The TV Week: Sunday 6th – Friday 11th February 2011

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9.00pm The Promise Channel 4 – Four-part drama from acclaimed writer/director Peter Kosminsky. The parallel stories of Erin, an 18-year-old Londoner visiting present-day Israel, and her grandfather, Len, a soldier in the British peace-keeping force in 1940s Palestine, are told against the backdrop of the world’s most complex, tragic and intractable conflict.

9.00pm Hawaii 5-0 Sky1 – Pilot of the American 2010 remake of the classic police series.


6.30pm One Man & His Campervan BBC2 – Series that sees presenter Martin Dorey, campervan lover and passionate foodie, journey around Britain in his 1970s classic campervan on the ultimate escapist adventure. Martin travels around the UK meeting growers, fishermen, farmers, larger-than-life local experts and fellow holiday makers.

8.30pm The Beauty of Books BBC4 – Series combining stories, interviews, illustrations and archive to reveal the beauty of books.

9.00pm Outcasts BBC1 – 8-part sci-fi drama from the makers of Spooks, Life on Mars, Hustle and Ashes to Ashes. A diverse group of individuals – led by President Tate with his core team of Stella , Cass and Fleur – left their old lives behind in extraordinary circumstances. Promised a second chance at life, they created a society far away from their home, friends and family … and their pasts. They took charge and settled here first alongside Expeditionaries Mitchell and Jack .Settled in the town of Forthaven on Carpathia, they are passionate about their jobs, confident of their ideals and optimistic about the future. They work hard to preserve what they’ve built on this planet they now call home, having embraced all the challenges that come with forging a new beginning. The planet offers the possibility for both corruption and redemption; while they try to avoid the mistakes made on Earth, inevitably the heroes cannot escape the human pitfalls of love, greed, lust, loss and a longing for those they’ve left behind. Starring Liam Cunningham as President Richard Tate, who runs Carpathia and is dedicated to keeping the human species alive; Hermione Norris as Stella Isen, Head of Protection and Security (PAS), who sacrificed everything for the chance to save the world; Amy Manson as Fleur Morgan, PAS Officer, and young, bright and idealistic; Daniel Mays as Cass Cromwell, PAS Officer – unpredictable and fiercely loyal to Tate; Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Gallactica) as Mitchell Hoban, Head of the Expeditionaries and a progressive and ambitious man; Ashley Walters as Jack, Mitchell’s second in command, and he is tough, armed and dangerous; Eric Mabius as Julius Berger, vice president of the Evacuation Programme on Earth. Berger is en route to Carpathia on board transporter CT9, expecting the power and status he enjoyed on Earth. Continues tomorrow

9.00pm Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol Five – Documentary series follows Royal Navy warship HMS Manchester on her final deployment – a seven-month tour of duty hunting drug smugglers in the Caribbean. The crew conducts a lengthy search for illicit activity off the coast of Montserrat.

9.00pm Young, Jobless and Living at Home BBC3 – Radio 1’s Greg James finds out what it’s like to be young, unemployed and living with your parents when he follows graduates and school leavers chasing jobs in the worst job market in decades.

9.00pm The Birth of the British Novel BBC4 – Author Henry Hitchings explores the lives and works of the radical and pioneering 18th century British novelists who established all the literary genres we recognise today, a golden age led by Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, Henry Fielding, Laurence Sterne, Fanny Burney and William Godwin. Hitchings reveals how the novel was also a subversive hand grenade that would change British society for the better, and meets contemporary writers like Martin Amis, Will Self, Tom McCarthy and Jenny Uglow on his journey.


8.00pm Lion Country ITV – Second series of the documentary series following British conservationist David Youldon as he continues his radical programme to help save the African lion.

8.00pm The Inside Story Five – Documentary series lifting the lid on the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to keep the UK’s airports running. The baggage handlers, rangers and air operations team battle ice and snow to keep Stansted’s runway open in the big freeze. The check-in staff struggle with some disgruntled passengers and the airport cops rush to the rescue of a sick baby.

8.00pm Cougar Town LivingTV – Series 2 of the US comedy starring Courtney Cox.

9.00pm The Chinese are Coming BBC2 – 2-part documentary that sees Justin Rowlatt investigate the spread of Chinese influence around the planet and asks what the world will be like if China overtakes America as the world’s economic superpower.

10.00pm Bridal Plasty LivingTV – Twelve brides-to-be move into the Bridalplasty house in the hope of winning life-changing surgery and their dream wedding.

10.35pm Come Fly on the Wall BBC1 – Documentary following the making of Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ comedy Come Fly With Me ith Me.

11.05pm The Big C Channel 4 – 13-part US series with Laura Linney who stars as Cathy Jamison, a reserved suburban wife, teacher and mother whose recent cancer diagnosis shakes up her life. She finds hope, humour and the light side of a dark situation, while managing her immature but well-meaning husband Paul. In the first episode, Cathy is determined to live life to the fullest following the diagnosis of terminal cancer and keeps news of the illness between her and her handsome young oncologist, Dr Todd.


7.00pm Football ITV – Denmark v England

8.00pm Madagascar: Island of Marvels BBC2 David Attenborough tells the story of the most intriguing wild place on earth: Madagascar, a huge island of dramatic landscapes, where life has evolved in isolation for over 70 million years and more than 80 per cent of which is found nowhere else in the world. This episode reveals the island’s most bizarre and dramatic places, as well as the unique wildlife which has made its home in each.

9.00pm Forgotten Heroes BBC1 – A Panorma Special that sees Colonel Tim Collins meet veterans who struggle to find work and housing. He sleeps rough on the streets of Brighton with a former soldier who’s spent much of the past six years either on the streets or in jail.

10.35pm I Was there.. When the Beatles played the Cavern Club ITV – Documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of the band’s performance in the Liverpool club people who where there relive the night.


8.00pm The Hairy Bikers: Mum Knows Best BBC2 – Second series celebrating the very best of British home cooking. Great family food is much more than simple sustenance. It provides comfort, both physical and emotional. In this episode, which celebrates that dual role, the Hairy Bikers meet three great home cooks with a diverse range of recipes.

9.00pm Mad Dogs Sky1 – 4-part sureal drama as four male friends go on holiday from hell. Starring John Simm, Philip Glenister, Marc Warren and Max Beesley.

9.00pm Fig Leaf: The Biggest Cover-up in History BBC4 – Stephen Smith uncovers the secret history of the humble fig leaf, opening a window onto 2,000 years of Western art and ethics. He tells how Michelangelo’s work fuelled the infamous ‘Fig Leaf Campaign’ – the greatest cover-up in art history

9.00pm Under Pressure ITV2 – Series in which celebrities get the chance to realise a long-held ambition which they have been too afraid to fulfil. In the first episode, presenter Konnie Huq reveals her secret dream – to become a rapper. She has three weeks before she must perform her own rap in front of a crowd of 3000 fans.

10.00pm Celebrity Juice ITV2 – Brand new series of Keith Lemmon’s panel show with semi regular guests Jedward and David Hasselhoff joining the show.

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