The TV WEEK: Saturday 27th August – Friday 2 September 2011

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6.10pm Total Wipeout BBC1

7.10pm Doctor Who BBC1 – Return of the series. The desperate search for Melody Pond sees the TARDIS crash-landing in 1930s Berlin, as the time-travelling drama returns. There, the Doctor comes face-to-face with the greatest war criminal in the universe. And Hitler. Old friendships are tested to their limits as the Doctor suffers the ultimate betrayal and learns a harsh lesson in the cruellest warfare of all. As precious time ebbs away, the Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities. And he must succeed before an almighty price is paid

9.00pm The BBC Comedy Proms BBC2 – The first ever Comedy Prom hosted by musician, actor and comedian Tim Minchin at the Royal Albert Hall. Tim weaves his way through an unpredictable evening of musical comedy, fun and surprises and is joined by guests including Maestro winner Sue Perkins, musical cabaret duo Kit and the Widow, the puppet Mongrels, and Doc Brown. Soprano Susan Bullock and pianist Danny Driver attempt to keep the musical standard from plummeting too far.

9.15pm A Night With Will Young ITV – One-off special where the former Pop Idol winner performs his Hits and new material hosted by Kate Thornton.

10.00pm American: The Bill Hicks Story BBC4 – Texan outlaw comic Bill Hicks was and still is an inspiration to millions, his rebellious and exhilarating comedy leaving no stone unturned with his profound observations on American life. The story of a son, a brother and a friend, this film is told ‘in the round’ by the family and peers who knew Hicks best.


8.00pm David Jason’s Great Escapes ITV – Documentary in which David Jason investigates the amazing real-life wartime escape stories that were the inspiration for iconic dramas such as Colditz and The Great Escape. He meets the last known British survivor of The Great Escape, attempts to recreate the Warburg Wire Job – one of the most ingenious escapes of World War 2 – and travels to Holland to unpick the story of one of the most heroic and little-known escape stories of the war.

9.00pm Page Eight BBC2 – Spy drama set in London and Cambridge. Johnny Worricker is a long-serving MI5 officer. His boss and best friend Benedict Baron dies suddenly, leaving behind him an inexplicable file, threatening the stability of the organisation. Meanwhile, a seemingly chance encounter with Johnny’s striking next-door neighbour and political activist Nancy Pierpan seems too good to be true. Johnny is forced to walk out of his job, and then out of his identity to find out the truth. Starring Bill Nighy.


8.00pm Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets Channel 4 – Stephen Fry chooses and presents his 100 all-time favourite gadgets. In a three-hour countdown, Stephen demonstrates his personal favourite devices and contraptions, all of which have revolutionised our individual and collective lives in some way. From the hi-tech to the historical, and the practical to the downright dumb, this countdown lifts the lid on some of mankind’s most brilliant and wacky gadgets that we can no longer live without.

9.00pm The Conspiracy Files BBC2 – A look at why some people still question what really happened on 9/11. Conspiracy theories continue to evolve and now question every aspect of the official account. Why, they ask, was the hole in the Pentagon so small? Why did the World Trade Centre buildings collapse as if being demolished by explosives? Why did one skyscraper fall when it was never hit by a plane?

9.00pm Jameila: Shame About Single Mums BBC3 – The R&B singer and single mum chats to the others about the stigma of rasing a child alone.

9.00pm Elegance & Decadence: The History of Regency BBC4 – Historian Lucy Worsley presents a series marking the 200th anniversary of one of the most explosive and creative decades in British history. It paints a vivid portrait of an age of elegance presided over by a prince of decadence – the infamous Prince Regent himself, a man with legendary appetites for women, food and self-indulgence. Yet this was the same man who would rebuild London, carving out the great thoroughfare of Regent Street and help establish the Regency look as the epitome of British style through his extravagant patronage of art and design. The first programme reveals a Prince Regent obsessed with outdoing arch-rival Napoleon not on the battlefield but in terms of sheer opulence, ceremonial bling and monumental architecture.

10.00pm Ruth Jones’ Summer Holiday BBC2 – Ruth Jones presents another of her seasonal chat shows. She is joined by presenter Jonathan Ross, comedian Sarah Millican and actor Stephen Mangan. Including music from Imelda May.

10.00pm Ladyboys SkyLiving – Documentary that travels to Thailand to explore the world of male-to-female transgender persons.


8.00pm Inside Nature’s Giants – Channel 4 – The Animal Autopsy series returns with a brand new 4-part series. The Team travel to the Australian Outback to disect a Camel.

8.00pm A Minute to Win It ITV2 – Darren McMullen hosts a new eight-part gameshow in which Joe Swash and Caroline Flack go head-to-head in a number of side-splitting 60-second challenges which use everyday household objects in crazy ways.

9.00pm Sex, Lies & Gagging Orders BBC3 – Former Heat editor Sam Delaney investigates how much we’re entitled to know about the private lives of the famous – and how much they have a right to keep hidden.

9.00pm Inside Gatwick Sky1 – An access-all-areas documentary charting the complete overhaul of Gatwick Airport touches down. From the CEO to the baggage handlers, cameras capture all the highs and lows.

10.00pm Shameless Channel 4 – Series eight continues. t’s a black day on Chatsworth when Paddy Maguire is returned in a coffin. While the residents grieve, Jamie gathers the Maguires to lift the lid on this ‘special delivery’. Leticia dares Aiden to break in and take a photo of Paddy in return for a kiss, but they’re in for quite a surprise. Karen sets up a kids’ entertainment business, but the joke’s on her when Mickey, Avril and Lillian join the team. Competition is fierce, but when a catfight with a sexy rival is popular with the dads, Karen discovers a new way to make some extra cash.

10.35pm Donor Mum: The Children I’ve Never Met BBC1 – Documentary telling the story of Sylvia, who in 1991 became one of Britain’s first anonymous egg donors. The film follows Sylvia as she finally decides to make contact with the twins and their mother Joan. It also tells the story of Sylvia’s son Eliott, who was conceived with the help of an anonymous sperm donor


8.00pm Location, Location, Location Channel 4

9.00pm 9/11 The Firemen’s Story Channel 4 – Documentary that explores the dramatic stories of individual firemen on September 11: the stories of those who died, those who survived and those who still bear the scars. Of the 2752 people who died on 9/11, 343 were New York’s firemen: by far the greatest loss of life by any emergency service in the world in a single day.

10.00pm Justin Lee Collins: Living Las Vegas Five – Justin Lee Collins experiences life in Las Vegas in this documentary series. Justin watches Matt Goss’s show at Caesar’s Palace, dances onstage with a troupe of male strippers, joins some bounty hunters on a search for a criminal and even conducts a wedding ceremony.


8.00pm Watchdog BBC1

9.00pm Jig BBC2 – Award-winning filmaker Sue Bourne goes behind the normally closed doors of the world of competitive Irish dance in a documentary telling the story of the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships

9.00pm 9/11: The Day that Changed the World ITV – Documentary marking the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States which shocked the world. The horror of the assault on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is recalled by America’s key decision-makers, including former Vice President Dick Cheney, ex-Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the nation’s top generals, CIA and FBI anti-terror chiefs and former First Lady Laura Bush. The programme goes behind the scenes to see how these men and women coped minute by minute on that fateful day, combining television footage and first-hand accounts of how the events unfolded in the offices, the bunkers, the military headquarters and on the aircraft.

9.00pm The A-Z of Crime ITV3 – Series going behind the scenes of the most popular shows on TV, finding out what makes our detectives tick, what makes the villains so villainous, and celebrating some of the most exciting and memorable moments in crime thriller entertainment. This episode takes viewers through the alphabet from A-D. Including contributions from actors Stephen Tompkinson and Julia McKenzie, as well as writers Mark Billingham, Val McDermid, Peter James and Lee Child.

10.00pm Celebrity Juice ITV2 – New series fronted by Keith Lemon.


9.00pm Outnumbered BBC1 – Series four of the partly improvised Family Sitcom. The Brockman family have some tough decisions to make about work, video games, and who to take to a family funeral.

9.00pm Wogan on Woodehouse BBC2 – Terry Wogan looks at the life of writer PG Wodehouse. In exploring the extraordinarily long career of his literary hero, Terry employs rarely seen archive material and is joined by Stephen Fry, Griff Rhys Jones, Joanna Lumley and a series of expert contributors in a documentary which addresses Wodehouse’s longstanding appeal.

9.00pm The Million Pound Drop Live Channel 4

10.300pm Comedy Showcase: Chickens Channel 4 – Quirky period comedy written by and starring Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and Jonny Sweet. They’re the only men in the village, and all the women hate them. It’s the First World War. Our nation’s heroes are fighting the good fight on foreign soil, but in one sleepy English village three young men remain: George is a conscientious objector, Cecil has flat feet and Bert really is a coward, unfortunately. In the eyes of their neighbours they’re all the same – chickens. So in a world of women, children and the infirm, these twenty-something chaps have only each other for company and nothing else in common.

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