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We’re really excited by the start of ITV’s glossy new drama series Breathless. On set in London in July I chatted to new mum Joanna Page about balancing work and parenthood and what drew her back so soon.

How would you describe the tone of the series?

Well it’s a drama but my character has been described as quite comedic. Lily and Charlie are really quite sweet and there are some funny bits, but really it’s all quite serious. It’s not so much about the hospital as it is about the relationships between the couples.

What can you tell us about your character?

She’s an ex-nurse. She had to retire as soon as she married Charlie (the anaesthetist). She’s a lovely character, really honest and caring who wants to make everyone happy. On the surface they have the perfect marriage, but underneath there are lots of troubles bubbling. They can’t have children because they’re just not clicking.  Lily’s really brittle and could break at any minute. Charlie loves her a lot but he’s carrying a secret from his past that he hasn’t told her about so she has no idea why they’re not jelling.

What keeps them together then?

I think it would be mortifying for them to get a divorce or separate. They are still madly in love.

How did you find the costumes.

I’m loving all the costumes and hats, and I’ve got these amazing bat-wing glasses that immediately make me feel like I’m in character. I’m still sort of stuck in the fifties so I’m really jealous of the girls wearing all the lovely sixties dresses.

How has it been doing this whilst having a little one of your own?

Well I said I was going to take a whole year off and I read the script for this and thought it was great. I met Paul (Paul Unwin – writer and first director) and we got on really well. All I talked about was my placenta and baby and I was offered the role. She comes everywhere with me and we just make it work. She comes in and stays in my trailer, either with my husband or my mother, so it’s working out really well. I’m utterly exhausted.  I must’ve been so lazy before I became a mum. I think all I did was watch Dexter and go shopping.

How was it working on the upcoming 50th anniversary of Doctor Who?

Well, I had the audition for this and that went really well but I wasn’t supposed to be working. Then I got an email asking me if I wanted to be in Doctor Who.  It was great! They just phoned and asked if I wanted to be in it and of course I said yes. I’ve wanted to be in Doctor Who for ages. It was quite scary and intimidating at first and working with John Hurt was wonderful.

Breathless begins Thursday 10th October at 9.00pm on ITV.

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