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10.10pm Pan AmBBC2 – Return of the quirky American Airline drama.


8.00pm Top Gear BBC2 Return of the motoring series. The trio  head to Italy for a supercar shootout featuring the Lamborghini Aventador, the McLaren MP4-12C and the Noble M600. Their trip starts at the incredible Nardo test track, a facility so massive it is visible from space, before heading north for a nerve wracking drive around the centre of Rome. The journey concludes at the legendary Imola circuit, a track challenging enough to have embarrassed many an F1 driver, with a timed challenge against the incredible skills of the Stig.

Toughest Place returns for a second series.

9.00pm The Toughest Place to Be A.. BBC2 – Second series of the documentary that lets British workers try out their jobs in difficult surroundings. Wilbur Ramirez, a binman from London, heads to the vast mega city of Jakarta, one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in the world. For ten days Wilbur works with Imam, one of an army of semi-destitute binmen who collect rubbish in Indonesia’s capital. From the health and safety conscious world of British waste management, Wilbur encounters a world of squalor and poverty as he joins Imam’s back breaking daily round, collecting the rubbish of Jakarta’s wealthy and staying next to a fly-ridden dump.

10.00pm The Only Way is Essex ITV2 – Fourth series of the Essex based “reality” series.


9.00pm Protecting Our Children BBC2 – Documentary series following Bristol’s child protection teams over the course of a year to see frontline work first-hand and explore how the crises of the last decade have had an impact on their ability to safeguard children.

Rupert Penry-Jones and Phil Davies return for a third series

9.00pm Whitechapel ITV – Third of the police drama set in London’s East End begins with the first of a two-part story. The team investigate the gruesome murder of four people in a seemingly impregnable tailor’s workshop. The crime sends shockwaves throughout the area – what can Chandler and Miles learn from history that could help them to solve these particularly grizzly killings? The series will be comprised of three 2-part stories shown over six weeks.

9.00pm Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan Five – Series embedded with Lima Company of the Royal Marines during a six-month deployment in Helmand Province in Afghanistan, award-winning documentary filmmaker Chris Terrill reports on what it is really like to work in one of the most dangerous locations on earth.

9.00pm Britain’s Gay Footballers BBC3 –  Amal Fashanu, niece of Justin Fashanu, the only ever openly gay British professional, goes on a mission to discover why no gay player has followed in her uncle’s boots in over twenty years. With access to a fascinating and insightful cast of characters from within and beyond football, Amal probes the ugly underbelly of the beautiful game. She meets Matt Lucas, who has suffered and observed shocking homophobic abuse at football grounds, while Max Clifford reveals that he has helped several Premiership stars keep their homosexuality secret in order to preserve their careers.

9.00pm Lost Kingdoms of Africa BBC4 – Art historian Dr Gus Casely-Hayford explores some of the richest and most vibrant histories in the world, revealing fascinating stories of four complex and sophisticated civilisations. In this episode, he travels to Ghana in West Africa, where a powerful kingdom once dominated the region.


Five’s Hotel Inspector moves to the BBC

8.00pm Alex Polizzi – The Fixer BBC2 – Former Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi sets out to wage a one woman campaign to save Britain’s family businesses. Many small and medium family-run firms are going to the wall in the current climate, but it’s a sector that’s vital to the British economy. In this episode, Alex is called to help a failing family bridalwear business in Kettering, Northants. Despite remortgaging her home to keep the business afloat, owner Anne Preece is watching the profits fall year on year, and to make matters worse her two daughters Rhiannon and Bethan, who also work in the shop, argue constantly.

8.00pm Terror at Sea Channel 4 – Documentary that  pieces together the mistakes that were made that led to the recent sinking of the Italian Cruise ship With a capacity of 3780 passengers and at an impressive 290m long and 31m high, the ship was a palace of the ocean. So how did this boat, hailed as a glorious example of modern technology, sink? And why do some critics say the design of these mega-cruisers is dangerous?

6-part drama Prisoner’s Wives.

9.00pm Prisoner’s Wives BBC1 – Six-part drama series focusing on a different member of the female led cast. Gemma’s perfect life comes crashing down when her devoted husband is arrested for murder. As Gemma learns to navigate the prison system, she meets a group of women who will become increasingly important as she starts to think the unthinkable; could her husband be a murderer?

9.00pm Wonderland: My Child the Rioter BBC2 – The Documentary series looks at the children involved in the Summer 2011 riots.

9.00pm Scott & Bailey ITV3 – Repeat showing of the crime drama starring Surrane Jones and Lesley Sharp.


9.00pm Love in the Wild ITV2 – Darren McMullen presents a brand new reality game show in which ten men and ten women go to Costa Rica to compete as couples for an incredible round-the-world trip. Each week, the contestants pair up and take part in challenges. After the challenge, they choose their partners for the following week’s tests, and the two who are not chosen are eliminated from the competition. In this episode, the 20 contenders arrive in Costa Rica. Their first adventure involves building rafts, which they must travel on through crocodile-infested waters.

10.00pm Bouncers Channel 4 – Documentary that follows the boys of Newport’s biggest security firm over a summer of booze, brawls and brotherhood. Out of their HQ above a caf? on the High Street, ambitious MD Richie Davis and doughnut-loving operations director Len Harrhym run a team of loyal lads who manage the drunk and often difficult locals every week. The boys give a rare insight into life as bouncers in one of the most distinctive cities in Britain. Twenty-seven-year-old bouncer Joe Gower is a dry-witted Valley boy, born and bred

10.45pm Burglar in the House BBC1 –  Every two minutes a house in Britain is burgled, and for years Nottingham has suffered the highest burglary rates in the UK. But the city’s police are fighting back, and are now capturing the burglars on camera. They are installing hidden minicams inside ordinary homes, which record the thieves in action. They call them ‘capture houses’, Nottingham’s new weapon in the fight against crime. But is this new technology as reliable as the police think? And should the police be allowed to set traps for burglars? Part of the Modern Crime season, this documentary takes viewers to the frontline of a surburban crime-wave, witnessing first-hand the cat-and-mouse battle currently being played out across Nottingham.


8.00pm Motorway Cops BBC1

8.00pm Raymond Blanc: The Very Hungry Frenchman BBC2 – The chef returns to his native country to share his love of French cuisine.

Unmissable four-part drama Inside Men

9.00pm Inside Men BBC1 – Fantastically fast paced four-part drama about three employees of a security depot who plan a multi-million pound heist. John, the manager of a cash counting house, faces his worst fear: an armed robbery. Starring Warren Brown, Ashley Walters and Steven Mackintosh.

9.00pm Winter Road Rescue Five – Shot over three months, this documentary series follows the snowplough drivers and patrols who work around the clock to make sure the UK does not grind to a halt when winter weather hits. In the Highlands, snowplough teams battle blizzards, ice, flooding and landslides to keep the roads open, whilst across the UK patrols fight snow, gales and icy conditions to reach motorists stranded in the cold. 

9.00pm Bullets, Boots and Bandages: How to really Win at War BBC4 – Series in which military historian Saul David tells the real stories of how wars have been won and lost throughout history – not in the eye-catching bravado of the frontline, but in the backroom sinews of military planning. He begins by looking at how to keep an army fed and housed. 

10.00pm Confessions from the Underground Channel 4 – Documentary that provides a rare glimpse into the depths of the iconic Tube network that passengers don’t see, as workers reveal the dilemmas and pressures that they must reconcile to keep this hugely complex and strained system running. Actors voice the precise words of the workers: train drivers, maintenance workers, station staff and controllers. They negotiate the difficulties of storing dead bodies after suicides and the hazards of an ageing infrastructure while fixing signal failures. They confront aggressive passengers and emergency incidents and try to make sense of a bewildering array of procedures and targets 


9.00pm The Cutty Sark BBC2 – On 21 May 2007 a fire broke out on the Cutty Sark. Just weeks into a multi-million pound restoration, one of the most famous ships in the world went up in smoke – or so it seemed. But the Cutty Sark was not lost. What burned in the dramatic firestorm was largely protective tarpaulins and wooden scaffold boards. This hour long special covers the re-opening of the ship in March 2010, telling the dramatic story of the Cutty Sark’s globe-trotting life at sea, delving into the lives and times of the men who sailed her and charting her miraculous restoration. 

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