The TV Week – Feb 27th – Friday 5th March 2010

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7.45pm Ant N Dec’s Push the Button ITV – Ant and Dec present a brand new gameshow in which two families battle it out to take home a big cash prize. The teams face a series of games, unexpected challenges and silly costumes. Each family starts with 100,000 pounds, and the games are designed to chip away at their pot. The only way they can stop their money slipping away is to Push the Button.
2.00pm House Guest in the Sun ITV Five Brits open up their dream homes in the sun to complete strangers with the view to impressing one and all with their hospitality. They are all competing for the cash prize and the coveted golden toothbrush awarded at the end of the week.
9.00pm Five Days BBC1 – Second series of the drama series following five days in a crime investigation. This will air for 5 consecutive nights on BBC1 from 9pm. This second series follows off-duty police officer Laurie Franklin who finds herself caught up in a strange sequence of events after a person falls in front of her train. When she learns that a newborn baby has been abandoned at the local hospital Laurie becomes convinced that the two events must be connected. But both the train’s victim and the baby remain unidentified. As she is drawn deeper into the mystery, Laurie realises this might not be a simple case of suicide at all, but something much darker. Starring Surrane Jones, Anne Reid, David Morrissey. Contiunes at 9 all week.
9.00pm Why Did You Kill My Dad? BBC2 – Documentary about the fatal stabbing of 75-year-old Philip Hendy who was murdered by a man with a long history of mental health problems. This highly personal film documents the journey of Philip Hendy’s son, Julian, to uncover the true scale and cost of killings by the mentally ill in Britain today.
9.00pm The Secret Millionaire Channel 4 – Brand new series of the popular documentary series. Dawn Gibbins has a unique mission in life: to educate Britain to lose the shoes and go barefoot. Her holistically inspired flooring business aims to do just that; and builds on the success of a long-established family business. Now, at the age of 50, Dawn is about to lose more than just the shoes. She’s about to give away £250,000 of her own money as she leaves behind her balanced lifestyle in Cheshire and the world of “floor couture” to travel to Bristol, where some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Britain sit side by side with some of the poorest.
9.00pm Paws, Claws and VIdeotape BBC4 – Hugh Dennis reveals a host of artists from the animal kingdom who found fame on TV and in the cinema. While their human co-stars may have passed into obscurity, it is Flipper, Skippy, Lassie, Beauty, Hammy and Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion who live on.
10.35pm Secrets for Sale BBC1 – With unique warts and all access to Real People magazine, this sometimes poignant and funny documentary follows the magazine’s small team of reporters as they hit the road and dig deep into their contributors’ most intimate and harrowing experiences, and asks why people feel the need to lay bare their personal pain and tragedy to 200,000 readers.
7.30pm When the Olympics Come to Town BBC1 – BBC sports reporter and Strictly Come Dancing winner Chris Hollins provide napshot of what life in the capital will be like when the greatest show on earth arrives in 2012.
8.00pm Country House Rescue Channel 4 – Country House Rescue returns for a second series with fearless and peerless Ruth Watson trying to knock some of our crumbling stately homes and their owners back into shape
9.00pm How Safe are our Skies BBC2 – On Christmas Day 2009, as Northwest Airlines Flight 253 began its descent towards Detroit Metropolitan airport, a 23-year-old attempted to detonate 80 grams of military-grade explosive PETN, a deadly bomb designed to take the plane out of the sky.

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