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Thursday sees the start of ITV’s new glossy drama series Breathless. On set in London I chatted with Oliver Chris (Green Wing) about as role as up and coming gynaecologist Dr Richard Truscott

What can you tell us about your character?

My character is Richard Truscott. He’s a fairly senior Gynaecologist and sort of Otto’s protégé. He’s just not ready for the responsibility of the job or his relationship. He’s sort of forced into this shotgun wedding with the prettiest nurse in the hospital who has got pregnant. It’s not that he doesn’t love her, it’s more that he’s not had time to let that love grow.  He starts to doubt himself and goes out trying to pick up girls. He does grow throughout the course of series mainly due to the mistakes he makes.

What’s his relationship like with Otto?

They have a sort of odd weird pupil teacher relationship. Otto’s the best of the best and Richard knows he’s there because Otto wants him there. At the same time he’s kind of jealous of Otto’s abilities and his calmness. He fights against him whilst sticking him on a pedestal.

What’s he like around his students?

I think he makes the mistake of trying to be everyone’s best friend and have fun. His jokes are all really tasteless and he comes across as a bit of a bastard.

Is it quite fun to say awful things that’d you’d never normally get away with?

It’s amazing. You have to relish being in a different time and being allowed to say things that you’d never be allowed to say anywhere else.

What drew you to this role?

Everything about it. I’ve done a lot of comedies so I love that this is more of a drama. There’s a lot of black humour in this. It’s on a knife edge of the tragic being funny. I really love using what I’ve learnt doing comedy and infuse that into the drama and walk that wobbly tightrope. I knew when I read this and auditioned if I got it I’d probably end up the most hated man in England. I’ll go round to my Grandma’s house and she won’t give me any cake!

Breathless Starts Thursday 10th October at 9.00pm on ITV.

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