The TVWEEK: Saturday 11th – Friday 17th February 2012

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6.00pm All Star Family Fortunes ITV – Vernon Kay presides over a match up between Carol Vordeman and Russell Grant.

9.00pm Inspector Montalbano BBC4 – 10 Brand new episodes of the crime drama.


7.00pm Home of the Future Channel 4 – An ordinary family, the Pereras, from Sheffield, have their home gutted and completely re-engineered as a home of the future. The house is packed with all the latest technology and gadgets that are predicted to become the must-haves of homeowners in the coming decades. But how will they stand up to the rigours of real product testing as they are guided by expert presenter Chris Sanderson of the Future Laboratory, a world leader in the business of ‘futurism’.

9.00pm BAFTA Film Awards BBC1 – Coverage of the 2012 awards ceremony

9.00pm The Wedding Proposal Channel 4 – . Pogramme follows four ordinary people who are about to have their dreams come true – or experience the most crushing rejection – as they propose to their loved ones in the most spectacular ways. Ex-naval officer Joe Brown wants to propose to the girl he met on holiday – even though they’ve only spent a total of five weeks together. Court usher David Markwick is determined to change his girlfriend’s idea of who he is – by proposing in front of thousands of people. Ski instructor Steve Angus has resisted his girlfriend’s demands that they get married for years, but is now ready to take the plunge – literally.


8.00pm Don’t Tell the Bride to Be: The Proposals BBC3 – The Proposals follows some of the UK’s most lovestruck men and women as they take the plunge and pop the question in the biggest, boldest, romantic and most creative ways possible. From a flashmob in a shopping centre to a death-defying abseil. Cameras follow the proposers as they attempt to pull off the perfect proposal, charting their moments of triumph and disaster in a bid to create the ultimate surprise 

9.00pm Don’t Tell the Bride BBC3 – A special Valentines edition of the reality show.

10.00pm True Stories: America’s Serial Killers Channel 4 – Over the last two years, in one of the worst serial killings in American history, police have discovered 11 bodies dumped on an isolated stretch of coast road in Long Island, New York, leading to a wealthy gated community. Four of the dead were sex workers who had advertised online as part of a rapidly growing internet sex trade worth millions. The killer is still at large. With access to several people close to the case and to the victims, this True Stories film pieces together a crime that exposes a darker side of middle class, white America.


9.00pm Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Channel 4 – Second series of the popular reality series that gives an inside glimpse into the world of extravagant Gypsy weddings.

9.00pm Jo Brand on Kissing BBC4 – Jo Brand is convinced that the kiss has lost its value and decides it is time to find out whether it really is ‘kisstory’. Along the way she meets some voracious kissers in our closest animal relatives, the bonobo monkeys, learns about the history and science of kissing and discovers the beauty of the kiss in some oral sculptures. Jo starts to realise that she needs to figure out her own relationship with the kiss, and a visit to her mother uncovers some clues to Jo’s phobia of public kissing. Maybe the key is to find someone she really wants to kiss and perfect her technique. A drama workshop proves awkward, but a few tips from an American kissing guru and Jo is well on her way to tracking down her mystery man. 


8.00pm Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods BBC1 – Cherry Healey puts some favourite supermarket staples to the test and uncovers the surprising secrets and unexpected powers of the food that people take for granted. With the help of members of the public from around the country, plus a team of experts, she investigates how milk can help muscles recover from exercise; what effect the way tea is brewed has on its health benefits; why there is more to baked beans than meets the eye; and whether it’s really possible to be addicted to chocolate. 

8.00pm Daddy Daycare Channel 4 – New three-part documentary series that sends  nine men a crash course in childcare by their long-suffering wives and partners. Sent to work in three busy London nurseries, for the first time in their lives they’ll tackle every aspect of childcare under the watchful eyes of the nursery staff. Can throwing them in at the deep end teach these dads to be better fathers and give their kids the loving, positive male role models they need?


8.00pm The Great British Countryside BBC1 – Hugh Dennis and Julia Bradbury venture across the most stunning parts of Cornwall and Devon to discover how Britain’s epic past lives on in the most fascinating stories and character 

9.00pm Wonderland: A Dad is Born BBC2 – Award-winning film-maker Kira Phillips follows three men in the weeks before and after their first child is born. She watches the struggle to become new men, the drama of birth and joins them on the steep learning curve of paternity leave. Jamie, a city HR worker, attacks the prospect of parenthood by reading every self-help guide he can, but nothing he finds inside the pages of a book quite prepares him for his new life. Mini-cab driver Viktor has resolved to put a history of womanising behind him and become the perfect family man. And for multi-millionaire trader Greg, who left his wife and baby son, his girlfriend’s pregnancy offers a second chance to be the dad he wants to be. The one thing that is true for all these men is that the experience is nothing like they expected. And it leaves them all softer, gentler and much, much more tired. 

10.00pm Celebrity Juice ITV2


9.00pm The Bank Job Channel 4 – George Lamb returns with a brand new run of the high-stakes game show.

10.00pm The Mad Bad Ad Show Channel 4 – Hosted by Mark Dolan, The Mad Bad Ad Show is a brand spanking new comedy entertainment series that brings together an original mix of challenges, comic banter and a bit of ad land insight. Each week team captains Micky Flanagan and Mark Watson are joined by a famous guest and an ad industry insider to be quizzed about classic ads from the past, present and overseas. The team captains are also challenged to shoot their own adverts with the studio audience voting for the best. Kicking off the first show are ads themed around Public Information Films, and the guests are Lorraine Kelly and Josh Widdicombe.

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