The TV WEEK: Saturday 3rd – Friday 9th September 2011

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7.00pm Red or Black? ITV – Ant and Dec present a brand new TV event in which ordinary people get the chance to become millionaires. All week, contestants have the chance to spin the Red or Black? wheel and answer the simple question – red or black? Ten correct answers stand between them and a million pounds. Each day 1,000 hopefuls go from the Red or Black? Arena at Wembley to another spectacular UK location to take part in a series of challenges which will whittle their numbers down. Eight make it through to the next stage, but only two can go head-to-head in the final later in the evening with the first results show airing at 9.15pm. Continues all week with 2 shows a night.

9.45pm The Jonathan Ross Show ITV – New chat show with guests Lewis Hamilton, Sarah Jessica Parker and singer Adele.


6.30pm Nature’s Miracle Babies BBC1 – Series in which zoologist and presenter Martin Hughes-Games travels the world to discover how species on the brink of extinction are being protected by dedicated and passionate people. He starts his journey in China where, without the extraordinary advances in reproductive science, the country’s most visible symbol – the giant panda – would be extinct. He also follows the stories of the pied tamarin, the tiny and tenacious monkey teetering on the edge of extinction, and the threatened one-horned Asian rhino.

8.30pm Inspector George Gently BBC1 – Return of the period crime drama centering around the discovery of the body of a missing school girl.

9.00pm World’s Most Dangerous Roads BBC2 – Comedian Sue Perkins and adventurer Charley Boorman travel across Alaska to the notorious Dalton Highway – a dirt track built in the 1970s as a supply road to support the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline.

9.00pm Appropriate Adult ITV – 2-part drama about the intense and complex relationship between serial killer Fred West and housewife Janet Leach, whose life is dramatically changed when she is asked to act as West’s ‘appropriate adult’ while he is in custody. Almost immediately after Janet begins working with West, he makes a shocking confession of murder – but she cannot tell the police because of her obligation of confidentiality. As West reveals more to her – while refusing to divulge information to the police – Janet feels forced to give him an ultimatum: she will leave the case unless he co-operates.

10.00pm The Grumpy Guide to Driving BBC2


8.00pm Ground Zero Mosque Channel 4 – BAFTA Award-winning director Dan Reed untangles the hysteria, fury and politics surrounding the ‘Mosque at Ground Zero’. His film explores how this proposed mosque and Islamic community centre, two blocks away from the site of the 9/11 attacks in lower Manhattan, has thrown into sharp focus the tensions at the core of American democracy regarding the country’s Muslim population.

8.30pm The Real Hustle BBC3 – Return of the scam series.

9.00pm How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring BBC2 – The story of how the Arab world erupted in revolution, as a new generation used the internet and social media to try to overthrow their hated leaders. In the first of this two-part series, Mishal Husain charts events in Tunisia and Egypt by meeting those who led the revolts and showing the unique footage they shot.

9.00pm 9/11: Emergency Room Channel 4 – Documentary that tells of the emergency treatment of the injured that took place in and around the World Trade Center as the jets crashed and the towers fell on the morning of 9/11. Many lost their lives in the attacks, but there were also thousands of evacuating office workers and emergency responders who were burned, crushed, impaled, lacerated, blinded and traumatised. Many had life-threatening injuries. With access to new footage and testimony from those on the ground, 9/11: Emergency Room reveals how lives were saved.


7.00pm Euro 2012 Qualifiers ITV

9.00pm Catch Me If You Can: Armed Robbers BBC1 –  Narrated by Philip Glenister, this is part of a series of Crimewatch specials examining how investigators stay one step ahead of the most professional and ruthless criminals.

9.00pm Adopting Abroad: Saira’s Story BBC2 – First of the two documentaries that follow Saira Khan and her husband Steve on their journey to adopt a baby girl from an orphanage in Karachi, Pakistan. Concludes Thursday

9.00pm Don’t Tell the Bride BBC3 – Return of the series where a groom organizes his wedding.

10.35pm The Twins of the Twin Towers BBC2 – Documentary that features the accounts of some of the 46 twins including Zachary Fletcher, a New York City Fire Fighter who lost his fellow fire fighter and twin brother Andre in the south tower; Gregory Hoffman, who was on the phone to his twin Stephen as the second plane hit; and former NYPD undercover cop Lisa DeRienzo, who lost her brother Michael. As a broker, Michael believed he was the one with the safe job. These and other compelling testimonies make for a profound and powerful tale, which strikes at the heart of what it is to be not only a twin but also a human being, and reminds us why the world can never forget the events of September 11 2001.


9.00pm Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill Channel 4 – The most complete story yet of the operation to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. A stellar cast of White House insiders speak on camera, including the first extraordinary documentary interview with President Barack Obama on the subject. From the anxiety-drenched minutes in the White House Situation Room to the deadly stairwells of Bin Laden’s secret labyrinth, cinematic dramatisations take viewers deep inside one of the most important moments of our era, showing the US Navy Seals coming face to face with the most wanted man in history.

9.00pm Claire Richards: Slave to Food Skyliving – Former Steps star Claire Richards attempts to discover the real reason she never wins her battle with weight, as cameras gain access to her life over the course of a year.


9.00pm 9/11: The Conspiricay Road Trip BBC3 – Andrew Maxwell, a comedian, believes in the findings of the official investigation, which claim the responsibility for the attack lies with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. He thinks the conspiracies theories are unsubstantiated nonsense. So in this film he offers to take five young Brits, who believe some of these conspiracy theories, on a road-trip from New York to Washington. They visit Ground Zero where two planes hit the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, home of vast American defence HQ and Shanksville in Pennsylvania where United 93 crashed.


9.30pm Would I Lie To You? BBC1 – Fifth series of the panel game fronted by Rob Brydon with team Captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack. David is joined by Rebecca Front and Jack Whitehall, and Lee is joined by Nick Hewer and Miranda Hart.

10.00pm QI BBC2 – The panel game fronted by Stephen Fry returns to its original home on BBC2 with the I series.

10.30pm Comedy Showcase: Coma Girl Channel 4 -Single-camera comedy that follows a group of female friends united by a shared history but divided by almost everything else. Most friends meet for dinner, or at the pub, but for these four old school friends their monthly get together is in the unsettling surroundings of an intensive care unit. Siobhan is a failing TV presenter, Sarah is a rather reluctant mother of three, Pip is a pseudo bohemian and Lucy, well, Lucy is in a coma. After the initial shock, the group soon realise that Lucy is in dire need of help, if only they could provide it.

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