The Truth About Food, BBC2

by | Jan 11, 2007 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Thursday night at 9pm on BBC2 used to be the time for some serious science. Horizon was sometimes hard to follow, sometimes a bit boring, but it was normally enriching and always intelligent. But now Horizon is normally just an hour of pop science banality. Now even that has been sidelined by the worst sort of science programme you’ll ever see – celebrity science, full of gimmicks and stupidity and trivia. We hated it!

What was good about it?

• There was a little useful information (eg garlic can boost erections) – but only about three minutes’ worth in an hour of broadcasting.

What was bad about it?

• Getting celebrities to investigate serious topics hardly ever works – and it certainly didn’t with puffed-up Fiona Bruce, assigned the task of establishing the truth about healthy eating and reducing it to a series of giggles and stunts. (Heaven knows what’s in store when Vic Reeves and that awful wife of his front next week’s show).

• Bruce was especially coy and giggly when called on to question two men who’d been eating four cloves of garlic a day to boost their erections. Jade Goody could have carried out that interview with more maturity and intelligence.

• The ridiculous stunt of feeding 5kg of fruit and veg a day to a bunch of people suffering from high cholesterol and a propensity to giggle at the merest thing. To make it worse, they were forced to camp out at Paignton Zoo.

• The farting cowboys in America – and the close-ups of their excretions as they were examined by scientist Gemma (aka Miss Poo).

• The testing of two constipated truckers in Europe, involving a pill-sized camera travelling through their intestinal tract and out their anuses – plus more giggling. While we waited for their waste to emerge, Bruce got to flush away thousands of licence fee payers’ pounds by travelling in a helicopter to catch them on the road. In return, she came up with a script full of crappy puns (literally).

• While extolling yoghurts and veg, Bruce made a junk food mess of a programme with less nutrition than a show aimed at five-year-old kids (narrator Les Keen’s patronising tones didn’t help)

• Bruce even roped her brother into proceedings and showed us round her flash kitchen, paid for by us in return for her arching that left eyebrow ridiculously as she reads out some words about Iraq or David Beckham.

Luke Knowles

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