The TVWEEK: Saturday 3rd – Thursday 7th March 2012

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9.20pm I’m in a Girl Group BBC2 – Documentary exploring girl groups from the inside out. Members of girl groups Bananarama, The Bangles, Sister Sledge, The Ronettes, The Supremes, The Spice Girls and Girls Aloud discuss what it is really like inside these mysterious sisterhoods.


8.00pm The Real War Horse Channel 4 – The extraordinary and deeply moving story of the million British horses that served in World War I. The true story is even more epic than the new Spielberg feature film. It is told using rarely seen archive footage and rare archive testimony from First World War veterans who worked with horses, and sequences with experts such as former RSPCA Chief Vet Mark Evans, historian Richard van Emden and British Army expert Dr David Kenyon, combined with the latest historical research.

8.00pm The Secrets of Everything BBC3 – Daredevil science geek Greg Foot is prepared to attempt anything to find answers to some of life’s weirder frequently-asked questions. In the first episode of this irreverent, stunt-filled series, Greg suffers to find out what humans taste of, heads to Reading Festival to work out whether the human race could actually shift the planet by jumping at exactly the same time, and finds out whether a bellyflop could kill you. Along the way he is struck by lightning and ‘goes to the moon’ using helium balloons.

9.00pm Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey BBC2 – Presenters Kate Humble and Dr Helen Czerski follow the Earth’s voyage around the sun for one complete orbit, to witness the astonishing consequences this journey has for us all. In this first episode they travel from July to the December solstice, experiencing spectacular weather and the largest tides on Earth.  


9.00pm Riots and Revolutions: My Arab Journey BBC3 – In a two-part series, Nel Hedayat meets the young rebels of the Arab spring and witnesses a new wave of violence breaking out around them. She gets caught up in rioting in Egypt and Bahrain and finds out from the people on the streets what they are living through a year after the first revolutions. 

9.00pm Dirk Gently BBC4 – Drama series featuring writer Douglas Adams’s holistic detective Dirk Gently, who operates based on the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Gently discovers the connection between two seemingly-unrelated cases – a client who believes the Pentagon are trying to kill him and another whose horoscopes appear to be coming true. When mysteries collide, Dirk is the only man for the job. 

10.00pm Out in a Limo Channel 4 – Jet Set Limousines in Blackpool has the largest collection of limos in Lancashire. Each year thousands of people mark their special day by being chauffeured in the back of these extraordinary cars. Weddings, hen-dos, stags, birthdays and proms: every job they take on is a momentous occasion for their passengers. And every journey is led by a driver who sees and hears it all. Through their eyes, this film reveals how modern-day rites of passage play out. Mum Caz has booked a limo to take her 11-year-old daughter Stephie to her primary school prom, where Stephie and her boyfriend of three years are facing difficult choices about their future as the end of primary school looms. 

11.05pm Keith Meets Nick Griffin Channel 4 – Broadcaster, actor and comedian Keith Allen meets MEP and leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin. Keith’s aim is to penetrate the headlines and discover what really lies behind this extremely controversial figure. He travels to Brussels to see Griffin at work in the European Parliament and after numerous attempts eventually secures a rare interview – but is Griffin prepared to have his views examined and challenged? 


9.00pm Horizon: Solar Storms – The Threat to Planet Earth BBC2 – Scientists are expecting a fit of violent activity on the sun which will propel billions of tonnes of superheated gas and pulses of energy towards our planet. They have the power to close down our modern technological civilisation – and in 1989, a solar storm cut off the power to Quebec. Horizon meets the space weathermen who are trying to predict whats coming our way, and organistions like the National Grid who are preparing for the impending solar storms. 

10.35pm Racing With the Hamiltons: Nic in the Driving Seat BBC1 – In 2011, 19-year old Nic Hamilton dreamed of following his brother Lewis in to motor racing. But as well as the pressure of being a Hamilton and never having raced a car in his life, Nic also has a disability that had him using a wheelchair until he was 16. This intimate film follows the family as they try to help Nic achieve his dream. With unprecedented access we see Nic embark on a season that will determine whether he has what it takes to make a career of his own in the glamorous and dangerous world of motorsport. 


8.00pm Gok Wan: Made in China Channel 4 – Gok Wan is travelling back to his ancestral home to explore the largely unseen world of Chinese mass production, and meet the people working in the factories that supply the West. China is a manufacturing colossus and Britons are surrounded by products ‘Made in China’ every day, from cotton bed sheets to toothbrushes, mobile phones and even London black cabs.

9.00pm Wonderland: Granny’s Moving in BBC2 – With costs of retirement homes rising, more people are choosing to take on the care of elderly relatives in their own homes. Sue and Phil Carroll have decided they have to do something about Sue’s 83-year-old mother, Peggy. Paddy Wivell’s film follows them as they try to manage an octogenarian who has become as difficult as a teenage daughter. A 90-year-old manfriend, a passion for dancing, a love of night life, and a cavalier determination to enjoy herself at all costs mean Peggy is out on the town while Sue and Phil are repeatedly left worrying about her safety. 

10.00pm Free Speech BBC3 – Jake Humphrey hosts a live debate show. Broadcast from a different location around the country each month, it gives viewers the chance to have their say about the issues they care about.


9.00pm David Walliams’ Big Swim: A Sport Relief Special BBC1 – Documentary looking back on the eight day swim that comedian David Walliams undertook for Sport Relief 2012. Providing the inside story and exclusive behind the scenes access, the documentary takes in all the highs and lows of the outstanding challenge that saw David pass through seven counties, make 111,352 strokes, burn 68,000 calories, battle a serious bacterial infection and even save a dog from drowning as well as enjoy visits from fellow comedians Miranda Hart, Rob Brydon and Jimmy Carr. 

9.00pm White Heat BBC2 – Drama that follows the lives of a group of friends over several decades. Starring Claire Foy, Juliet Stevenson and Lee Ingelby. In 2012, Charlotte arrives at the flat of a recently deceased friend. She was one of seven students who once lived there. Memories are triggered of 1965 when they all met for the first time. Full of idealism and potential they embark on a journey of discovery, love and betrayal.

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