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Earlier this year I was sent back to school. Well OK, not quite but I was sat in a room with considerably younger and cooler people than myself which was basically my school experience really. I had a chance to speak to the pupils of Bad Education. A lot of praise was quite rightly piled on Alfie Wicker’s class and I wanted to find out how they had found being thrust into the spotlight following the success of Series 1.

The cast are Nikki Runeckles as flirty Chantelle Parsons. Kae Alexander as class swot Jing Chow. (Kae is actually older than Whitehall in real life.) Ethan Lawrence as put upon and slightly bullied Joe Poulter  (Eathan was sporting a bowl cut that comes into play in the first episode.) Charlie Wernham plays tough guy Mitchell Harper. Jack Binstead plays Rem Dogg (Binstead is a wheelchair user who is in training for the next Paralympics.)  Finally, Layton Williams plays the wonderfully camp Stephen Carmichael.

Despite feeling incredibly old I soldiered on with the questioning.

What has been the reaction you’ve had from Series 1?

Charlie Wernham: I think it went down really well. We knew it was funny when we were filming it but we were really surprised how well it did. When we heard it was getting a second series we couldn’t wait to get going.

Is the there a particularly memorable scene or episode from Series 1 that has stuck with you?

Nikki Runeckles: The Football episode I loved. It was great to be outside of the school.

In what way is Series 2 different for your characters?

Kae Alexander: I think there’s a lot more interaction between us as characters this year. Last year it was mainly us and Alfie but this year more friendships develop. 

Do you ever get to contribute to the script?

Ethan Lawrence: When we’re on set we’re always encouraged to throw something into the mix to see if it will work. 

What is Jack like to work with?

Nikki Runeckles: He’s just a child! 

Layton Williams: We can have banter, chill and talk to him, he’s just a really nice guy. 

Charlie Wernham: It’s scary too because when Elliot (director Elliot Hegarty) turns to Jack and says have fun, you never know what he’s going to throw at you.

Have you found social media helped the show?

Ethan Lawrence: I think it was a savvy decision to create an Alfie Wickers Twitter account. In today’s world it’s always important to have stuff on the internet. 

Layton Williams: It’s just nice to get such a lovely response about something we’ve worked so hard on, it’s great.

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