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It’s the Autumn, sorry, Fall Season in the US with both Networks and Cable channels wheeling out their big guns as the weather turns and Americans are hunkered in front of the television. Below is a list of shows we’re genuinely excited by or interested to see in the new season.

The Deuce (September 10th, HBO) An HBO drama from David Simon of The Wire. Need I say more? The drama, set in the seventies stars James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal and is the story of the porn industry in America. Already praised by US critics for its characterisation and surprising amount of humour.

When Will see it here? That’s not so clear but Sky Atlantic’s exclusive deal with HBO means we’re bound to see it soon.

Better Things (September 14th, FX) It’s travesty that Pamela Adlon’s semi-autobiographical comedy about a mother raising her three teenagers isn’t shown on ANY channels in the UK. One of the most honest and true to life comedy I’ve ever seen. Perhaps not laugh out loud but bittersweet and thought provoking and I’ve been thinking about that finale since it aired last year. It was truly an unexpected gem last year that I’m so excited about having it back in my life.

When Will see it here? Considering the fact no UK broadcaster has plumped for this before now makes it unlikely we’ll see this on this side of the pond.

The Good Place – Season 2 (September 20th, NBC) I LOVED The Good Place. One of the most inventive comedies in recent memory gripped me week after week. From Michael Schur who bought us Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine it felt like a breath of fresh air set in a world where anything was possible. I don’t want to spoil the basic premise as its a show best enjoyed with little knowledge of what’s to come. It’s an ensemble piece led by Kristen Bell by Ted Danson and if you trust it It’ll take to you to places you’ve never been before? Intrigued? Having seen all 15 episodes of the first season I’m chomping at the bit for more. The only difficulty might be topping what they’ve already done.

When Will see it here? Great news here. The first season will available here through Netflix on September 21st. I’m so pleased this has found a UK home and the fact that it tells one story fits the Netflix model perfectly as you whizz from episode to the next. Even better we’ll get the second season as it airs in the US. That’s next binge sorted. You’re welcome.

Star Trek: Discovery (September 24th, CBS All Access)  CBS All Access is a strange thing. It’s a subscription only service which hasn’t gained the traction of its online contemporaries. Their first original, Good Wife spin-off The Good Fight did reasonably well but the brains behind the gamble of an online only platform will be hoping that this new series is the one that puts the service on the map. The show did have Bryan Fuller who worked his magic on the successful transformation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods to the screen  but creative differences saw Fuller step down. This Star Trek is set ten years before the events of the first incarnation of the series. The backdrop will be the cold war between the 24 Klingon houses and starfleet.

When Will see it here? It’ll be appearing weekly on Netflix UK from Monday 25th September.

This is Us – Season 2 (September 26th, NBC) The first season of this gentle and emotional drama proved networks were still capable of garnering attention. A hit from its pilot this second season has a lot to live up to. Viewers became inexplicably obsessed with finding out how Pearson Patriarch Jack met his end. His early demise was teased relentlessly throughout the latter half of the first season but viewers were left waiting to see what had become of Jack. With a third season already confirmed by NBC this season certainly has licence to take its time and I’m sure it will have viewers emotionally invested, I just question how long it can keep pulling at the heart strings without leaving people frustrated at the lack of story progression.

When Will see it here? UMM. You may remember the first season aired on  Channel 4 last December. It started to little fanfare on Tuesday at 9pm then got shuffled around the schedule limping to the end of its run at 11pm. It didn’t find a loyal UK fanbase. IF this second season airs here I doubt it’ll be on Channel 4. Perhaps More4 would be a better fit or maybe no UK broadcaster will plump for it.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (September 26th, NBC) We’re not big fans of the Law & Order strand. It’s just one of things that’s been going on for donkey’s years. This sounds of more interest though. It uses the Law & Order brand and its overseen by Dick Wolf, but it tells the real life story of The Menendez Brothers who murdered their parents. It might not be a story British viewers are overly familiar with but the trailer is well put together and Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco stars (albeit in a bad wig!)

When Will see it here? Another one we have no concrete information on but I can see the BBC taking a punt on this following the success of American Crime Story.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (October 1st, HBO) Larry David’s finest creation: Larry David returns for a long overdue ninth season of his semi autobiographical comedy. Details of what to expect from its return are thin on the ground but I’m excited about having back. As the trailer says: ‘we need him now more than ever!’

When Will see it here? Sky Atlantic’s deal with HBO means we’ll definitely see it and I’d bet really soon following the HBO date.

Ghosted (October 1st, FOX) New comedy starring Adam Scott, Craig Robinson and the UK’s own Adeel Akhtar it’s one of two new comedies where the trailer showed promise. The premise is simple: A skeptic is forced to work with a firm believer of the paranormal on unexplained occurrences in Los Angeles. Robinson and Scott are sure to be solid leads and we’re hoping this one has the potential of becoming a favourite.

When Will see it here? No UK broadcaster had bought it yet but we’ll keep our eyes out.

The Mayor (October 3rd, ABC) One of the network comedies to intrigue us when the trailers arrived earlier this year, The Mayor Brandon Micheal Hall as a struggling hip-hop artist who runs for mayor to promote his mix-tape and wins. Judging solely from the trailer it looks warm and funny. It also stars Yvette Nicole Brown who we’ve loved since her days in Community and Lea Michelle from Glee. There are lot of middle of the road binal comedies debuting this season and The Mayor looks to be one of the few that could breakthrough.

When Will see it here? It hasn’t been bought by a UK broadcaster yet but if it does well I can see it going to E4. No official word yet though.

Mindhunter (October 13th, Netflix) The crime drama must be the most overused genre of drama. But somehow when it’s done well it’s still the hardest genre to beat. Other Netflix original, this one peaked our interest with the attachment of David Fincher and the fact that it’s based on a real crime.

The lead character, played by Looking’s Jonathan Groff, is based on John Douglas, the agent who inspired the character of Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs. The trailer looks promising and with the talent attached we don’t think we’re wrong in expecting good things.

When Will see it here? It will launch Worldwide on Netflix on Friday 13th October.

Stranger Things (October 27th, Netflix) The first season of Stranger Things became a phenomenon quickly. Launching on a Friday in 2016, it made stars of the talented young cast as word spread of how good it was. Netflix has a frustrating habit of renewing its original series despite what the story dictates. We have NO IDEA where Duffer Brothers will take us this time but we’re putting in trust in them to deliver another exciting and satisfying season.

When Will see it here? It will be available on Netflix worldwide from Friday 27th October.

Alias Grace (November 3rd, Netflix) Margret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is still one of the most of the most thought provoking and disturbing dramas of the year. So, this another Atwood adaptation following similar themes looks well worth a look. It’s a  six-part true-crime murder mystery that tells the story of an “inhuman female demon” named Grace Marks, who became infamous in the province of Upper Canada in 1843 for murdering her employer. The trailer gripped us and we can’t wait to see how this one develops.

When Will see it here? It will be available on Netflix worldwide from Friday 3rd November.

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