Tripping Over, Five

by | Oct 30, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Tripping Over didn’t fall flat on its face but Five’s bid to enter the youth drama market stumbled a lot before just doing enough to make us interested enough to see if all the strands can be held together as they stretch around the world.

What was good about it?

• Of the featured backpackers who meet in Bangkok – where their lives change for ever – our favourite was Aussie Nic (played very quietly by Abe Forsythe), a lovely laidback bloke who likes to get drunk and do silly dances but has a sweet sensitive side, too. And a floppy fringe.

• Privileged girl Tamsin (Alexandra Moen) became quite endearing and soap star Ned (Daniel McPherson) was nicely self-effacing.

• Ned falling asleep while shooting his motorbike accident final scene for Next Door (ho ho).

• Gay character Callum (Leon Ockenden) was well-drawn and not stereotypical. And he looked like a cross between a young Andy Kershaw and a thinner Dermot O’Leary. Very small bottom, though.

• The boat explosion on a Bangkok river was very well executed and got rid of (or did it?) annoying hippy Dave (Ramon Tikaram).

• The advice given to soap star Ned as he heads off to London – “Things can go horribly wrong over there! Talk to Jason. Talk to Craig!”

• Lizzie’s cheery reaction to being complemented on her weight-loss. “I got dengue fever in Bombay. Internal bleeding.”

• The beautiful Simon Shepherd off of Peak Practice had a cameo role

What was bad about it?

• We’re quite happy to see Daniel McPherson without clothes but the scene of him “on the shitter” after being poisoned by noodles wasn’t much of a turn-on

• Kathryn Drysdale, the squeaky, demanding, annoying one from Two Pints Of Lager, is again the squeaky, demanding, annoying one as Lizzie

• Creator Mike Bullen failed to give this enough of the light, comic touch that made his Cold Feet such a success

• The he’s-not-really-my-son sub-plot involving Paul McGann’s hairy-lunged character was a bit soapy

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