The TV WEEK: Saturday 30th – Friday 4th August 2011

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9.00pm – Penn & Teller: Fool Us ITV1: Presented by Jonathan Ross, four new acts try to trick the illustrious duo to win the ultimate prize of appearing on their stage show in Las Vegas. Who will succeed this time?


8.00pm – Top Gear BBC2: Last in the series; Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond meets ex-military amputees who have a passion for rally driving and Jeremy ‘anti-environmentalist’ Clarkson and ‘Captain Slow’ James May head out to the seaside in a Nissan Leaf and a Peugeot iOn: will they be impressed? Louis Walsh is the Star in the Reasonably Priced car. The Lamborghini Aventador is put through its paces by The Stig.

9.00pm – Dragon’s Den BBC2 Hilary Devey, ex-Business Inspector, is the new Dragon in the den and hopes to bring fresh insight to business’ pitch failures. Business pitches include an anxious lady with the solution to all your party problems, a circus act who are looking to make a great impression and one businessman who hasn’t done his homework.

10.00pm The Grumpy Guide to Food BBC2


8.00pm – The Secret Life of Buildings CH4 Environmental Psychologists meet Architecture buff Tom Dyckhoff, looking at how the design of buildings can affect people’s emotional wellbeing, both at home and in the office. How does the design of a room affect people’s health? Why does the UK have the smallest habitable spaces in Europe?

8.30pm – Dying for a Drink BBC1 Richard Bilton, investigates how alcoholism destroys the lives of a 35-year-old and a 45-year-old: people who used to be too young to be critically ill,  requiring a liver transplant. What is the government doing to help people suffering from alcoholism?

9.00pm Hell’s Kitchen USA ITV2

10.00pm – Sirens, CH4: Last in the series: stoic Stuart finds that he can’t quite control his emotions as well as he first thought and, this time, turns to others for support. But Maxine is too loved up with Craig, and Ashley finds he’s acquired a new boyfriend, who’s leaving more than his toothbrush behind…


8.00pm – The Story of Maths: To Infinity and Beyond, BBC4: Last in the series. Many mathematical problems remain unsolved: Marcus du Sautoy examines Cantor’s infinity theories and the work of Henri Poincare on chaos theory, whilst a $1m prize remains for anyone who’s clever enough to solve the mystery of prime numbers…

10.35pm – An Abuse of Trust, BBC1 30 years since his initial investigation of sex-offender Derek Slade, a former headteacher, investigative journalist Roger Cook travels to India and Africa to look into claims that Slade offended there too.


9.00pm – The Code: Shapes, BBC2 The Fibonnacci sequence is one of the most beautiful patterns found in nature. Marcus du Sautoy looks at patterns that occur in honeycombs, mountain formations, bubbles and leaves and reveals his theory that this is all part of a hidden code that rules the planet. There’s an interesting foray into how this theory could help Pixar create more realistic animation landscapes.

9.00pm – My Resignation BBC 4 Politicians and other public and media figures discuss their decisions to resign, or not, and how they were affected by newspaper opinion and the public perception. How can public resignations ever be a good thing, and what is next after you’ve left the office? Tamsin Greig narrates.


7.30pm – The Repossessed: Tonight, ITV1: What role do banks play in financial crises that lead to people having their homes repossessed and how does this affect the families? Several families are interviewed about the impact it’s had on them and a prominent banker tells of a uncertain future when currently frozen interest rates start to go up again.

8.00pm – Aircrash: Hudson River Landing, CH5: New York, Jan 2009: a couple of minutes after Airbus A-320 lifted up on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina, it hit a flock of birds which put both of its engines out of action. Forced to crash in the Hudson River, the pilot bravely saved all 155 passengers. What can be learned from this crash and why did this happen?

9.00pm Trollied Sky1 – Brand new British comedy based in a supermarket shot in documentary style starring Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy. The second episode airs straight after.

10.00pm – Amy Winehouse: The Untold Story, CH5: A tribute to Amy Winehouse, who tragically died on the 23rd of July. One of the most talented female vocalists on the UK music scene, sadly her troubled life, rather than her music, was the main focus of attention in the media spotlight. With interviews with friends and family, this documentary is a poignant goodbye to one of Britain’s influential young stars.


9.00pm – Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son: The Murder of Jane Clough ITV-  Three-part documentary series that examines how friends and families adjust after a murder and features the case of Jane Clough, murdered by an ex-boyfriend who was out on bail for her rape. The documentary follows her parents who are campaigning for a change to bail laws. Sue Johnston narrates.

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