Traumatised by Matthew Wright in a Bikini!

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All is still hunky dory in the camp; they’re all getting along harmoniously and everyone is braving the creepy crawlies and seems up for the Bushtucker Trial challenges. Enter two new campmates who seem full of personality, full of drama and best of all hate creepy crawlies and the idea of doing the Bushtucker Trials. I think a change is on its way.

Last night we saw Amy face her first publically voted trial, Matthew and Kian were at odds doing the Dingo Dollar Challenge and Ant took a risk and went for the chinos. I don’t know how much more drama we can take. Beginning with the trial, when Amy was told she had been chosen she was genuinely shocked and then came the worry that she had been voted because the public hate her, so the pressure to impress was really on. “Handglider From Hell” saw Amy in essentially a glass coffin high above a ravine, inside were the ten stars all secured by a combination lock. The handglider moved across the jungle and on the ground below were ten combinations; all Amy had to do was match the combinations to the locks to release the stars. Joining her in the box was ’40,000 critters’ according to the Geordie hosts, but Amy kept her cool and didn’t let them affect her performance. Taking a leaf out of Joey’s book, she managed to get on with the task and won an impressive seven stars for her camp. If the public were expecting this beauty queen to throw a hissy fit, they were sorely disappointed. So far, they’ve been an impressive bunch of campers- thank god there’s been no Helen Flannagan’s or Gillian McKeith’s this year.

Then came the Dingo Dollar Challenge which saw Kian and Matthew go hunting for gold. They were taken into the jungle and on the ground below them were arrows pointing to various distances, when they reached those destinations they had to dig for the next instruction. The best thing about this trial was that they had to estimate the length of a metre- something which neither could agree on having Matthew claim that Kian was working by “the Irish metre” and that he only knows distances by the yard. Nevertheless, they were roughly accurate and reached each arrow which brought them right back to the beginning and that’s where they found the dollars. So it was off to Kiosk Keith where they had the choice between popcorn or crisps, once they’d chosen crisps, Keith phoned the other camp members to ask them the all important questions. “According to a recent survey, how many lies does the average man tell per year? 1,092 or 846” The realistic bunch went with the disappointing number of 1,092 which turned out to be correct (for shame men, for shame) which meant they were awarded what seemed to be a single packet of crisps to be shared out between all ten of them. How generous. But if they think that portions are stretched now, they’re not going to be happy with having to share with two new arrivals.

Anabelle Giles and Vincent Simone made their way into the jungle last night, but before they could make it to camp they were faced with their own Bushtucker Trial. Past contestants have gone into these trials knowing that getting all of the stars will work drastically in their favour when united with the other campmates. It seems that no one told Anabelle and Vincent this, after being scared at the sight of a single cockroach they agreed that to achieve just six stars will do them. So after five hours of attaching corks to 300 hats (as you do) they were allowed to leave. But still not able to join the others they were to sleep on the floor in their own makeshift camp. How the other campers will take this news remains to be seen, for a group that are accustomed to seven stars a night between ten, to go down to six between twelve will be interesting. And with the dramatics that came with Anabelle and Vincent they’re definitely going to be a fascinating addition to an otherwise amicable camp.

In other news; the image of Matthew in an itsy bitsy white bikini won’t be something I’ll be forgetting for a loooong time.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here continues Tonight on ITV.

Contributed by Helen Robertson 

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