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9.00pm The Killing BBC4 – Second series of the highly praised danish crime drama. Two years after former detective Sarah Lund was divested of her investigative role and transferred to a low-key job in the country, the body of a female lawyer is found murdered in macabre and puzzling circumstances and Lund’s former boss at Copenhagen police HQ finds that he has no choice but to call her back in to assist with the investigation. Initially reluctant, Lund soon becomes engrossed with the case. As police grapple with what few clues they possess, newly-appointed Minister for Justice, Thomas Buch, strives to oversee some intricate political negotiations between parliamentary parties over the introduction of a series of new anti-terrorism laws. Episode 2 airs at 10.00pm

11.05pm Short Work BBC2 – Documentary following the experiences of a number of dwarfs who are trying to make their way in the entertainment industry. Drama school graduate Rachel Denning is 24 and wants to get straight acting parts in films or television, but she is still waiting for her first break after three years. Ben Goff who is 21 has been trained at Italia Conti theatre school, but nine months after graduation he is still cutting off heads at the London Dungeon Experience.


9.00pm Frontline Medicine BBC2 – Michael Mosley travels from the frontline of war to the frontline of research to uncover the medical breakthroughs driven by current conflicts. Michael travels to Camp Bastion hospital in Afghanistan to find out how medics have achieved the highest survival rate in the history of warfare. He also visits accident and emergency departments in the USA to look at the latest medical advances that could save thousands of lives both on and off the battlefield.

9.00pm I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! ITV – Another week of jungle reality hosted by Ant & Dec

9.00pm BBC4’s World Cinema Awards 2011 BBC4


9.00pm Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker Channel 4 – This drama documentary records the brilliance – and the destruction – of one of the 20th century’s greatest minds. Alan Turing is the genius British mathematician who was instrumental in breaking the German Naval Enigma Code during World War II, arguably saving millions of lives. He was also the visionary scientist who gave birth to the computer age, pioneered artificial intelligence, and was the first to investigate the mathematical underpinnings of the living world.

9.00pm The Boarding School Bomber BBC3 – Drama-documentary which tells the story of how, three years after the 7/7 attacks on London, a busy shopping centre in Bristol was the intended target of a devastating terrorist attack. However, the young man planning this attack was not a typical terrorist. Born to a middle-class, loving, Christian family, Andrew Ibrahim had a privileged upbringing and attended public school. So how did this bright teenager turn into a would-be suicide bomber? The dramatised events play alongside interviews with Andrew’s friends, classmates and his mother. Police testimony of the race to find the plotter is cut against CCTV footage that tracks his every move through the city. Most sinister, however, is the film’s portrayal of the world of online extremism which turned Andrew into a terrorist, and the actual footage he viewed online is woven through the film in stark, uncut form. 

10.35pm We Need to Talk About Dad Channel 4 – The Johnson family appeared to have it all after two decades of happy marriage: professional success, a beautiful house in Kent, flaxen-haired children… Locals jokingly referred to them as a ‘Sunday Supplement Family’. But one day Nick told his wife he had a surprise for, led her blind-folded into the garden, and committed an act of violence far worse than anything they could have imagined. Henry, who was just 16 at the time, became a witness to the crime. We Need to Talk about Dad meets the Johnsons as they reunite for Christmas, fulfilling the dreams of the youngest son Felix who – until now – has been sheltered from the events of that day 


7.30pm The Adventurer’s Guide to Britain ITV – Gethin Jones and naturalist Charlotte Uhlenbroek present a series in which they explore Britain and reveal just how to get the most adventure out of a short visit to different locations. In the first episode, the duo visits the Peak District in Derbyshire. 

9.00pm Ian Hislop: When Bankers were Good BBC2 – Ian Hislop presents a film about the colourful, seriously wealthy Victorian financiers whose spectacular philanthropy shows that banking wasn’t always associated with greed or self-serving financial recklessness. Ian looks at attitudes to money and morality when the City of London first became the world’s financial centre. Many Victorian bankers were far from comfortable about their new-found riches, which caused them intense soul-searching amidst furious national debate about the moral purpose of money and its potential to corrupt. 


8.00pm That’s Britain! BBC1 –  Studio show hosted by Nick Knowles and Julia Bradbury about the good, the bad and the ugly in modern Britain. In this episode, Grainne Seoige tackles junk mail, Ade Edmondson follows the journey luggage makes through the airport system, Larry Lamb tries to bring back petrol pump attendants and Stanley Johnson highlights the amazing public spirit of the British public with a hidden camera experiment.  

9.00pm Your Money & How They Spend It BBC2 – Nick Robinson examines how governments collect and spend public money. In the first of a two-part series, he reveals the endless pressure on politicians to spend more, and how hard they find it to resist. He looks at who gets what – and why – and shows how easy it is for money to be wasted. Featuring frank interviews with Westminster officials and encounters with voters around Britain, the programme provides a fresh insight into what caused the current financial climate, and how tricky it is for governments to balance the books. 

9.00pm – The Cafe Sky1 – Comedy drama from Craig Cash and Ralf Little of the Royle Family about the comings and goings of a family run cafe. The series continues with episode 2 at 9.30pm

9.00pm One Direction: A Year in the Making ITV2 – Documentary telling the story so far of X Factor boy band One Direction, who have gone from unknown schoolboys to household names in a matter of months. The show features remarkable access as cameras follow Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, witnessing the hysteria as they launch their debut single in a helicopter and travelling with them as they jet to Europe to see the impact that they are having abroad. The boys also reflect on their new lives and how things have changed since their experiences on The X Factor. 


9.00pm The Manor Reborn BBC1 – Presented by Penelope Keith and Paul Martin, The Manor Reborn sees a team of historians, experts and volunteers reinterpreting 500-year-old Avebury Manor in Wiltshire, putting the country house in to a national and historic perspective. The house will be restored as an immersive experience – it will be one of only a few National Trust properties open to the public where they can touch, sit on and enjoy all aspects of the house. 

9.00pm Living with the Amish Channel 4 – For the first time, the notoriously private Amish community opens its doors to a group of British teenagers in a new six-part series. The access granted by six different Amish orders will be the most television viewers have ever seen of the Amish way of life. Living with the Amish follows six British teenagers leaving their mobile phones, Facebook accounts and partying behind, as they head to Ohio and Pennsylvania to see what they can learn from six weeks of hard work and simple living. No Amish community has ever opened up in this way before, and the Amish families who are taking part in the series hope that it will reveal the advantages of a pure, uncluttered way of life. 


8.30pm Would I Lie To You? BBC1 – An episode featuring unseen extracts from the panel game hosted by Rob Brydon with team captains Lee Mack & David Mitchell.

9.00pm Prince: A Purple Reign BBC4 – Documentary which explores how Prince – showman, artist, enigma – revolutionised the perception of black music in the 1980s with worldwide hits such as 1999, Kiss, Raspberry Beret and Alphabet Street. He became a global sensation with the release of the semi-autobiographical movie Purple Rain in 1984, embarking on an incredible journey of musical self-discovery. From the psychedelic Around the World in a Day to his masterpiece Sign O’ the Times and experiments with hip hop and jazz, Prince remains one of most ambitious and prolific songwriters of his generation.

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