secret Britain.

8.00pm Supercars: The Million Pound Motors Channel 4 – Supercars are the ultimate driving machine and a must-have for the wealthy. UK dealers recently saw yearly sales top the £4 billion mark. This First Cut documentary from new filmmaker Rachael Kinley meets the men and women selling cars to Britain’s rich and famous.

9.00pm The Island: The Men’s Island Channel 4 – The Island with Bear Grylls returns for a second series. But this time the ultimate survival challenge attempts to discover whether not just British men, but also if British women have what it takes to survive when pushed to the limits of human endurance. To see how both sexes fair, 14 British women are abandoned on one remote desert island in the Pacific Ocean, while 14 British men inhabit another, separate island. They are completely alone, filming everything themselves, with only a handful of basic tools and the clothes they stand up in. The story of each island will be told in separate episodes. An episode of life on the men’s island will be followed the day after by an episode of the women’s island, across seven weeks.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm DCI Banks, ITV
                                              10.00pm First Dates, Channel 4


9.00pm Ice Rink on the Estate ITV – Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean take part in a unique social experiment in a bid to give something back to their beloved home town of Nottingham, returning a favour to the city council that helped them in their youth. Jayne and Christopher hope to stage a performance featuring the teenagers of the deprived St Ann’s community, but will they manage to persuade young people from such a tough area to participate? In this first episode, Jayne and Christopher return to their old stomping ground, where their first big hurdle is finding and convincing local youths to take part in the show.

9.00pm The Island: The Women’s Island Channel 4 – Woman are marooned on the island to survive.

9.00pm The Hotel Inspector Five – Reality series in which hotelier Alex Polizzi tries to transform some of Britain’s failing hotels and guest houses. The Fieldhead is a 16-bedroom hotel in Looe run by Julian Peck and his wife Gill. Despite stunning sea views and a traditional approach to customer service, Alex soon finds that old-fashioned values may be the cause of the plunging occupancy rates. A barely comprehensible booking system and an unsustainable work-life balance mean that both the business and the couple’s home life are at risk.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm, Banished, BBC2 
                                               9.00pm, Fortitude, Sky Atlantic
                                               10.00pm, Inside No.9, BBC2

10.00pm Mad Men Sky Atlantic – The second part of the seventh and final series of the US series. Only seven episodes remain in the story of troubled Madison Avenue ad man Don Draper.

11.00pm Treme Sky Atlantic – The jazz-infused drama returns with its final five episodes. Now 38 months since Katrina, New Orleans celebrates Barack Obama’s inauguration.


9.00pm Have I Got News For You? BBC1 – New series beginning with guest host Daniel Radcliffe.

9.00pm Sex and The Church BBC2 – In the first part of a major three-part series, the eminent theological historian Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch explores how Christianity has shaped western attitudes to sex, gender and sexuality throughout history.

9.00pm Slow Train Through Africa with Griff Rhy-Jones ITV – Griff Rhys Jones attempts five remarkable train journeys across the world’s most spectacular continent, Africa. In the first episode, Griff begins a 1700-mile trip across North Africa in Marrakech, where he stocks up with items from the souk – including some traditional Berber medicines.

Notable Continuing Series: 9.00pm Gogglebox, Channel 4
                                                9.00pm, Stella. Sky 1
                                                10:00pm, Alan Carr Chatty ManChannel 4

10.35pm The Graham Norton Show BBC1 – Graham returns after a short break.

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