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So after the tedious weeks of padding due to the Rugby World Cup Saturday fixtures and the atrocious live Judges’ Houses debacle we’ve finally reached the first live show of this year’s X-Factor. Apparently the theme of this week’s show was ‘This is Me’ which is funny as a handful of the contestants hadn’t even heard of the songs they’d be performing on Saturday. That being said this was generally a good opening week although their were one or two exceptions why I will cover in the return of The X-Factor chart.

1. Che Chesterman – Tears Dry on Their Own/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Coming into an early lead we have former supermarket worker Che whose soulful vocals were well-utilised in a classic X-Factor mash-up which blended only and new tracks. Although I’ve always enjoyed listening to Che, this is the first time that he’s actually looked like a star and the fact he’s starting to develop a certain stage presence marks him out as one to watch as the competition progresses.

2. Anton Stephans – Dance with my Father 

While the coaching he undertaken to get rid of his odd facial expressions hadn’t worked it’s fair to say that Anton’s vocal more than compensated for his crazy eyes. In fact I found it quite apt that, it being Halloween and all, Anton’s face being projected up on the big screen was like something out of a horror movie.

3. Monica Michael – Make it Rain

I’m so glad that Monica got brought back as the wildcard act as she was clearly one of the most talented singers in this year’s competition. Although the production team were trying to play up the fact that she hadn’t had as long to learn her song as the others there was no doubt in my mind that she’d pull off the performance no problems. In my mind she’s one of the acts who looks most like a pop star and I’m really hoping the public gets behind her.

4. Louisa Johnson – God Only Knows

To be honest I’d never really rated Louisa up to this point however her stripped back version of The Beach Boys song demonstrated her confidence as an artist. At only seventeen years old she didn’t seem nervous at all as she took the stage and demonstrated a great vocal range. I was also surprised that Simon let a string quartet get that close to him after the last time he came across a violinist she threw an egg at him.

5. Mason Noise – Sorry

I do feel that all the fake controversy surrounding Mason’s place in the competition has taken away from the fact that he’s actually quite an accomplished performer. Although his vocal isn’t the best in the competition, he demonstrated that he’s a great all-rounder throughout his performance of Sorry even though his backing dancers did look like they worked for a removal company.

6. 4th Impact – Problem 

It’s quite possible that 4th Impact’s performance of the Ariana Grande hit deserved to be higher in this chart but I was so uncomfortable watching it that I had to look away at some points. I just felt the routine itself was a little suggestive and watching these four young sisters prancing around in inappropriate outfits just seemed wrong. That being said the vocals were on point for the most part and I’m just hoping next week’s performance doesn’t make me feel like I’m chewing tin foil.

7. Alien Uncovered – Do it Like a Dude 

Although I do appreciate that Alien Uncovered are a breath of fresh air in the competition, I’m yet to connect with them as I have the other acts in the competition. However there was much to like about the sextet’s performance of the Jessie J hit from their energetic routine to the fact that every group member got their chance to shine.

8. Seann Miley Moore – Life on Mars?

I may be in the minority but I’ve never really clicked with Australian Seann and if I’m honest I’m surprised he made it to the live shows. At times his performance of the David Bowie hit resembled a live art installation rather than a segment on a Saturday night talent show. That being said Seann has buckets of charisma and has an incredibly powerful vocal.

9. Lauren Murray – I’m Every Woman 

I’ve been a fan of Lauren’s since her first performance unfortunately her version of the Whitney Houston classic was a little underwhelming. The pink hairdressers staging didn’t help as it cluttered up the performance and also didn’t really fit in with what Lauren herself was wearing. It’s also hard not to compare Lauren’s version of the song to Fleur East’s cover last year which was a lot more accomplished.

10. Reggie N Bollie – It Wasn’t Me 

It’s a shame Louis Walsh isn’t still on the show as he would’ve loved the mid-1990s reggae stylings of Reggie N Bollie. Their performance of the Shaggy hit was incredibly entertaining even if the vocals weren’t up to scratch in my opinion. My only issue with the duo is whether or not there is a place for them in today’s charts as everything about them feels very dated.

11. Kiera Weathers – Crying for No Reason

I really like Kiera’s voice and she has a great X-Factor backstory but neither were utilised in her dull performance of the Katy B hit. Nothing was done for Kiera to stand out from the crowd and to me her’s was the most forgettable turn of the night.

12. Max Stone – Somebody Like You

I’m still unsure what Simon Cowell sees in Max as I feel he still lacks stage presence and it’s a shame that he’s progressed over other more accomplished acts from the overs category. Even though Max has a fine voice I felt he was hampered by a reggae version of Adele’s classic ballad that really didn’t work at all. Meanwhile the charisma that he’s apparently developed over the last week didn’t materialise on stage and that’s why he’s down the bottom of this week’s list.

13. Bupsi – You’re a Wonderful One

In a week where the theme was ‘This is Me’ I saw nothing at all of the performer who straddled Simon Cowell to earn her place in the contest. Instead of getting nasty Bupsi was saddled with a Marvin Gaye song that she’d never heard of and staging that felt incredibly dated. At the time of writing this I’m not too sure who’s been eliminated from the competition but I have a feeling that Bupsi’s days are definitely numbered.

Interestingly last night’s X-Factor played to its lowest audience ever which makes me think the show is on its last legs. Although the performances were good on the whole there was nothing fresh about the format and all the rumoured tweaks to the show never materialised. What we were left with was a talent show that has long outlasted its welcome but will somehow find a way to return next year.

That’s it for now join me again next week when I run down the contestants’ performances on the second X-Factor live show.

Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly


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