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In July I was in Birmingham on set of a brand new BBC1 drama series from writer Tony Jordan. By Any Means seemed a difficult one for even the cast to describe but I knew it was about a clandestine team who catch the criminals the police can’t.  I spoke to Warren Brown about taking the lead and what drew him to the role.

Tell us about your character

I play Jack Quinn who supposedly heads this clandestine team of operatives. The title says it all, they’re capturing criminals that the police are having trouble catching. The dynamic of the team is great. We all got on immediately and we’ve had an absolute ball shooting this.

So who is pulling their strings?

It’s all a bit mysterious.

What drives him to capture these criminals?

He’s got a strong moral compass. He knows what’s right and wrong. He certainly detests some of them who have been avoiding capture so I think he wants justice to be done.

Is it an action role for you?

Yes. I always enjoy doing a bit of physical stuff. My background before I started acting was professional Thai boxing. I made a conscious decision when I started acting not to bang on about it

because I was starting from scratch and learning a brand new trade. As I say I’ve always enjoyed anything physical and yes there’s opportunities here to do things his way.

What drew you to the role?

Well it’s the crime genre again which I have been involved in before but the worlds are very different and certainly the character stood out and was nothing like any of the other characters I’ve played. It

feels very different and it has kind of got elements of everything. It is serious but we have a lot of fun within the team too. It’s been interesting for me because I’ve been miserable on screen for a few

years what with Luther and Good Cop so it was nice to play a character who has a laugh and smiles! I also really enjoy the air of mystery and ambiguity that surrounds it.

How do you view his relationship with Gina McKee’s character?

Again, it’s quite ambiguous, you don’t know too much about what they do with one and other but they meet up and she gives him his mission. The team are sort of her secret weapon.

How was filming in Birmingham?

It’s been fantastic actually. It’s not set in Birmingham but everything we need to be in a City Centre is here. It’s smaller which means it’s a lot easier to get around, so Birmingham’s been great.

Have you learnt any new skills for this?

Well being a bit light and not being miserable all the time.

Would you ever consider doing comedy?

Yes! I did a sitcom a few years ago which we shot in front of a live studio audience so yes it’s something I’d like to do again.

And would you ever want to make the move to America?

Yeah. I’ve never really been in any rush for that. I’m very happy as I am at the moment. If the opportunity came up to go to America and it was a great script then I’d absolutely love to. Luther’s gone down really well in the States so you never know.

Do you watch the twitter response to things?

Well it’s one of my biggest bugbears that. I wish people would just watch something and tweet afterwards. They’re not concentrating. It’s great that you get an immediate response though.

By Any Means starts Sunday 22nd September at 9.00pm on BBC ONE.

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