The TVWEEK: Saturday 14th – Friday 20th January 2012

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9.00pm Ken Russell: A Bit of A Devil BBC2  – Following the recent death of Ken Russell, Alan Yentob looks back over the career of the flamboyant film director responsible for Women In Love, Tommy and The Devils. Friends and admirers – including Glenda Jackson, Terry Gilliam, Twiggy, Melvyn Bragg, Robert Powell and Roger Daltrey – recall a pioneering documentary-maker, talented photographer and fearless film director.

9.30pm Live the Apollo BBC1 – Jason Manford welcomes Canadian funnyman Tom Stade and Irish comedian Jimeoin.


7.00pm Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys Channel 4 – Four-part series that sees  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall challenge three best mates, Tim, Thom and Trevor, to the adventure of a lifetime. The boys have five weeks to travel from River Cottage in Axminster, Devon, to Lands’ End in Cornwall, without any money at all. The boys must complete their five-week mission in a three-tonne, 1980s electric milk float with a top speed of 17mph. To survive they must hunt for food for themselves and renewable electricity for their milk float. Get it right, and they could eat like kings as they travel through some of the most beautiful and bountiful places in Britain.

Period drama starring Miranda Hart

8.00pm Call The Midwife BBC1 – Drama based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, giving an insight into the colourful world of midwifery and family life in London’s East End during the 1950s. In the spring of 1957, newly qualified midwife Jenny Lee arrives in the East End of London to begin her career. After overcoming the initial shock that her new home, Nonnatus House, is a convent rather than a private hospital, she quickly becomes immersed in her new life. Living with nuns and working in a community of colourful characters, such as Conchita Warren and her 25 pregnancies, is different from anything Jenny has encountered previously. Jenny experiences the sorrows and joys which come with being a midwife.

9.00pm Winners & Losers ITV2 – Australian drama series. Jenny, Bec, Frances and Sophie were losers in high school who did not have much in common except their desire not to attract the attention of school bully Tiffany. Ten years later, they are each happy with the way their lives have turned out when they receive invitations to their ten-year school reunion. Returning to school means facing up to Tiffany – and rekindling their friendships with each other. Then the women get an incredible surprise.


3.00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show ITV

Father & Son set sail

4.00pm The Hungry Sailors ITV – Nautical culinary series in which father-and-son team Dick and James Strawbridge sail around Britain’s coastline in search of good food and fine local ingredients to cook on-board their pilot cutter Amelie Rose. They begin their voyage in Cornwall then head for Plymouth in Devon, where they make pasties, mill flour, shear sheep and make a sausage-stuffer using a bicycle pump.

5.00pm Celebrity Coach Trip Channel 4 – Celebrity Coach Trip is back for another ten episode jaunt, and amongst those boarding Brendan’s bus for a Mediterranean adventure is a former Tory cabinet minister, an ex-royal butler, a brace of East End bad boys, a glamorous pair of outspoken Big Brother housemates, and a pair of comedy legends. The tourists arrive in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for clown lesson and an afternoon down on the farm. But who’ll pick up the dreaded yellow card at the first vote of the series? The guests are ex-Tory MP Edwina Curry and husband John Jones; comedians Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball; former royal butler Paul Burrell and etiquette queen Jean Broke Smith; ex-EastEnders actors Derek Martin and John Altman; and Big Brother starlets Nikki Graham and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

8.00pm Richard Wilson: On Hold Channel 4 – The actor looks into the rise of automated systems in the UK

8.00pm Gadget Geeks Sky1 – A team of experts help the public with their gadget needs.

Smith & Junes reunite

8.30pm The One Griff Rhys Jones BBC1 – The actor goes solo for a special round of sketches with guest apperances from Hugh Bonneville and Tom Hollander. Jones also reunites with Mel Smith for a new “head to head” sketch.

8.30pm Stargazing Live BBC2 – Dara O Briain and Professor Brian Cox celebrate the wonder of the night sky. Live from Jodrell Bank observatory, the team kick off with a look at the mysteries of the moon and meet Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man ever to walk on its surface. Liz Bonnin reports direct from South Africa on the differences between the constellations of the northern and southern hemispheres whilst Mark Thompson offers help on buying all the kit you need to get started in astronomy. Continues tomorrow and Wednesday.

10.00pm The Rise of Shoplifters Channel 4 – Documentary that heads to the front line of the battle between the shops and the robbers, revealing the cunning and clever up-to-date tactics employed by both sides. Store detectives are refusing to give up the fight, and shoplifters are equally determined to outwit them. It’s a surreal world of cat and mouse – detectives scour Facebook while lifters use a plethora of complex tricks to try to disable those seemingly unmovable tags.


The nights of Masterchef 

9.00pm Masterchef BBC1 – John Torode and Gregg Wallace return to search for the next Masterchef 

Champion Continues tomorrow and Thursday.

9.00pm 15 Kids and Counting Channel 4 – Three-part documentary that explores the world of the UK’s biggest families. The first programme meets two couples who can’t stop having babies and ask why not. Noel and Sue Radford from Morecambe in Lancashire have 14 kids and are expecting baby number 15. Sue has spent half of her adult life pregnant and over the last 17 years has had a baby nearly every year.

9.00pm Coming Out Diaries BBC3 – Documentary following the conflicts and dilemmas faced by three young people as they navigate their way through telling their family and friends that they’re gay or transgender. Natalie was born a boy, but now wants to dress and live fully as a girl. Her mum Arlene is reeling from the shock and is finding it difficult to accept that her ‘son’ is now her ‘daughter’. Tori feels she was bullied at school for being a lesbian. She wants to come out to her new friends at beauty college so she can become closer to them, but she’s terrified after her previous experiences, compounded by the fact that at beauty school all the treatments are intimate. Jamie hasn’t told his uni course-mates that he was born a girl. 

9.00pm Suits Dave – New US drama set in a Manhattan Law Office.

9.30pm Horizon: Playing God BBC2 – Adam Rutherford meets a new creature created by American scientists, the spider-goat. It is part goat, part spider, and its milk can be used to create artificial spider’s web. It is part of a new field of research, synthetic biology, with a radical aim: to break down nature into spare parts so that we can rebuild it however we please. This technology is already being used to make bio-diesel to power cars. Other researchers are looking at how we might, one day, control human emotions by sending ‘biological machines’ into our brains.

10.35pm Crime Scene Forensics BBC1 – Documentary following the work of the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Police Scene of Crime Officers, providing a rare insight into how the experts use the very latest in forensic science techniques to bring some of the most dangerous criminals to justice.


8.00pm Benidorm ER Five – John from Widnes is diagnosed as having thrombosis, which may mean he needs his leg amputated. It is a tense couple of days as his condition is closely monitored. Leeane from Middlesbrough also has trouble with her leg, after being thrown from a bar’s bucking bronco. Boyfriend Alex is concerned that it might affect their love life, but hires her a mobility scooter to get her around town. Pensioners Barbara and Nora have got their own scooters and go on a joyride.

9.00pm Britain in Bed BBC3 – Jessica Jane Clement presents a documentary which reveals how our attitudes towards, knowledge and experience of sex has changed and grown over the last 50 years. This entertaining rundown of the sexiest stories, headline-making scandals and key events shows how the nation’s sexual behaviour has grown in confidence over the years. 

9.00pm Jonathan Meades on France BBC4 – Three-part series in which Jonathan Meades scrutinises the 95 per cent of France that Brits drive through and don’t notice en route to the 5 per cent that conforms to their expectation. In the opening episode Jonathan travels through Lorraine and explains why, although close to its eastern border, it has become the symbolic, or even mystical, heart of France and a stronghold of a romantic nationalism that is also expressed by such diverse means as typography, music, engineering, exquisite urbanism and, above all, a sensitivity to Germany’s proximity.

9.30pm The Crusades: Holy War BBC2 -Three-part series Dr Thomas Asbridge presents his revelatory account of the Crusades, the 200-year war between Christians and Muslims for control of the Holy Land.The story of the Crusades is remembered as a tale of religious fanaticism and unspeakable violence, but now fresh research, eyewitness testimony, and contemporary evidence from both the Christian and Islamic worlds shed new light on how these two great religions waged war in the name of God.

10.00pm My Secret Teens: Kate Thornton – Anorexic Five – The TV Presenter looks back on her experience of her eating disorder, and meets experts and other sufferers to gain an insight into the illness.


Probing documentary on the Russian Leader

9.00pm Putin, Russia & The West BBC2 – Four-part series looking into the Russian President with contributions from his colleagues and people who know him best. The first film, Taking Control, starts with George W Bush meeting Putin in June 2001 and declaring how he looked Putin in the eye and ‘got a sense of his soul’. Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice recall their reactions to the discussions that happened behind closed doors, with Putin delivering a prophetic warning about Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Taliban. Three months later, 9/11 happened.

9.00pm Pole Dancing Diaries BBC3 – Documentary looking into the world of Pole Dancing and talking to the young women involved.

9.00pm Mad Dogs Sky1 – Second series of the comedy/drama that reunites Max Beesley, Philip Glenister, Marc Warren and John Simm.

9.00pm American Idol ITV2 – New series of the American singing competition with judges Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. Continues tomorrow

10.00pm Gypsy Blood Channel 4 – True Stories Documentary examines the violent culture that some gypsy and traveller fathers hand on to their sons. Filmed over two years by award-winning photographer Leo Maguire, Gypsy Blood is an intimate portrait of two gypsy families, their fight for respect and the price they pay in cycles of revenge that can erupt into sudden and terrifying violence.


Frank Skinner hosts a new look Room 101

8.30pm Room 101 BBC1 – Frank Skinner hosts a revamped version of the popular series with guests Fern Britton, Robert Webb and Danny Baker.

8.30pm The Real Hustle BBC3 – The series on cons returns.

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