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by | Jan 10, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

The pilot had mixed reviews but we were in the like-it camp and our tent remains there.

What was good about it?

• The exhibitionist maid (“Oooh, don’t look at me! I’m shy!”)

• The fighting museum guards

• Paula the useless darts player (“It’s me nerves! I’m on the same combination of pills as Kerry Katona when she had all that trouble with Bryan McFadden!”). She was equally useless at the pub quiz during a round on “Complete the phrase you hear at supermarkets.” Chip and fish (not pin), Do you want fries with that (

• Posh Ruth Baxter who challenges a harmless gardener to a fight

• Maxine Bendix whose cosmetically enhanced breasts tend to seep

• Chavvy Carol who wants to appear on a daytime TV talk show but is constantly let down by her well-behaved daughter: “Go and mug that old lady! Do you want an Asbo or not?!”

What was bad about it?

• Not really bad, but less successful were the sketches featuring the Shut Up family (eating quack and chips), the dance teacher showing kids how to pole dance, dirty old man Don Peacock (even we found the sketch got a little too disgusting), the bus stop girls discussing Newsnight using street slang, Melody Nation’s performance with her rabbit and the naked quilters

Factfile: The Tittybangbang characters

The Italian Lady: An “extremely shy” cleaning lady at a National Trust property who will do anything to get attention.

The Twitching Darters, led by Paula, the proud captain of Scorton Ladies’ Darts Team, whose prowess on the oche is hampered by her nervous twitch and jealous streak.

Maxine Bennidix, who is 32 and single and has had every plastic surgery imaginable, but it has all done cheaply and the shoddy workmanship often lets her down.

The Harrogate Ladies, a group of menopausal women who meet once a week to work on their patchwork quilts and listen to The Carpenters – while naked.

Don Peacock, a balding bachelor who is desperate to attract female visitors to his grim bedsit.

Mrs Baxter, a middle-aged woman who is always up for a fight

Parker & Harris – perverted pathologist Susan Parker and her heavy-breathing assistant Ms Harris, who are always first on the scene of a serious crime but solving the crime is the last thing on their minds.

The Shut Up Family – Mum, Dad and their daughters enjoy nothing better than tucking into a plate of duck and chips – apart from telling each other to “Shut up!”

Trina and Jean, two bored attendants at a National Trust property who violently abuse each other out of sight of the visiting crowds.

Carol and Leslie-Marie – Carole longs for her charming adopted daughter Leslie-Marie to swap her A grades for ASBOs and dreams of an invitation to the Trisha Goddard Show

Melody Nation, who performs an impressive array of dance moves with her laid-back rabbit

The Singing Teacher – chain smoking Gwyneth, who has to deal with annoying young pupil Anita, who is desperate for a place on the West End stage.

Melanie, Colleen and Nathalie, three urban girls who discuss contemporary public figures in their own unique way.

Tressemme Godsend, a gospel-singing, Bible-bashing water aerobics teacher who struggles to practice what she preaches.

Stella the Scouse Market Thief

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