The TV WEEK: Saturday 23rd – Friday 29th July 2011

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7.30pm The Space Shuttle’s Last Flight Channel 4 –  Documentary that charts the rise and fall of the most ambitious space programme ever undertaken: the space shuttle.


8.00pm Holiday Hijack Channel 4 – Reality series that takes all-inclusive resort-loving British holidaymakers on a once in a lifetime trip they’ll really never forget. Each week a group of unsuspecting tourists, who think they’re in for some five-star luxuries, are hijacked from their package holiday by members of the local community to show them the realities of life behind the glossy travel brochure images.

9.00pm Space Shuttle: The Final Misson BBC2 – Kevin Fong is granted extraordinary access to the astronauts and ground crew as they prepare for their final mission. He is in mission control as the astronauts go through their final launch simulation, and he flies with the last shuttle commander as he undertakes his last practice landing flight. Kevin also gains privileged access to the shuttle itself, visiting the lauchpad in the company of the astronaut who will guide the final flight from mission control.

10.25pm Sugartown BBC1 – Comedy drama set in a Northern seadisde town about the workers at a struggling rock factory. Jason’s surprise engagement party for Emily is derailed by the return of his brother, Max, who wants to redevelop the town – starting with a controversial new nightspot. But when the locals discover Sugartown once had a proud tradition of dance, they realise they may just have found a way to save their community. Starring Shaun Dooley, Tom Ellis and Miranda Rasion.


7.30pm Wonderstuff BBC2 – The first episode of the series taps into the nation’s obsession with personal hygiene, as Jane flings open the bathroom cabinet to decode what’s in the products we rely on every day to stay cleaned and preened. To find the wonderstuffs hidden in soap and toothpaste,

9.00pm British Masters BBC4 – Three-part series in which art historian James Fox explores 20th-century British art, a period he considers an extraordinary flowering of genius. In the decades after the Second World War,

11.45pm Gary: Task Commander BBC3 – Scottish comedy. Gary and his comrades, Adam, Jacko and Charlie, are about to return from Afghanistan. However, they will have to wait for their flight to Cyprus and Gary is keen to bargain to get an earlier plane out of the war zone as they face a 12-hour wait in a sweaty airport hangar.


8.00pm One Year to Go: Building Stratford Five – In 2012, the UK will host one of the greatest sporting spectacles on Earth. This has sparked an epic project to transform a derelict wasteland into a groundbreaking Olympic park, covering an area of two and a half square kilometres, including the main stadium, Aquatic Centre, velodrome and Olympic Village. This documentary follows the race against time to complete the £8bn project in time for July 2012.

9.00pm Richard Hammond’s Journey to the Bottom of the Sea BBC1

9.00pm Geordie Finishing School for Girls BBC3 – Four privileged young ladies swap their affluent lives down south, for 10 days of living on the breadline in the north.

9.00pm Camera That Changed the World BBC4 – The summer of 1960 was a critical moment in the history of film. This was when the fly-on-the-wall documentary was born. The Camera that Changed the World tells the story of the filmmakers and ingenious engineers who led this revolution by building the first hand-held cameras that followed real life as it happened. By amazing co-incidence, there were two separate groups of them – one on each side of the Atlantic.


7.00pm Olympics: One Year To Go BBC1 – Sophie Raworth and Jake Humphrey are live in Trafalgar Square as the world’s athletes are invited to the games. With live music and entertainment, they are joined by some of Britain’s top athletes as the 2012 gold medal design is revealed for the first time.

8.00pm 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments ITV – To celebrate the release of the final instalment in the Harry Potter film saga, this special programme counts down the 50 greatest Harry Potter moments, as voted for by fans. Robbie Coltrane – aka Hagrid – narrates the countdown and looks back at the events which have defined the story of Harry and his friends

9.00pm The Code BBC2 – Marcus du Sautoy reveals a hidden numerical code that underpins all nature. A code that has the power to explain everything, from the numbers and shapes we see all around us to the rules that govern our own lives. In this first episode, Marcus reveals how significant numbers apear throughout the natural world. They’re part of a hidden mathematical world that contains the rules that govern everything on our planet and beyond.

10.00pm Murdoch: The Mogul who Scrwed the News Channel 4 – Jacques Peretti talks to everyone from Hugh Grant to Murdoch insiders to find out how the world of celebrities, cops and politicians first cosied up with, and then turned against, the world’s most powerful media mogul.


9.00pm Town with Nicholas Crane BBC2 –  An English market town on the Welsh border, Ludlow is small, landlocked and remote. Yet it has more listed buildings than anywhere else its size in Britain; not one, but two Michelin-starred restaurants; and a fairytale castle which was once the capital of Wales. Geographer and adventurer Nicholas Crane discovers how such a cut-off town came to be packed with so many treasures, and asks whether it really is as perfect as it first appears.

9.00pm The Rattigan Enigma by Benedict Cumberbatch BBC4 – Benedict Cumberbatch, one of the country’s leading actors, explores the life and work of enigmatic playwright Terence Rattigan. Rattigan was the master of the ‘well crafted play’ of upper class manners and repressed sexuality and he dominated the West End theatre scene throughout the 40s and early 50s.


9.00pm Charles & Diana: The Wedding of the Century ITV – Juliet Aubrey narrates a look back at this defining moment of the 20th century, telling the story of the day using testimony from the people who witnessed it and from those who played a key role in the day’s events. Featuring contributions from dressmaker David Emanuel and Diana’s bridesmaid India Hicks as well as rarely seen archive footage from the day and recollections from those who covered the wedding on television, including Selina Scott, Martyn Lewis and Tim Ewart.

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