The TVweek: Saturday 7th – Friday 13th July 2012

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7.25pm Superstar ITV – Talent competition in which Andrew Lloyd Webber searches for a new star to play the lead in a nationwide arena tour of his classic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Andrew sets off on an audition tour to meet the hopefuls, with the top 100 facing the panel of West End casting director David Grindrod, Melanie Chisholm (who will also be appearing in the stage show), Jason Donovan and Andrew himself. Continues tomorrow at 8.00pm


7.00pm Sindbad Sky1 – Epic story of the sailor starring Naveen Andrews and an all-star cast.

9.00pm Wallander BBC1 – New series of the detective drama.. Wallander moves into a dream home with his new girlfriend. But his happiness is shattered when the skeleton of a girl is discovered in the garden. Wallander must try to get his new life back on track by finding her killer, but the case is not as cold as he thinks.

9.00pm World’s Most Dangerous Roads BBC2 – Good friends and fellow comedians Ed Byrne and Andy Parsons brave temperatures as low as minus 50 to drive across Siberia’s infamous Road of Bones. Along the way they encounter all that Siberia can throw at them from terrifying roads of ice and deserted gulags, to the surprising welcome of the people who inhabit this freezing wilderness. Ed and Andy soon learn the rules of road in this remote region – never turn the car engine off and refuel on the go but the further they get along the road, the more they realize they are out of their depth.

9.00pm The Nation’s Favourite Number One Single ITV – Fearne Cotton presents the first of a star-studded three-part series looking back at the 60 years since the birth of the UK singles chart and revealing the results of a viewers’ poll to find Britain’s best-loved number one single. The countdown to find out which classic piece of Pop Britannia will rule the airwaves begins at number 60. 

9.00pm Thelma’s Gypsy Girls Channel 4 – Dressmaker Thelma Madine, from Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, has a reputation for creating incredible wedding dresses for gypsies and travellers, and has worked closely with the community for over 15 years. But now Thelma’s decided she wants to give something back to the people who put her on the map. This first episode follows Thelma as she takes the brave decision to employ ten new trainees, all of whom are gypsies or travellers, some who left school at 11 and some who are unable to read, write or even tell the time. 


6.30pm The Farm Fixer BBC2 – Nick Hewer from The Apprentice helps struggling farms diversify and develop new business. Nick’s quest to save small farms begins at Brownlee’s apple farm, in Co Fermanagh. Can Nick help them add value to their crop? The Brownlees are also sitting on one of the biggest natural water sources in Europe – but should they be selling? Continues Tomorrow

7.00pm Faster, Higher, Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games BBC2 – Series that explores the history of the modern Games through the stories of extraordinary athletes who have pushed performance to the limit and beyond in pursuit of gold. Faster, Higher, Stronger examines how the most anticipated and hyped event in any Olympics, the 100 metres final, has been run faster and faster by men like Jim Hines, the first to run the race in under 10 seconds, Carl Lewis, the best finisher of them all and Usain Bolt, whose massive stride allows him to eat up the track. Sprinters run the 100m in distinct phases and the programme reveals what they are and how the athletes, who are running at up to 28 miles an hour, have to master each of them to win. Combining expert eyewitness testimony, rare historic archive, period reconstruction and special filming techniques to slow down and analyse performance, this is a unique insight into the most electrifying event in all of sport. Continues Tomorrow

8.00pm Volcano Live BBC2 – Kate Humble and Professor Iain Stewart present a four day journey into our extraordinary and dynamic planet, live from Kilauea on Hawaii, the world’s most active volcano. They broadcast from the edge of the summit crater and the Halema’uma’u lava lake. Kate also travels to Iceland to visit Eyjafyallajokull, the volcano which caused air traffic chaos in 2010, and comedian Ed Byrne heads to Bristol university to work out why different volcanoes erupt in different ways.Continues Tomorrow

9.00pm Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ITV – First of 3 consecutive live episodes of the game show. Continues till Thursday.

9.00pm Riots: The Aftershock BBC3 – Radio 1’s Gemma Cairney investigates how last year’s UK riots changed the lives of those who got caught up in them. Over nine months the film follows three young people who were arrested on those anarchic nights in August 2011, as well as some of the young victims of the riots. With intimate access, we find out how their lives changed as they went through the court process or, for some, the prison system as each began the challenge of building a new life after the riots. 

9.00pm Alan Partridge’s Mid-Morning Matters Sky Atlantic – Steve Coogan’s toe-curling alter ego Alan Partridge delivers his unique brand of edgy banter and topical debate as host of radio show Mid Morning Matters. 

9.00pm Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Sky Living – The modeling reality show returns.

10.35pm How to Live Beyond 100 BBC1 – Documentary looking at what it is really like to live to 100 and beyond. There are over 12,000 100-year-olds in the country, and over the next twenty-five years that number is expected to rise to almost 90,000. A quarter of all children born today are expected to live beyond one hundred. But what is it like to live one hundred years? How to Live Beyond 100 meets centenarians across the country who explain what it means to have watched the world change around them; how their own attitudes, thoughts and feelings have changed through the years; and what it has been like to grow older than old. 

10.35pm I Took my Baby’s Life ITV – Documentary looking at the tragic story of Melanie Ruddell, who killed her two-year-old son in 2010 while in the midst of an acute psychotic breakdown. She strangled Christy at her brother’s home near Durham, subsequently walking into the local police station carrying her child’s lifeless body. Melanie admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and remains in a secure mental institution. All who knew her agreed that she was a caring and devoted mother before her psychosis. For the first time, family and friends talk about the circumstances of this tragic case. Melanie’s thoughts are also revealed, drawn from her journals and writings. 


8.00pm Beauty & The Beast: The Ugly Face of Prejudice Channel 4 – In the first episode of the second series 21-year-old beautyholic and drama student Gary Thompson meets 47-year-old Reggie Bibbs from Houston Texas. Gary has spent up to £31,000 in the last five years on looking good and almost sacrificed his studies due to non-payment of student fees. Reggie has one the world’s most extreme cases of neurofibromatosis, a condition where tumours grow all over the body. In the first week, Reggie travels to London and gets to know Gary. Gary wants to have a nose job and look like female celebrity Kim Kardashian. In the second week, the pair fly back to Houston, USA, to meet Reggie’s family. Here Gary learns about Reggie’s past and how he spent 30 years hiding from other people. 

8.00pm Half Built House Five – Tough talking property guru and builder Sian Astley comes to the aid of Britain’s most gung-ho DIYers who have started their home renovation but have no idea how to finish, leaving them with a half built house and thousands of pounds of lost value. Sian and the team visit Perthshire, Scotland, where hypnotherapist Judi and her gardener partner Colin live in a 3-bed period cottage which they bought 11 years ago. But their dream home soon turned into a money pit. 

9.00pm New Girl E4 – The hit US sitcom moves to E4.

10.00pm Twenty Twelve BBC2 – Third series of the spoof comedy that follows the Olympic committee as they prepare for the London Olympic Games. 

10.00pm The Newsroom Sky Atlantic – From Oscar-winning scribe Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, The West Wing) comes a new drama set in the world of TV news. Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer star. 


8.00pm Super Tiny Animals ITV – Documentary celebrating miniature mammals, from pint-sized puppies to record breaking guinea pigs. America is home to ‘Doggie Moms’ and dog weddings, also know as ‘pup-tials’. Beyonce, a rescued pup who weighed just an ounce at birth, became an internet hit following pictures of her sitting on a soup spoon. In Scotland, Truffles the guinea pig jumps her way to a world record, while Poppy the micro pig performs at a dog show in Cheshire. There is also a look at tiny felines in the small shape of golden persians and an experimental breed of hairless moggies going by the name of Bambino.

8.00pm Britain’s Strangest Pets Five 

9.00pm The Town that Never Retired BBC1 – Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford head up an experiment to send 70-something pensioners back into full time work in the city of Preston. The experiment reflects the Government’s plans to raise the state pension age. They’re more used to judging thrusting young apprentices, but this time the pair pluck 14 older workers out of retirement and set them to work in a chocolate factory, building site, restaurant, health clinic and estate agency. The sceptical employers cut the 14 older workers no slack and at the end of the week must choose whether they’re prepared to keep any of the pensioners who made it through on for a second week or send them back into retirement. Concludes Tomorrow.

9.00pm A Horizon Guide to the Senses BBC4 – Dr Kevin Fong looks back through 40 years of Horizon archives to find out what science has taught us about our tools of perception – why babies use touch more than any other sense, why our eyes are so easily tricked and how pioneering technology is edging closer to the dream of replacing our human senses if they fail. 

10.00pm Show Me Your Money Channel 4 – Discussing salaries is one of the biggest taboos in the workplace. Everyone is curious about how much their workmates earn but would never dare to ask. Even when they do exactly the same job, colleagues are more than likely to receive a different pay amount each month. In this remarkable TV experiment, inspired by a real pay experiment from the 1950s, one of Britain’s top bosses takes it upon himself to break the rules and encourage a more honest and open working environment. A routine team meeting takes everyone by surprise when Charlie Mullins, Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers, asks his whole workforce to reveal exactly how much they are paid. One by one, they must reveal their salary and pin it on the notice board for their workmates to see. 


8.00pm Traffic Cops BBC1

9.00pm Case Sensitive: How the Other Half Live ITV – Two-part detective drama based on the novel The Other Half Lives by Sophie Hannah. When a music teacher leaves her husband for a troubled musician, the love triangle ends in tragedy. DS Charlie Zailer and DC Simon Waterhouse investigate a case of thwarted ambition and murderous jealousy, while wrestling with their own fraught relationship. Concludes Tomorrow.

9.00pm The Bank of Dave Channel 4 – Businessman David Fishwick is so fed up with the way that the banks are treating people he’s decided to see if he can open his own tiny bank to serve his local community in Burnley, and help the people the banks have turned down. Dave’s plan is to open an old fashioned bank and be a hands-on bank manager giving good rates to borrowers and savers alike. In 2011 the bailed-out bank RBS posted an attributable loss of £2billion and yet still paid out £785 million in bonuses to staff. Instead of bankers bonuses, Dave plans for any profits to go to local charities, but he soon discovers that this simple plan is not as straightforward as he thought it would be 

9.00pm Guts: The Strange & Mysterious world of the Human Stomach BBC4 – In this documentary, Michael Mosley offers up his own guts to find out. Spending the day as an exhibit at the Science Museum in London, he swallows a tiny camera and uses the latest in imaging technology to get a unique view of his innards digesting his food. He discovers pools of concentrated acid and metres of writhing tubing which is home to its own ecosystem. Michael lays bare the mysteries of the digestive system – and reveals a complexity and intelligence in the human gut that science is only just beginning to uncover.

10.00pm Rapture: Living with a Broken Brain BBC4 – In 2007 former Bond girl Maryam d’Abo suffered a brain haemorrhage. The experience inspired her to make a film on survivors of brain injuries, giving a sense of hope to those who are isolated from the disease. As she guides us through her personal journey of recovery, she talks to others who have suffered brain injury along the way: literary editor of the London Observer Robert McCrum, jazz guitarist Pat Martino, music producer Quincy Jones and many more. Alongside the testimony of eminent neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuro-psychologists, their first-hand stories celebrate man’s life force and will to survive. Directed by Maryam’s husband Hugh Hudson, who witnessed her illness, the film offers a unique insight into the fragility of the extraordinary human brain. 

10.35pm June Brown: Respect Your Elders BBC1 – EastEnders actress June Brown takes a look at how older people are treated in the UK, believing them to be undervalued and ignored. She sets out to learn what has gone wrong, and what can be done about it. On her journey, she talks to older people about what it is like to be in the care system, and visits her former on-screen husband, John Bardon, who had a stroke five years ago and who now needs 24-hour care. June’s personal views come to the fore when her own family challenge her to say what she wants to happen if she ever needed care. June’s first response is to dismiss the notion but, as the film progresses, she comes to a surprising decision. 


10.35pm The Angelos Epithemiou Show Channel 4 – Angelos Epithemiou presents his own six-part studio entertainment show with best mate and sidekick Gupta. Gabby Logan also appears throughout the series as Angelos’s love interest. To kick off the first show, Angelos interviews Embarrassing Bodies’ host Dr Christian Jessen and Gupta asks Christian to take a close look at his own personal problem. And teenage pop sensation Conor Maynard becomes involved in a crazy quick-fire challenge in order to earn the right to sing his latest single.

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