Top 5 TV shows for teenagers

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No other time in
our lives compares to the torridly dramatic period of our teenage years. Fear
not though. For those of you who still have the dubious pleasure of being
labelled a teenager, there are several hilarious TV series to help you make
sense of it all and laugh at yourself as you navigate those teenage years.


If you’re a
teenager or twenty-something, or even the parent of one, you may well just get
hooked on watching the hilarious series, Girls. The series focuses on Hannah
and her twenty-something friends who are desperately trying to emerge from the
chrysalis into adulthood with some grace, whilst maintaining a modicum of
dignity in the process.

Girls works because the writing is young and fresh and the timing
perfect. Be ready with tissues because it also has its poignant moments.

 True Blood

True Blood is a
classic drama with the perfect mix of suspense, spooky romance, afterlife and
vampires. It also has a little Southern charm thrown in, which gives it a
feel-good tale of extraordinary events mixed with ordinary people and places.

Rob Kazinsky
brings new blood to True Blood in Season 6, creating a frisson which will leave
loyal fans yearning for more. His character, Macklyn Warlow, creates a new and
exciting love interest for Sookie, played by Anna Paquin. But alas, despite
overtures that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her,
true love in True Blood style doesn’t always run smoothly.


Another classic
show, Glee does exactly what it says on the tin and brings glee to our lives in
abundance. If it’s feel-good factor you’re looking for, Glee has it in bucket
loads. Envisaged as a post-modern musical, Glee is certainly tuneful and its
sudden musical outbursts assist in dramatising story lines much to the delight
of its fans. If you’re a frustrated performing arts student, or you just want
to hark back to the good old days of Fame, then you’ll love this sugar sweet
series. Just be sure to exercise your toothbrush regularly to guard against cavities.

Angry Boys

Angry Boys is an
Australian-based mockumentary-style series created by Chris Lilley. Lilley
plays multiple characters in the show, including S.Mouse, a rapper, and Jen,
the manipulative Japanese immigrant mother living in California with her three
children. He also features as Blake Oakfield, the surfer, Ruth Sims, a guard at
a juvenile facility, and identical 17 year old twins Nathan and Daniel Sims.
The comedy that ensues is built largely on Lilley’s comic timing and writing
ability, as well as an excellent supporting cast.


Set in New York,
Friends attracted a huge following throughout the mid-nineties and is now well
on its way to building a second audience of young teenagers whose parents
watched Friends the first time round. The story of six good-looking,
twenty-something friends finding their way in the big city, the show can make
you laugh and cry at the same time, veering from the hilarious to the romantic
and sometimes the poignant, all in the space of a few minutes. 

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