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Five reasons why Totally Scott Lee is the best reality music show ever

1. She’s so hard-working and adorable as she tries to pick herself up from the injustice of having no record deal (shame on you BPI executives; she’s sold more records than you’ve crushed teen-dreams). We really felt for her when she had to play murky nightclubs (“I was playing bloody arenas!”), but her sweetness shone through. And if the country was ruled by the Scott Lee dynasty, Lisa could be dipped in plain, unpalatable foodstuff to flavour it with a delightfully delicious sugar, sending her fans off to work with a song in their hearts.

2. Lisa’s lovely face crumpling into tears when her manager Nathan Moore tells her that her single has only entered the charts at number 23. Gaaah, it made our blood boil. Comrades! To the record stores where we shall stand vigilantly beside the newly-released chart singles, machete in hand, and dismember the hands of an consumer whose hands stray towards any other CD other than lovely Lisa’s, and let’s all bring down this corrupt system which forces 24 carat talent like Lisa’s to languish in the chart gutter while pop trash like Usher ride proud as punch to number one.

3. The incredible awkwardness between the successful Michelle Heaton, of the divine Liberty X, and her boyfriend, the significantly less successful Andy Scott Lee.

4. Lisa’s other two brothers who made up the abortive 3SL, with Andy, seem to have been taken a very long way away and dumped.

5. The atmosphere of joyful conviviality where everyone calls each other “babe”.

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